Agnes will be staying
here for tonight. Thank you again, Miss Ichu. I really don’t know
what to say. – It’s nothing.
– You even let me use her room. Her name’s Emma, right? That’s right. I’m letting her use it
since Emma’s not here, and Andres is currently
occupying the other room. Mister Andres is here? Yeah. Yes. Before Emma
disappeared, she insisted that
we should take him home. But she’s right. We can take better care
of Andres here. Andres, we’re moving you
to the bed, okay? Mister Andres, give us
a cute smile. Come on. That’s a scary smile,
Mister Andres. Give us a refreshing smile. Look, someone’s
about to smile. That’s a beautiful smile! [LAUGHING] Oh thank God. – Help me move him.
– Okay. Auntie, let’s eat.
Agnes cooked dinner. – Okay.
– Agnes tastes good. What? I mean, her cooking. She let me taste her cooking. She was– I mean
it was delicious. Let’s eat. – What a weirdo.
– Let’s go. – Be careful.
– Okay. – Miss Ichu.
– Yes? I can look after
Mister Andres for you. [CRIES] – No! No more, please!
– Andres?! No more! Please stop! You were right. I’ve already learned a lot
in my short time here. About Emma… She lied about not
having any parents and being raised
in an orphanage. Her mother abandoned her. And she was adopted
by a rich family. Who is that family? That was all Elias learned… …when he went to Manila
to investigate. [EXHALES SHARPLY] Even the people she
cares about do not trust her. Do you think she’s the one
who chased after you? You said it was a close call. I don’t care if it was her
or her accomplice. That won’t happen again! I think I can dig up
more information here on top of Emma’s whereabouts. It seems Ichu
knows something. I’ll find out what it is. I’ll call you again once
I find something new.

98 thoughts on “Agnes gets new information about Emma | TKB (With Eng Subs)”

  1. Ay, grabe na to. The killer bride is inside the house..
    yakapan na tayo guys, unahan nyo ko ng hug din hug back agad kita pabalik sa bahay nyo

  2. Hindi kayang tong c Agnes eh anak ni Luciano pero hindi niya sinabi sa pamilya niya? Haha nabuang na naging director na. ???

  3. nbabanas aq s pagmumukha n agnes. magaling tlg xng magluto, daming nilulutong istorya at gagaling p yn s ktagalan ms dadami p ang sahog.. creepy..✌

  4. Kung di sana pakialamero masyado si Elias walang makukuhang impormasyon si Agnes at Luciano. Sabagay yun ang plot.

  5. Elias you fool! Me tinatago si Emma kasi delikado, tapos he should the secret to a stranger? Tama na binasted, laking risk nga.

  6. natawa ko sa linya na me nanay si emma, malamang me nanay po. pano iluluwal. baka dapat po patay na nanay ni emma, me nagampon sa kanyang nanay. ????

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