this episode of the young texans brought to you by jack that now let’s go to a fox news reaction uh… on and a protesters how you would think that they would be ecstatic because your memory magento bush in you know you new but do they claim they want… Continue Reading Fox News Bias On Egypt Protests (Glenn Beck Is Crazy)

(phone ringing) – Yeezy so psyched for the new album coming out. Now, you know how usually when the new album drops, we hop back on Twitter and say a bunch of super not woke stuff? How ’bout this time, we just promote the new album? And don’t say– –… Continue Reading Kanye’s Social Media Manager

What’s up, I’m James, I’m the creative director for Donut. I am also James, and I am the Head Writer at Donut / current fastest driver. Check the last video. Well we heard your comments. You said the cars were too far apart, so we got something closer. We got… Continue Reading Porsche 911 vs. VW Jetta | Fast Driver vs. Slow Driver | Donut Media

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Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today’s lesson is going to be rather short and quick and as well as fun. I found a lot of students coming to me every now and then and giving me a lot of updates when it comes to… Continue Reading Social Media Vocabulary – Advanced English Speaking Lesson | Improve your English vocabulary

It’s 12PM with Apink on OVEN RADIO Guys, finally! Apink is on OVEN RADIO! Let’s call the cutest attendance ever Cho Rong is here! Chiki-chiki-choco-check! Ah-ttendance check! Oh gosh I’m sorry… Na Eun’s here! Hurry up Kim Nam Joo? @#($&@#)% Check! Oh Ha Young? Oh Ha Young! Everyone’s here! We’re… Continue Reading OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.1: Apink(에이핑크) _ LUV(러브) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

Welcome to One Minute To Midnight. I’m Wilfred Cunningham. The news shapes how we perceive the world, and our place in it. It also informs the way we think. Oral news has been shared since pre-history. Anthropologists have repeatedly documented pre-literate societies and peoples sharing and requesting news with outsiders.… Continue Reading A Brief History Of Media Bias – One Minute To Midnight Episode 22

Peter Whittle: (As a journalist) you don’t miss that part of reporting…I mean, if you were reporting this, it would be tough wouldn’t it? Isn’t it better to be a commentator? JHB: “I much prefer being a commentator yeah i moved into that deliberately actually. But again there are an… Continue Reading Julia Hartley-Brewer: Brexit & Media Bias (BBC, Sky etc.) | So What You’re Saying Is…

Dude, we are going to drink here! Enjoy a lot! Hey! How dare you file police complaint on us! Yes, you were drunk and disturbing in front of my house! That’s why I filed a complaint! What ? your house? Me and my family has been drinking here in the… Continue Reading Araathi Aagiya Naan || Araathi || Tamada Media