AMNA NAWAZ: North Korea remains a focus of Washington politics, but there is also growing attention on immigration and immigration enforcement. And that’s where we will begin this Politics Monday, with Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report, Susan Page of USA Today, and, from Santa Ana, California, Cindy Carcamo,… Continue Reading Amy Walter and Susan Page on separating migrant children, GOP retirements

We’ve all heard that social media isn’t real life and everyone knows that van life isn’t as glamorous as what it’s made to look like on instagram. This video isn’t gonna be me stating that as if it’s new information. But as someone who has been a van life youtuber,… Continue Reading The Reality of Van Life on Social Media

 Coronation Street fans were bowled over when they thought they saw Michelle Keegan’s ghost accosting young Summer in Roy’s Rolls  The actress, Saira Choudry, has appeared in the soap once before as the journalist Naila, who arrives to give some good new to Summer and her foster dad, Billy, about… Continue Reading Corrie’s Weatherfield Gazette journo arrives and here is how you know her – Daily News

What’s up, guys? Hey Bardia, how’s it going? Good. How are you guys? Do you wanna come in? Yeah, for sure. Thank you very much. Welcome to my house. This is the family room. And how long have you lived in this house then? Ah, two years. So I lived… Continue Reading 43 Questions with Bardia Jalayer