friends to all
great greetings with you Lada in this
video, I invite you weave together with me
this interesting and
cute spider the whole process
I show very in detail in description
under the video leave a list of those
materials that I used for his
weaving and if you this topic is interesting then
I invite you to view and let’s
same we begin before beginning of weaving
spider I’m working on his feet are with him
four pairs of legs and I I cook 4 tubes and in
each tube insert wire a
the wire is mine slim me her
bought in the store for needlework is
wire for floristics in packing
40 pieces I bought somewhere for 80 rubles here
I prepared the legs like this
and now I take 2 additional
I map the tubes the middle of my legs
where it will be here I have the middle and I
these legs I put on here these two tubules
like this then the two
tubes I wrapped
like this there is one I have
here the other one comes here
such a picture it turns out now
I take it all together turn over and
I’ll make a cross on this side
one tube here the second tube is
here that’s it the way I have here
it turned out a cross turn over again
then bending over this here is a tube and this
place here now too
I do the most with this side I bend
this tube and this put here such a picture now
I bend one by one these tubules
I move them apart so that us between them
was formed short distance now this
I bend the tube here that is
already for the second leg I get and do
how would a cross this tube is mine
will also go for the second the leg is like this
way back we have
it turns out like this here are two tubules
here came out and also they
go between the legs one tube leaves
here  2
the tube is coming intersection for
this leg and between us each leg
the tube went out is obtained
we turn a here we have such a
the picture is the mustache our spider is at
his feet can be fold back to
they did not bother us since they are with us
with a wire they are very easy to fold are removed understand and so
further now we have here these tubules
came out in this direction now
we also do cross from them here
so that there is one in our country
lies down here the second lies down here
here here I am very I’ll pull them well
so that there is not thickening and since
they are with us we cross them
remove back one tube
removed the second the tube was removed back
here brought here look what we have with
this side so all
happens to us need them now
consolidate for this we poke them here
through this tube I I’m expanding it a bit
a little bit and here push this
straw that is, to have them
we did not hang out neatly the main thing and here next to
reverse side just push
the end of this tube the main thing is not to lose it
position here so that is with this
we all have this looks like this
here is the way reverse side all
looks like this that’s the way that is, we
just these two tubules fastened
pushing them through here this cross
straw for my reasons
had these tubules build up new
tubes and I still cut off the tips
wires that stuck out like this
the situation we have now with a spider going on
we have this situation
are now I add
additional tubules for
spiral weaving for weaving the body
for this I took the tube folded it
in half and thrust its here in it
place in this tube for which we are with you
fixed these they put one
the tube now also and the second I thrust
here in this place in this a tube where we have
there are others here so here we are now
with you additionally thrust it 4
straws workers
and only six tubes with us
work for spiral
We need the weaving another one
additional tube so why
I’m doing ya I roll the spider
by the way here we have a view Here such here from above
this is his abdomen and here I’m like this
fold my ducts workers in
bundle I can say I take
additional I drizzle a little bit
pva a bit further
I thrust it in here this place is under the abdomen
 like this here she put add up all these
tubules into a bundle and this tube
doing a revolution around this beam
once I deduce on that I embrace the side rudely
speaking these tubes and once again do
turn 2 and also output it on the inverse
our side added
additional tube for
spiral weaving from this side all
looks like this here is the way you can
do not add it right away in this beam
add simply a tube without
wrapping without and already begin
weave spiral weaving for
spiral weaving these tubules
all here such here lay out
flower such is obtained from us if
so look here so here I lay out
slightly moisturize that so we have
you are located tubules and we
begin the spiral weaving
beginning with that tubules which
which wrapped around body
here I will not show in detail
spiral Weaving is its essence and I
now show how spiral
weave the body here this spider that is me
 friend for I bring these
here are the straws the main thing is not to lose
focus angle from which Tubes you start the tubes are turned on
one by one again I say the main thing is
lose what tube for
which one is rude saying here like this
way first with us such a narrow
we obtain the body a then it goes with us
to expand the beginning always the most difficult
Here you can get confused what
tubes go for what and then
then we are already with you everything will be easier Gradually like this
here we expand you can not
gradually but very sharply
expand otherwise with us the body will be
oblong but in principle of spiders in our
different are therefore we will look already at
the situation short straws
we will be now build that up
we get it from we get before
everything here will dry it off we get the abdomen
if you want to expand the spider’s body
then here it is simple increase these
here are the edges gradually see yes
take and increase just distance between themselves
tubules and flew on here it is
increases to weave
there are so few series and then go to
narrowing gradually and this tube is already necessary
increase those who gets mixed up in a spiral
weaving of ladies little clue
as for example I whip this weaving and not
I get confused every once I focus on
number of tubes through what me
need to weave here is an example of me
proplely I now put
I take the following this and one
that is, through this which I put
bend over the following take this
bend through one to the next
that’s how it is but I’m watching yeah how is my body
expands still a pair of rows
wide slab weaving that is here
this is what I put I take
next to this treasure through one for the second
one through the second through one to the second and
so I repeat through one roughly
saying here here at me 2
through one to the second and I repeat this way
always like this here’s a spiral
weaving is obtained one through the second
here build up tube so
built up tubes and I’m constantly
orientated looking here on the body itself yes
how old am I will my prop
fly these wide ranks I
I think that’s enough now I’m a little bit
narrow it down is done it’s also very simple then
I’m just gradually reduce
between these faces of the distance
gradually because otherwise, if this is sharply
everything makes us abruptly everything will be very narrow
although of course judge on his spider
if you will arrange such
form then why and no you see I’m starting
gradually narrow down how I would get closer and
closer to the center come up getting closer and closer
tubes from me center are I look at me already yes
I already have enough for me such will be
very very much so to say of a pot-bellied
spider  and now
that’s just the same to me you need to narrow down
go on increasing tubes grew
tubes and weave soon we will soon have
end to build up I try these tubules
here that’s where faces that we have here
there was nothing here seen in the outer
side by the way, these
here are the tubes of workers do less
for example, add only two more
working tubes there in the body to those
additional two but this is already looking
themselves are all closer and closer the distance I
do here i say that the main thing is not
get confused here in these here are the ducts through
one is always what a tube put
one on the left take and after one
then you are definitely not become entangled Here we come already to
middle getting nearer and nearer
us with you all this all right here you can
generally already tighten all the rest of the ass
to tighten it turns out we have here
abdomen so here we are all the same me such
oblong spider It turned out
there are such spiders here I am already
went to myself at the end I’m practically
I’m cleaning now tubes inside
So can generally glue pva
all this is smeared yes I am I will do it
just when I have them I clean here like this
I cover it up with glue pva
all this too I’m running it inside
if they are long I am already cut off and fill up
all in it turns out we need
all these tubules refill so that we have an ass
the spider looked formalized this, too, is running
inside so if Long Crop all here we mop pva
can be titanium generally missed
it’s already there what varnish you have such and
miss this a tube too
I go inside here that’s all in all
we hide the straws together here
inside if possible of course this
hiding here inside scissors to us in this
help such here they all hid it
and the last tube we also have pvah
here of course you have to work hard
you have to work hard at the beginning of the netting
spider and at the very end at the end there is already
nothing complicated is there just work hard
need with design Here this here popki
so that everything is fine with us everything was refueled here
very neat here is such here
funny way it turned out a little
all of us in our principle the spider is ready
look yes and now we are here with you
here’s a little bit of this all circumcise in general
see how long we legs are obtained
yes that is admissible here’s my this one
spider how long is this
the legs were not very by the way a big though
he was a little bit Smaller yes, he
the body was slightly less like an ant
here to me someone wrote that’s why we mean
we cut the legs too Not too short
because we have here body big spider
Itself turned out great  here such
it’s all us Crop I will sign
how much do i have centimeters
each leg
Yes, here, too, on this the same distance
cut and these legs that is, I’m just
pruned cut off
and now we Straighten the legs
spider straighten out all a spider is ready for us
you could have a body to do more
you can leave it and now what am I doing
they have these paws add up
in half I take in one place like this
Here they add up the main thing is that
was symmetrical this is how we have
inside the wire is this everything is done very
very simple and it turns out that this
we have a spider on their own paws all
spider ready so sweet and
a pretty spider at us as a result turned out
the only self allowed a small
his body’s error is it turned out too
oblong because that I really, really
gradually narrowed it down but if you want
spider body it turned out more
round then when you are already
finish expansion
spiral weave then more sharply you
It is necessary to narrow all this down then the body will be
more round eyes I made a spider with
using paper napkins and pva and in
completed spider lacquer I
I hope this video you turned out
useful in any its parts are compulsory
put large thumbs up
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new videos and I wish all
excellent mood inspiration and light
We’ll see the weaving very soon, bye bye

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