uh… we are selling the sarc with interest and for you guys of the author photobook all losing our religion liberal media as on christianity uh… esti cop joins us welcome at sea taking happening on the problem with your time uh… now physical question for us here my understanding… Continue Reading Cenk Vs S.E. Cupp On Liberal Media Bias Claims

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I am so frustrated. I just want to be home right now. You can tell it’s dark, it’s past 9:00 P.M. and once again stranded without a bus home. so I’m walking. As I’ve been writing about ways we can improve our air quality in Utah, some things I’ve heard… Continue Reading My Week Without a Car in SLC | Deseret News Reporter Ditches Her Car For One Week

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[Music plays] (Dr Bannister) A fast radio burst is very much like what it sounds. It’s a very fast burst of radio waves. It comes from outer space, a long way away. And by fast, I mean really fast. So it starts and stops in about a thousandth of a… Continue Reading What is a fast radio burst?

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