Millennial Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin
(D-Ny) Could Be In Even Bigger Trouble Than Jussie Smollett, Who Was Just Arrested By
Chicago Police For His Fake Hate-Crime. Yesterday, It Was Reported By Multiple Media
Outlets That Aoc Helped Funnel $6,000 To Her Boyfriend During Her Campaign. Today, We’ve Learned Those Contributions
Were Likely Illegal. And If Not Downright Criminal, At The Very
Least Highly Unethical. From Twitchy:
Remember Luke Thompson? He’s The Guy We Told You About Last Week
Whose Account Was Locked By Twitter After He Started Asking Questions About Why Rep.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Boyfriend Has An Official House Email Account. The Msm Blew Thompson Off, As Did Aoc’s
Chief Of Staff, SaikatChakr. But Thompson, Not Satisfied With The Excuses
Offered Up By Aoc’s Office, Kept Digging And Found That A Liberal Super Pac Paid Aoc’s
Boyfriend $6000 During The Campaign At A Time When The Campaign Was Deeply In Debt. Oh, And The Payments Are Possibly Illegal. All Of This Could Be Illegal: Luke Thompson Twitted. [email protected] Funneling Money To Roberts – Who
@Aoc Says Is Her Spouse – Is Unethical And Maybe Illegal. And Aoc Didn’t Disclose This Income, And Didn’t
Claim Roberts As A Spouse, In Her Candidate Financial Disclosures. Even If It’s Not Illegal, It Does Raise
Ethical Issues: Luke Thompson
Twitted. Now, Maybe He Wasn’t Her Spouse Then, But
They Were Living Together Per Her Vogue Profile, So Paying The Money Is Still A Massive Ethical
Problem. Days Ago Ocasio-Cortez Was Called Out For
Giving Her Boyfriend A Paying Job On Her Staff. She And Her Chief Of Staff Feigned Outrage
And Said That He Was Not Being Paid. They Claimed He Only Had A Congressional Email
To Check On Her Calendar For Her And That It Was Common Practice. And They Were, In Part, Telling The Truth
But Not In The Way That Normal People Tell The Truth. She And Her Chief Of Staff Had Found A Much
More Clever Way Of Paying Her Boyfriend That Would Not Be Caught As Quickly. “A Rich Guy Used A Pac To Pay @Aoc’s Boyfriend
$6,000 When Her Campaign Was Running Out Of Money. After Aoc Won, She Gave That Rich Guy A Job
In Her Office. Follow Me On A Journey,” Author Luke Thompson
Said. A Rich Guy Used A Pac To Pay @Aoc’s Boyfriend
$6,000 When Her Campaign Was Running Out Of Money. After Aoc Won, She Gave That Rich Guy A Job
In Her Office. Follow Me On A Journey “Last Week, @AocAnd Her Chief Of Staff @Saikatc
(The Rich Guy In Question) Freaked Out On Me When I Pointed Out It Looked Like She’d
Hired Her Boyfriend. I Did Some Digging In The Fec. Turns Out Saikat Has “Hired” Her Boyfriend,
Before…Just Not To Do Any Actual Work,” He Said. Luke Thompson
Twitted. Last Week, @Aoc And Her Chief Of Staff @Saikatc
(The Rich Guy In Question) Freaked Out On Me When I Pointed Out It Looked Like She’d
Hired Her Boyfriend. I Did Some Digging In The Fec. Turns Out Saikat Has “Hired” Her Boyfriend,
Before…Just Not To Do Any Actual Work. “[email protected] Paid Brand New Congress Llc, Which
@Saikatc Owns, For Strategic Consulting. @Brandnew535, The Pac Saikat Ran In Parallel
To His Llc, Turned Around And Paid Riley Roberts – The Boyfriend – The Same Amount As Its
Sole “Marketing Consultant”. How Swampy,” He Said. Luke Thompson
Twitted. [email protected] Paid Brand New Congress Llc, Which @Saikatc
Owns, For Strategic Consulting. @Brandnew535, The Pac Saikat Ran In Parallel
To His Llc, Turned Around And Paid Riley Roberts – The Boyfriend – The Same Amount As Its
Sole “Marketing Consultant”. How Swampy. “The Payments To Roberts Are The Largest
Payments Made By @Brandnew535 To Any Person Or Group Other Than Brand New Congress Llc. Oh, And Roberts Doesn’t Work In Marketing,”
Thompson Said. What Do You Think Of This? When You Share To Your Friends You Greatly
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100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Might Be In Even Bigger Trouble ThanJussie Smollett For Her Lies”

  1. NO!!!!!

    Anyone who wants to learn which way this Country is going, go back to Venenzlua in 1999 when Hugo Chavez ran on Hope and Change. He turned that COUNTRY to Socialism and where it is today. Beware of those who use the term Democratic Socialism, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. We just need to look to our South to see what happens😢
    Educate yourselves🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Has anybody really looked at this bimbette and as far as the money is concerned turn the she has to pay a guy to be your boyfriend that's what the 6,000 was for look at her mouth she's got a mouth like a mule buck teeth could eat corn through a picket fence

  3. No I don't support affirmative action because I'm white and the place I work at….I'm a minority. I don't really care,we all get along just fine.I just don't really think it's needed very much,and it's outdated.Most of the new, young people are lazy as fuck,snowflakes. Idk WTF they're thinking? I hope the company I work for doesn't expect very much of em. They gonna need about 3 of the youngsters for every 1 of us 40yr olds. They're pretty weak too,and they complain too much.

  4. No it's a excuse to get lazy people in as far as aoc how did she ever get elected into office what are the Democrats doing she is a one and done

  5. Affirmative is a joke.  Why should ANY company have to hire someone that may not be as reliable or as knowledgeable, or as qualified as someone of another race?  Hiring should be based on ability, not skin color.  As for Annoying Overrated Charlatan, she is walking in the footsteps of the Clintons step for step.  Be on the lookout for a charity organization.

  6. Oooopppsss.  We got us one huge bunch of slimeballs in politics.  Both sides.  Clean the swamp out Mr. Trump.  Investigate EVERY politician from top to bottom.  I won't have a bunch of criminals telling me what to do, when they should be in jail themselves.

  7. Isn't she the one who ''played a game'' in the house to show how corrupt Trump and others were and she is doing the same thing!!!

  8. Empathy and compassion are attributes of human decency. There will always be room for that. Will you die before your brothers for lack of stability?

  9. Another swamp rat that doesn't deserve to be in office wasting taxpayer money with the lies and the corruption we need to drain the swamp Trump 2020


  11. No to affirmative action. I really hope AOC is in a lot of trouble. So much so that she has to step down from her position as U.S. Representative.

  12. Years ago I worked for the primary contractor on a then new strategic bomber, it was a union shop and a job opened up that would be a promotion for me, building aircraft tooling, assembly jigs and such, 3 people including myself bid for it. 2 of us were qualified, one had only held a position as facilities maintenance (janitor) the black female janitor (who could not read above 5th grade level) got the job, in the summer of 2000 I moved back to my home town and applied to the now Boeing owned company, about a week after I started it was time to inspect/correct the floor assembly tool I was building horizontal stabilizers on, 2 jig shop guys show up, one of them I had worked with in the past, to my utter amazement the black female janitor showed up a bit later pulling a child's red wagon with an office chair and 2 milk crates full of comic books, after she had here unit seniority rolled to the jug shop she was most senior worker, had never learned to read above 5th grade nor had she picked up ANY skills, she had "worked" there all that time , was paid more than $850k in wages/benefits and never produced anything of benefit to the firm, this is what affirmative action does

  13. I support a form of affirmative action in the workplace and higher education. Incentivize hiring of disabled, vets and parolees via tax credits. In education, priority should be placed on economic groups, not race, but only for otherwise qualified candidates.

  14. A O CRAZY's whole life is a lie…got a BMW for her 16th BDay and went to the best schools….Liar, Liar, pants suit on fire!

  15. Affirmative Action is literally "institutional racism".

    I would be a big fan of private or even more locally funded initiatives which help tougher communities develop themselves… but to actually setup barriers which hold back citizens who have worked hard to qualify, based on their skin, while favoring others who are not, based on their skin/ethnicity… its a pretty stupid thing for this country to have done. It's the entirely wrong way to fix the perceived problem.

  16. American Patriot. What a joke. Waving a flag does not make you a patriot. The flag is not mentioned in the Constitution and the government does not tell me to wave or salute one. I have a copy of the Constitution on my wall. Do you., If not you are no Patriot. You put up trash like this because you handlers tell you what to think do and say. Grow a brain, think for yourself. She is one you woman. Why are you so afraid of her? She is too young to be President and you have an orange blob you should be worrying about. He crap is spreading thicker by the day.

  17. Affirmative action was started to give blacks a hand up. It has been used for too many years to squelch whites. If you have even a dark tan you can use AA to get everything you want.
    AA is racist, and should be abolished. Too many people of color have become lazy because it is so easy for them to get jobs, promotions, government benefits,you name it.
    Wake up people.

  18. Gang, we need to lay off of her for another 18 months. If we beat on her, she may straighten up or Nancy may come down on her. Let's let her think that she's getting away with all of this crap and let her do more and more and then when the 2020 campaign is in full swing, THEN we let everyone know what she's doing and what Nancy and the other Dems are letting her get away with. She is the biggest gift Trump could have. Let's help her be the gift that keeps on giving…when it counts.

  19. They seem to think and truly believe that not getting caught in a lie, is the same as telling the truth. When caught, blame everyone else, state you didn’t know, and or everyone else does it. If that doesn’t work, grab the gender, or race card.

  20. A private company should be able to hire anyone they want to for any reason. Government must not be allowed to choose employees by race, sexual orientation or any other arbitrary criteria.

  21. No affirmative action. Employment based on education and ability to do the job. I am a minority. I am American Indian and refused money for college. I worked three jobs and truly earned my degree. I did have one student loan in my final year. Paid it all in my first year of employment. Merit based employment!
    AOC is a true Dem. seems she has the sneaky law breaking behavior down. It will all come to light. I expect her to be prosecuted when all is known.

  22. Democrats are always breaking laws. All they have to do is scream like brats and everyone let's them get away with everything! Hillary has the whole government trained for this behavior! It's time our government became normal and real, behaving like a real business, instead of a Hollywood Satanic, soap opera! Its embarrassing and painful to even think about our government, I wish they would just disappear. I know it would be better for our country if they could do us that favor. America could become paradise automatic! 🏡🌲🌳🤽‍♂️🚶‍♂️🎶🏠🌴🌅🤸‍♂️🌾🚶‍♀️🎶🌳🏘🌲🏘🤸‍♀️❣🌳🐇⚘🏠🌾🏫🌳🏩🏃‍♂️🌳🏤⚘🏌️‍♂️🏡🏢☺🏃‍♀️🌳🏘🌿🏌️‍♀️🌳💕🌞💓America land of freedom

  23. I think she started out dishonest and she’s going to be that way for however long she lasts in Congress p. Her first mistake was aligning herself with George Soros and Tom Steyer and she hasn’t done anything honest since then. Even her ideas are absolutely ridiculous. She isn’t the only problem the democrat congress has. The whole democrat congress can’t think of a single good idea. All they want to do is impeach a president that has done nothing to warrant impeachment and blame President Trump every single time somebody does something wrong that should know better. If President Trump was guilty of even 10% of what he gets blamed for then he would have to be the worst person ever, but he’s not. All he’s ever done is to try and make our country better and a safe place for the American citizens and keep his campaign promises that he made. The democrats and the mainstream media will never give him credit for any good that he’s done, but if he makes a move that could maybe, just maybe look like the wrong thing to do, they’re all over that and then he’s treated like the scum of the earth and it just is not right. It must be awful that there’s a group of people out there the size of the democrat party and the mainstream media that are so miserable that they look for reasons to celebrate our beloved president making a mistake. Anybody that’s that miserable, no matter how large the group is, should look for something else to concentrate their energy on.

  24. Actual racism is rare because it is a belief, not an action. The word is conflated with so any other concepts that people use it as a catch-all, but that is NOT what it is meant to be. Racism is the BELIEF (<-key word) that one group of people is SUPERIOR (<- entirely subjective) to another group of people based solely on race.

    That's it. Affirmative Action is a good example of a program started because of racism. The belief is that a group, based on their race, is inferior to others and need a special boost to attain equity. Equity is another way of saying "result equality" meaning quota.

  25. No because affirmative action is just another brand of racism that favors one group of people over another because of their race, color, or religion and it makes the people it supposedly helps to have a victim mentality so they think everyone owes them something when the truth is nobody owes anybody anything except for what they earn through study and hard work.

  26. No to affirmative action it's a bs to get lesser qualified person because of the there skin color a position instead of a more qualified person how does that help our businesses

  27. As of 2/23/19 I will look at YouTube as entertainment only. The lies, the deceit and the backstabbing that you do is off the chart. Take J.S., if he can fool the police department and the news media and they eat it up like candy people will believe anything. I'M DONE WITH THE TUBE, I'll vote for Trump and the hell with the rest of this crap. YOUTUBE IS A JOKE TO ME. I'd weather look at a cooking show. THE NEWS MEDIA IS A JOKE TO ME.

  28. Hell no they are supporting discrimination and I have been a victim of it. Was literally told that even though I finished first in my class and scored best out of 125 people on all the physical and written tests for this particular department, I was not a minority or a woman so I would be 8th on their list oh yeah and I ALREADY HAD 8 years of experience !! I tried so hard to do everything perfect and none of it mattered because I am a white male!

  29. No to affirmative action as it supports "idjets" such as "AOC" to attend a BS school and receive a degree and as in AOC case she doesn't supply much evidence of any knowledge in the subject her degree was awarded, thus supporting my reasoning for the no vote.

  30. I do not support Affirmative Action! It's just another failed SJW program. This is why so many stupid people are running around causing havoc.

  31. White people should support affirmative action because eventually they will need it themselves when the Asians out work and out perform them About AOC .A rich guy does not need a job so this is total BS. What pray tell does Ivanka do in the White House every day? She on the payroll too.How about Kushner and Co. Be real people that's how Washington works.

  32. Aoc. Is into dark money. Hmmmm her boyfriend gets money and hired her boyfriend to do no work. Sounds swampy to me. What a fraud. A fraudulent dem. Imagine that

  33. Like she said about trump oh theres so much to impeach her on but we the people found evidence in her case and the Democrats are still trying to find the evidence in trumps case that's not there we the people got to stick together and get these idiot Democrats out of office they think they can do what they want in our government she must of learned this stuff from the higher up people because shes not that smart to no about this stuff that's why she got caught lock her up idiot Democrats doing what they no best to screw around the government they all need to be investigated the crooks

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