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ahmed lawn jane good evening this is frank not now introduce our color that is for this
edition of the lawn gene costco marisa from the c_b_s_ television news
staff and francis w carpenter of the
associated press our distinguished guest for this evening
mister presley’s spender ambassador from australia after the united states but there was a pleasure to welcome back
an old friend my guest tonight is only an old friend
of the costco program he’s a tried and true friend of our country whatever the where trouble
diplomatically speaking you can always count on our friend from
australia to pitch in when the going gets rough depression i guess give something about the recent conference in manila do we actually get what we wanted out of
that southeast asian packed depend upon what you mean oh… what you wanted i think that there was a are very
substantial meetings of meeting of minds and having to go out to the difficulties
which were confronted with i think was a very successful result well it is to be any good actually have
india and the others some of the southeast asian nation stay
out of the we certainly we wouldn’t anticipate because if we hadn’t thought
it was good you must make a stop somewhere we know
that other countries that have different views to our own uh… we understand the reasons why the
defense about davis failures you know that we
should go ahead and we did go ahead what do you think the uh… the comedy
threat in southeast asia is the next big threat to that wearing their necks the pitches to come from moscow high i can say with any uh… any degree
of certainty whether mixed up usually apply run everybody well it’s always
applied where the weaknesses my feeling is that has been the sometime
tossed that uh… uh… trouble who always aka in that
part of the world if any further trouble dot to ca closer pursue a lot of people over this
country correctly or incorrectly that the united
states is again holding me back if i may say so on the south east asian defense
alliance and that we are committed to fight in defense of certain countries
but uh… they are not committed to fight unless
they find that the action is in their self-interest bertram item if you look
taller solicitor uh… after all the under the terms of
the treaty we’d all enjoy into exactly the same
obligation uh… then you’d agree at all that
obligation in terms of betty because bodies with countries depending upon
their military strength in economics tend to end their interest after all it is quite clear that uh…
that this country with a it’s a greater economic and military strength to
america to carry vegan major portions of the movement eighteen piece in there in that part of the world but you will not find our own country and lacking in his desire to work at all
times and carrying out to the folded obligations we’ve got a big deal support i suppose all we’re talking about
buchanan’s venues and threats what is the situation with the communist party him your own
australia well i suppose that’s precisely the same
as it is in most democratic countries for has been a communist party in our
country there have been more mannequins to to
deal with it by legislation uh… but the most effective means which
so far been found to deal with it off first by uh… the record unionist
themselves inside a union and secondly by what date is cold out
country the secret ballot for reconnection of union leaders and so that uh… we have a secret
ballot applies communist leaders were not able to
engage in a usual tactics of reading about i think you’ve got a lot of applause for
america by the family that yoga morale at that focused on an issue letter yes they did an article of communism have the russians reacted at all to
europe very stern action in connection with this man but i am sanctuary we only
have been the result is well-known to the world if i’m able to speak about namely that uh… they withdrew their
raft they withdrew their embassy of represent which in the spirit of and
uh… we as a result did likewise they have no relations with the uh… soviet union and i understand i
understand the inspector economic entry gretna protocol correctly relations among broken off but uh… when mister nixon had come to his guns loaded priscilla
presley what about the situation in japan now now the russians are trying to
draw japan into that paid over would you consider that a dangerous situation for
your country and for i do not don’t worry about that uh…
jian prime aim arbor russian in relation to
japan is at least utilization of japan but open about that it’s purpose is to seek by whatever means are are open to it by blemish goodbye pressured by in by
name by internal operations tourette bring japan into the orbit of
the soviet uh… and communist influence afterall stalin’s sent uh… a long time
ago that uh… effect that could be accomplished in the
belief of the soviet was at that that for the world of the communist
world would be invincible and so uh… that any attempt to advise
my rational by the communists a protective ten into uh… into its
orbit uh… is one which is grocers concern
with roster to all the free world whose purpose of ought to be to do whatever it
can uh… to enable that japan to develop
and be mankind as a democratic country will suffer c_e_o_s does australia fear most the spread of
communism or is it afraid of every vilified aggression by japan not at all times that we have been that
have been twenty-odd accepting the proposition that the roots of democracy
have gone down deep into the uh… japanese wildlife it’s uh… very proper observations to
make let me see the immediate problem in the foreseeable future aspect of communist aggression what do you think about the rearmament
germany is at boeing australians where much of a new tears because uh…
afterall into world war was a we have heard that we have come into it into a state of war means that after
seven seas as a result of incident which took place
a long way from atul in europe and so what it takes place in europe is
a consequence to us we believe in very firmly but you cannot deal with segment of the
world except in terms of seen the whole problem globally gossipers ilike to it turn to a place is a little near to your
uh… country then uh… you know that’s korea r_u_ withdrawing your troops in korea
the way the we have in the british have at least a
portion of that there have been already it was not only in the last to three days and these nuns were all
discussed a cross between a the different nations and that we have the same as you will
withdraw on some of our troops do you think that will create a vacuum that
looked at the commerce to try to come back down again i don’t think so if you
think they’ll observed armistice i do not think the president and missus my
own judgment i do not think we are likely to meet in career foreseeable future immediate resumption october depression the first year garcia sitting at the
share of australia that coming up general assembly of the united nations
opening next week and this letter industry questions there
and one that every one of the united states
is interested in is the admission of red china do you think it’s going to give us
trouble at this coming session i don’t think any more than in the past what do you think will happen to it postponed again uh… i would think that uh… there wasn’t
any uh… a real danger of communist china being
the president of the nations at this issue series and the foreseeable future is out
of phrases banded about i think well to look at the court said it’s a
his band around like so many other places but none of us can see anymore
than that a certain a certain that top of the future and that there is nothing in at the time
of the in life in this paper that is it what is the president about their
suppresses the desire out greece to incorporate cypress
with his empire out past you are all the davidians going to back the position of great britain and his reluctance to turn over the island of cyprus to decrease uh… i will do no more than say that
uh… this is a process and other privately which great britain is
interested but we do have event this uh… for many
other reasons and from private popping out buddy close association with great
britain well you’ve got another case is close to
home you’ve got the indonesians wanting to take over west new d_n_a_ mansion and what it is on that without the use
of the next best more months we say in the first place it doesn’t
matter which is uh… one which ought to be brought into the night of nations
uh… at all and secondly when the uh… if she was
examined this in the slightest merit in mclean of indonesia that they’re making meet these people of west new guinea off
quite different people altogether i’ve never from eye-popping able to
understand i walked justification of a tropical
otherwise you can hand over that i think that either by this or that
means uh… one-and-a-half million people a
lot different people altogether without asking them what they think we
don’t have all the people these days i have to anyone the president has said in this country britain exercise a veto over the actions
of the united states and in turn india exercise a veto over the actions of uh… accurate would you say that uh…
areas well from my mister cochran’s trade
deficit that’s uh… slogan which has been about
a big deal yet uh… it’s quite clear that uh… his never
nationwide if it wants to act at the seal a cost of combat that which it is too in respective
eleven nations think inflicted by any veto nation if it wants to come so he will do
this irrespective of the people think but in these days in the world in which we live uh… it’s a very wise policy to have to
go out to the views about the nation’s to condition precisely what the policy of the nation
should be about to have a doctorate determine
policy and it’s quite impossible for the clinton policy without having the gop you’ve a lot of
people of the world suppressing out the present time rows of
proposal for peacetime atomic who seems to be coming along right uh…
australia’s element in that yes we indicated are acceptance are believed to
have a proposal rock beginning suffers it’s almost a year since you’ve
been on this program i to ask you to feel that the alliance
of a free nations is as strong as it was during the korean war or other scenes
showing just a little yet right around the office of the so that
they were in the last twelve months so that has been a substantial shift in the
balance of power throughout the world behind uh… united nations of course
the struggle for power goes on that probably because of the addressee
address that policy of the soviet russia and uh… and the communist china and uh… that uh… changing that balance of power as prime
we do it uh… to the success of the promise of
hepatic commuting indochina and of the psychological successes
example in preventing thereby well bringing about that indirectly head of the collapse of the
d_c_ and by the progress which they have made
a note on the competitive with them i mean in the result of course if they
i’d change in the balance of i don’t mean by that that they have the best way
to keep the balance of power but they have to change it and their program the set we had a problem which confronts of the
free world greater urgency thank you very much success is always a
pleasure to have something to say that it hit competitive the opinions expressed on the mounting
problems cope with those of the speakers the editorial board for this edition of
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the world on and on june good evening this is frank dot may i introduce our colette affairs for
this edition of the ron gene costco marisa promising bs television used up and those facts in this issue that that
there are time magazine our distinguished guest for this evening
ist even a metro chairman of the democratic national
committee well is the time is all good americans
knowing me draws well faster and faster than the
political winds of time when the chairman of both usually the pair they can foresee a trend so
i’ll ask i guess tonight mister mitchell as chairman of the democrats do you really foresee a trend yes i think so i’ve got probably as i
see two trends one of them is a uh… i think clearly definable uh… that favors they uh… democratic candidates in the
democratic party over the republican party but the other one uh… disturbs me and
that i’d keep hearing up of uh… apathy and uh… of lower
registration and some areas than we should live what do you know you think there is much
excitement about this election and what a little registration actually hurt you i think that a high registration helps
the democratic party i think the people of this country are predominantly
democratic uh… i’ve believed that the situation
changes in part to some degree from one place to another citizen it pretty dangerous to
generalize i think mister mister through excellent their issues do you
feel it’d give new these kind of new strength that everybody is predicting
for you what particular issue anyone while i
think there are a number of of um… of the way pretty heavily with people of one is a of course the economic ah…
issue uh… whether people feel that they are
better or worse off with the republicans and power and most of
them are satisfied that there were so awful for
that uh… they are uneasy a little
apprehensive about the future i believe there is a basic issue as to
whether people feel left a our country is more or less secure at the present
time than we were in fifty two and i think that they are uneasy again that feel that their lives secure uh… there are also i was born a
growing anxiety on the part of the many people of modest means or average means that
there has been favoritism shown by the a republican eisenhower administration
to was special groups uh… to big business that’s was
emphasized i believe decidedly uh… by the secretary wilson remarks lightly by
being dixon yates uh… deal uh… the tax bill uh… which favorite people who receive dividends as
against those who earn their money by working and i factory or uh… by wages or salary well now you’ve made dixon gates pretty
much your own trademark connects regarding the t_v_a_ contracts pretty much by just asking questions are
you ever going to be prepared to step up and offer testimony or facts in that
case live band repair done i uh… suggest to you know i have been very
directly very of positive an explicit in the
statements that are have made and they have been borne out in every
single instincts from the beginning by they testimony that has been given uh… before the anti-monopoly
subcommittee and under a republican senator liner uh… by the news that we finally been
able to get through leaks or by the activities of newspaperman about
the various drafts of the contract and i’ve course that i was writing one chairman call asked me to testify i said
of course i’ll testify anytime or anyplace in many mister mitchell if
you’re in control of the congress and a member the uh… that bill what will happen to have the
accountability to many of the responded now all day before they finally
established the they’ve sent the hearing for november the fourth i was going to
say that they set the hearing for the end of early in september and then they advance
that august and then they cancelled it now they’ve put it leon uh… the election i’m going up to binghamton
new york and make a speech which is and the town that uh… chairman cole
lives and it’s in his congressional district on saturday night i’ll have
some more to say about it well i don’t know i think i’ll answer
your question mister lewis or i don’t know think that dixon yates is ever going to
build that plant well you know here’s something i don’t
understand uh… senator fulbright who is certainly
a good loyal democrat and had a great deal of integrity has said that this is
a very fine contract and he’s quite happy with it i think these misinformed aren’t think that uh… you should also
have in mind that ami the one who lives in arkansas is not
unaware of the fact that there are certain benefits to arkansas from having
the proposed plant built in that place well i uh… i’m sure that senator fulbright is
entitled to disagree with most of his colleagues just as senator cooper i
republican disagrees with the republicans senator cooper is very uh… anxious to align himself in
opposition to the dixon yates contract mister mitchell a i ask you a question about what you
actually do it now a national chairman mastermind of the uh… a national campaign because this is a
visa local campaign to what else do you do decide to make speeches as national
chairman well it seems that uh… uh… i have
uh… part of the responsibility for raising
the money which uh… bond which we carry on these
activities of the party uh… being seems to me i’m embarq
planes are speaking a good bet at the time it’s
true but all are actually a large to the largest part of the work is in maintaining contact with
candidates and with the leaders of the party and an administrative work and
they uh… national committee all of them and
it seems to be fair money out money coming in for the democratic
coming in all but there were still a long way behind them you court will ever
match the republicans bob where uh… uh… doing a little ball a little
better and we’ve been very much heartened by the response that people
have given a slightly uh… that brings up of another point though that shows uh… illustrates the point i made
to you on bob greene favoritism of all uh… the republican but administration
through of big business i dot A and letter today you know that was sent
to us by a democrat who have been solicited by some republicans of four a contribution to the republican
citizens for eisenhower newsletter came from a plan is as a
businessman are solidly behind our efforts to keep that congress
sympathetic uh… and more favorable maintain a more
favorable atmosphere for business i think that they have a little well envelope it says the story in a
nutshell and ken that they have a peanut and then they say the money we are
asking from businessman is just peanuts compared to what electing a republican
congress can mean to business your business uh… there’s that i’d say that’s that in a nutshell is uh… the philosophy of
the eisenhower republican administration letting other people as a whole lot of
our preference to businesses so circum i think you put them under suspicion
about them electorate generally what about the popularity of the
president himself mr mc farthing generated too i think it’s been a fact that i think
generally that uh… most of the people of the country who voted for him uh… or who didn’t vote for more xinhua laid
like into succeeded like him to be president of
all of the people it’s uh… they sort of identify
themselves on our country’s well-being with having the while president get
along well i don’t think you gonna make much
difference in this campaign he hasn’t so far i don’t think you will but it may get hurt begets and what will
be for talking about the philosophy in for a moment ago love early in the campaign you
disassociated the democratic party from the americans for democratic action do
you think that that’s giving you an extra strong push in the campaign now although i are made it clear has a think i should have a nine point that they would uh… ways to do that there are separate uh…
organization that there are no part of the democratic party i made it clear i
thought that we’re glad to have their support that is that of any group of loyal americans for our candidates are our principles whenever
they agree with them manner not running us more not running
them i don’t think that made me different but if you do and then our in our uh… activities if you do win in november a
lot element of the party you expect will be in control of conservatives or the
liberals why don’t we give him answer that question of those uh…
those terms it all i think that the democratic party essentially has a liberal and
progressive of political organization i think
there’s a place an ad for conservatives and indeed uh… uh… there is a uh… it would mop too much if there
were people of different points of view will look at another way do you think
that a democratic victory would market upsurge in the strength of the uh… overawed republican why do i do i think that’s uh… that’s a very
important point i think that there’s a wide missus uh… conception uh… that uh… a republican victory
would somehow help president eisenhower actually the republicans who are running
for office whose names are on the ballot would say why this is a mandate for us y c we best of the people like what
we’re doing and had more than half of them are
opposing the president well that the democrats do win in
november eighteen people going to be uh… friendly to me i have a problem are you
going to be a hostile to them on the grounds that uh… faulty handed out what already alexander
or what part of the program we’re talking about
her he proposes a great many of the of parts of the uh… congressional or record received
in support of democratic of boats they couldn’t have been
inactive the without them there many un which they were opposed and i think that
same thing will happen again idea certainly do not think that uh… uh… there will be a disposition to
oppose for the sake of opposition uh… we’ve known speaker rayburn and mr uh… mister senator johnson made that clear air that uh… we reject the suggestion that there
would be of cold war between the president and the congress it takes two to make a war and
we don’t propose to uh… enter into one with the president
of the united states uh… on political matters at the expense of the american people charlie thank you very much mister mister there have been here it hadn’t been the opinions expressed on the loan to go
to scope where those of the speakers the editorial board for this edition of
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watch company make a row malanje the world’s most
honored watch and whatnot distinguish companion to the
world honored laundry good evening this is frank not may i introduce taco editors for this
edition of the long gene costco that of this error of the c_b_s_ television news stuff and august texture chief editorial writer for the new york
ever patio our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable sterling gold representative from new york and chairman of the joint committee on
atomic energy bruising full we’re very eager to talk
to you about it i can’t do tonight but i wonder if you don’t mind
explaining to us the difference between the joint atomic energy committee at
which you were chairman and the atomic energy commission the commission atomic commission is the
agency of the executive branch of government which has the responsibility of
administering the atomic energy law the joint committee is uh… as the word joint indicates a committee of the congress composed of
nine senators and nine members of the house which uh… is charged by the law with the being constantly informed of with
respect to the atomic energy program and at the joint committee considers any
revisions in the atomic energy act usually one is a legislative committee
the other is an executive and you had their full cooperation between you and leave it and the
commission has really been amazing mister actions the fine spirit of cooperation that has
existed from the very beginning between the uh… commission and the
legislative committee there’s a loophole it seems that one of
the greatest events to me that uh… you people have been faced with is the
president’s offer to set up a joint pool of atomic energy for peacetime uses and uh… i think now that the russians
have made a counterproposal to present eisenhower’s offer in which they state they would that they
would do desire amoral band on the use of atomic weapons just as there was a moral ban on the use
of poison gas in the last one i do think that that is acceptable buffet wasn’t exactly a counter-proposal
as i understand mr saurabh the russian position has always been
that uh… the nations of the world should outlawed the use of atomic
weapons her reply to the eisenhower plan that uh… the participants the
conferees consider the outlawing of atomic bomb now with that i can find no disagreement
that the conferees give consideration to i’d do hope very however that they their
considerations not serious norm nor long life wanted me first it ask for a scrapping of atomic weapons and the uh… stepping other
means of a production but now they seem to want any moral ban on the use of them although they would be ready as weapons of retaliation that was uh… the russian
counterproposal to the group plan that uh… the countries theater countries having
atomic weapons to before goldie use of them when you see on her convert her
condition of the uh… with respect to the eisenhower planned his along the
same line what do you think that could be acceptable to this country after all
would we be depriving us sales of the only weapon in which we are superior to
the russians that’s why i feel are conferees should
be able to work to consideration to the to the uh… suggestion i would be
unthinkable for us to ever agree not to use the atomic weapon it might not become a time when the too part of the world will roughly equal in
atomic weapons and on the logic might be to ban them i don’t think that timing uh… would
necessarily have arise because it is conceivable that to two countries russia and ourselves
may have and an offensive potential that would
neutralize the other then please uh… the advantage would
shift to that country which placed the same
degree of emphasis on the use of atomic energy for defensive as was used for offense who keys the former head of the atomic
energy commission uh… david in paul has suggested that if we can’t come to any agreement with
the soviet union on the eisenhower proposal
for a joint pool of atomic energy for peacetime uses we should go along with the western
world and set up such an agency how do you feel about that that’s
exactly the feeling i have heard from the time president eisenhower made his pronouncement but at least we cannot allow too successfully upset the eisenhower plan it is so essential that the countries of the world’s unite
and pool their knowledge in their efforts to using atomic energy for the
government that we can’t allow any recalcitrant
belligerent country to interfere with because so much good can come from it’s been very much like the marshall
plan which the russians refused to come into were unable to wreck it’s somewhat like the marshall plan
except there is the distinction as i see it we’re not giving away too countries of the world something of
extreme value what we are giving now is is information in advance to these other countries we’re getting them knowledge that they
all would eventually learn some time wilma security standpoint there is a
nickel could we give away some of our tonic fuel to a agency for joint international
usa while the russians still used to be a atomic energy for the making of bombs could we keep up our lead in the atomic
grace if we did that i don’t uh… and version that the eisenhower plan would
uh… measurably interfere with our stockpile
of atomic weapons and certainly if i thought that it did uh… jeopardize our national security as would never but conversely would say then but if they are in power plant goes into
effect it will cut down the amount of atomic
weapons in the world world cup and russia’s atomic weapon highlighted by the way back problem remains unsolved it will interfere and to some extent
with the uh… talent pool potential of whatever country has that
potential but not in a in a great degree sincerely contributions will be the
largest leo well so if we didn’t work out this plan
with the russians wouldn’t we be giving them away because uh… some of the
know-how on the industrial use of atomic energy some of the know-how which they might
not get otherwise assuming which i think to be the fact
that uh… russia does not have the knowledge constructed productive uses of atomic
energy that we had if the eisenhower plan is put into
effect and russia participates then of course russia is going to benefit by it much more than we will russia has nothing to give us i think uh… from this kind of standpoint of
using atomic energy for peacetime missions it wouldn’t russia then be able to play a peacetime use peacetime engines and speak and put it
in a submarine and making broken a four out of it of course you could just the same as any
other country to whom we might give this knowledge and uh… allow the
use of the fissionable material but as i say heat desire for war the need for war becomes
greatly lessened as this great new forces used for
production on things for which people go to war represent a
cool what is your idea how this plan would actually work with me and
international agency setup factories are plans for the making of
uh… nuclear fuel around the world all the actually put up industrial plants to
create electric energy and who would almost plants that is this one of the details that
this uh… conference must uh… work on maya my own thinking is that uh… the
international organization may either own and operate the plants or the international organization may
simply supervise plans a country which has need for anatomic
uh… our plan for the plight of the
international agency they need the international agency would consider conditions and above all thought that ate one of these projects
must be self-sustaining must be self liquidating
must be a profitable enterprise to get away from this uh… w_p_a_ aspect and giveaway aspect it
must be something constructive when i ask you a legal do you think that
uh… the eisenhower plan that would be
encounter any opposition in congress if the russians went along with us the plan has so much in it that appeals to that decency of people in the world that i just can’t believe that any american or any member of congress would seriously protest providing the american people and the congress an
all time are sured that this plan will not
interfere with the national security which nobody wants there nobody expects the plan jeopardy rash supported it growth hyper growth but change the
subject of people still unaccounted entity it is a bounce that yesterday we were growing two divisions
from korea does not have uh… any relationship to developments in the
atomic field and it can atomic weapons be a substitute for manpower in the long run i think mister picture that the more we uh… improve our atomic capacity greater versatility we chief and atomic
weapons good last will become the need for foot
soldiers however i don’t think there was any
connection between the decision to uh… withdraws two divisions from
correa has any relationship to the use of atomic weapons bascue identical its all conditions were favorable towards
the eisenhower planet its acceptance by the russians we work everything out how
long would actually take before such a a program could be worked out for the
beneficial use of atomic energy well takes about three years to build a anatomic power plant are expected if the conferees the get
together reasonably soon but i a summertime or fall formulate their plans designs can be worked out by nineteen fifty-five construction started in the summer fall
fifty five or so that perhaps within the next four or five years we can anticipate anatomic are planted anyplace in the
world of the country that as need for it will be an operation bullies norplant’s
be competitive with that other types of fuel cold water power all yes of course dot that’s the uh…
that’s the goal that were all working for us to make them competitive so that the countries of the world which
have no calls i have no water resources can’t have nevertheless have electrical
energy to make the things that the people need the final question everything paula let
me ask you we all off right netting of the atomic
bomb spassky do you think that the public should have more information
about the peaceful uses of atomic energy that’s one of the appealing aspects of
the guys in our plan is to start the minds of people thinking
in the direction of how we can use this for the good of mankind and the people should know at the same force can be used for the
good of people to a greater degree than for the
destruction people already more lives have been saved by
the use of atomic energy than has ever been destroyed and the two explosions in
japan the people don’t generally realize that and yet at the field of medicine is
scarcely been touched in the field of preserving foods in areas where they don’t have uh…
like device boxes and so forth it has great possibilities to say nothing of
generating electricity for manufacturing goods that people need the peacetime uses art without mint and the people should thank you very much for example the
being here with us tonight the opinions you’re our speakers
expressed tonight a band kar liya karo the editorial board for this edition of
the mounting problems built was larry lucerne and august texture our distinguished guest closely i will stay wrinkles
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much government maker ltb on jane the world’s most on a
block and whatnot distinguished companion to the world
honored laundry good evening this is frank night may i have reduced our collateral for
this edition of the monthly incomes phil from the c_b_s_ television news the
larry mister and walter cronkite our distinguished guests this evening is
key coleman m commissioner of internal revenue mister anders you’ve been on this job of
collecting our taxes for the morning here now quiet about it before i ask you about the work you’ve done so far michael s just what your qualifications were for
this vitally important folks maybe i should say fresh that they’re a
lot of people don’t think i’ve been sick glad about it than that and that uh… i’m basically a course uh… an account uh… management modernization has been
my bonus for a long time and i’ve taken several experiment from practice in through public affairs and uh… addition of that i have administrative responsibility and the
military services and wrinkled in law and i am like to thank at least that the
president the secretary informed me because they think that we did they job they did the past throughout i hope
that originally also democrat to a large acer a trailer conservative democrat we’re commissioner in this year that you’ve been on the job
review discovered any evidence with the
american public is involved in widespread shirking of their duty and vision tracks nollie happen and i i i don’t think they
are some of the fact because we we have a rama interesting situation in
this country we found that the average american
taxpayer uh… has a pretty high respect for his
government’s willing to carry his share of the role of the cost of it and if it were not for that and i’m afraid that we would not in
trouble long time ago we figure that about ninety seven percent of all the
people in this country pay that tax is uh… voluntarily agreed we call it voluntary
compliance that come up that text and times of mister tax collector is what uh… figure my income is enough
for you thank you so much inheritance to might help define for me a communist country n forward stability of its tax system comes to
commit i’m afraid that most of the fealty other fellows getting away with the more than we are now is there any against listing every
possible reduction in expenses on your income tax you know nothing against and we want
people to do that week we want every taxpayer to get the
benefit of ever deduction that the law allows in and where there are optional
ways of computing once actually want him to have
the wave that is least expensive to him it will take the least amount of money
out of his pocket presence taken out of the standard deduction there may be in most cases the away jenna will take the standard
deduction because it’s simple he doesn’t have to worry about itemizing his
defection but suppose somebody has a a badge fell on the list in the in his
doctor’s bill and hospital bills run-up file may be something disasters occurs to a close-up of that
condo is house catches fire uh… that sort of person should sat down and make his deductions in
detail sources say well an obvious to me that managed to take them that way all
the claim the standard deduction of ten percent when you have a way of together that we
want him to take your view of their money people nonsense overpayment toxins
by of mob completely understand inflexible they have no doubt about that is not a
matter of feeling good there aren’t that many people who paying
for instance shit in the taxpayer can bus it we’ve talked
about do you have a lot about we found that many people who have
overpaid as well as a lot of course who hadn’t paid an awful and didn’t bring it
all and we picture every uh… make many
reforms too all types of taxpayers’ individuals
corporations and partnerships trusts and so on indicating that an excess payment of taxes might have a lot of house-to-house
canvassing whose mentioned uh… some newspapers problem operation snoop called estoppel methods that you want
around asking people left their homes whether or not the intended taxes and
uh… and demanded proof that they have in store for numbering close actually
doing your campus one of the accomplish there well list operations noble cause we love
them oracle journalists again denied of course if i were newspaper reporter
i’d be pretty proud of having a bit about what actually looks at it and
whether that’s and all what we do is to go from one of
the land hecho on well not people at each other teams have father account it’s not a smoked in any sense is no
biting into people’s homes anything of that kind we’re going go on the home unless we
invited the men don’t usually go up if a person declines to answer our
questions and uh… more than someone they don’t have to learn there’s no hard feelings on on the bus
park we don’t get mad at anybody about it and the fact of the matter is that has
been about pleasant experience we’ve had uh… well i remember in new england and the
entire canvas up there in the first month when it first came to light that seem to be something unusual which it
wasn’t was because it explosive on that subject than on the books and
his friend phone since nineteen and twenty six we didn’t have been a difficult it was
on the one person and several thousand leavin who seem to get beyond happy about it it’s not a smoke is marian effort to find out that
everybody is on the tax rules and should be on so that everybody will pay his fair
share of the taxes as congress intended and i our reaction or other experience is that the average person is
glad to know that this uh… insemination being made by us everybody is going to be paying just
like he is i might say that since we started that uh… rather since
we visit on that is being done elsewhere no right now for
instance of one st and one important city where exactly the same thing being
done on the state level in the first instance in on the local level in the uk my signature what exactly what exit technologies you cracking down on the
radio standing forms of innovation well of course the people that uh… that we have particularly interested in
after handing only text dodging aspect of it on the people who did limit set
out two of the very end that payment of that
taxes either by not filing a return of all or else by the understating their income all the
stating that the duct and uh… i’m sure if we had time on
this program to read just some of the cases to let people see
what was happening and we know about about the wisdom impropriety of what
we’re doing to catch the evite robert there’s like one of the economy
where there’s more pollution than on the other well uh… uh… i think that question could
probably answer the firm actively usually find of course it uh… in the people engaged in the legal
pursuit research they don’t want to disclose their income probably cause ur they just don’t operate on me on the legal basis in the first place and secondly because perhaps uh…
predicted that way then there the illegal activities would become
known and become subject oh caught up with a long on there criminal for serbs probably tournament
let’s take another break tricky for me to make a sellout mister commissioner but we don’t think
it’s pretty uh… uh… though on the challenger on that
cruise gone with the military planning at that time i figured i’d love that amid much must be having to get back at
it on the red for prisons which i would like to high school
students we find that they make one proposal in areas of the average
taxpayer so in high school students can make this
i’m pretty sure that the average and our taxpayer can draw firstly
harlequin titles on the performers perot nobody had one classroom race that is
seven two five percent of those kids have to pay taxes and
endorsing some of the house listed as a commission of one of the main prisons
i’ve heard against income tax laws that they seem to favor the businessman and
are not the wage-earner most of us the salary makers and we just maker legitimate
business deductions but it seems rather unfair that the uh… the man in business can make more
depreciation method focus on its face i suppose that’s true
but uh… you have to get down to the bedrock
economy or economics of the question that card uh… anything that is done too simplify the problem of the news in
complying with his tax obligation through downtown from that led to the
credit of the individual quiet because or taxes that i know nothing about
accepted state in gift taxes uh… goes into the cost of product
which the individual has to bar and he may not did he may think that the been identified as a get more than a fit because that’s where they simplification of cars actually what
happens is that in the final analysis keep getting an
indirect benefits by law cost of the things he has to buy it plus not correct to say that though
because you change a push low-tech spin is that is unfairly individual that’s a very sharp said in our point of a lot of our
people stay in show business where their talents do tend to depreciate we take an
actress susan beauty may be her chief talent now it was rather unfair to
renew unfairness well i think that’s a very unfortunate
situation but that brings up a brother interesting question and ideas suit as a desk where i fit
into the tax picture we are they and forces of the tax law it’s up to us to collect the taxes that
congress says shelby cool evidence aston collective a problem that kind of the matter of tax
policy congressman herman’s tax policy in the
final analysis administration acting through the second iteration
undersecretary determine who should pay what taxes and
at what rate therefore problem that kind even though
it may be distressing is not one that i have a nepal to correct it has to be
corrected by highland park and of course congress has to accept and suggestion on that score the final question mister andrews what
advice could you give the average wage-earner to uh… make his deduction up we prove it to the
uh… your collectors the average wage and of course his taxes a little so he doesn’t have a particular problem
on how much sex or pay i think i am repression ought to keep a
pretty good record of what they spend so that if at the end of the year use of the advantage of claim that the
documents in detail they would do that government claimed
that ten percent overall deduction on standby sync with the same
under that way thank you thank you very much mister
commission and is in the provisional united thank you so it’s been a play the race the opinions that you’ve read our
speakers expressed a lot of an entire liberal the editorial board for this edition of
the loan gene promise bilbao’s maraniss earn and walter cronkite our distinguished guests busty coleman and rooms commissioner of internal revenue a priceless attribute of every launching
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block and whatnot distinguished companion to
the world on and on june good evening this is frank nightmare
introduce our calendars for this edition of the mondrian cosco they are c_b_s_ news correspondents larry mister and walter cronkite our distinguished guest for this evening
at three colin n connection there are the internal
revenue as our guest tonight would be the first
to admit nobody knows the tax collector well it’s a bit of taxes all within the
realm of politics job of mister andrews is to see that we
paid no more or no less then where budget do by law estimates just as the deadline for filing income tax returns is still a few
days away if you have any idea how many people haven’t found it well mall not not exactly how many have not file but we’ve been keeping in pretty close touch with that from time
to time and of course we won’t know until after
the april fifteenth deadline has passed for individual juneau corporations
passed on fifteen th of march verbally or model after that april
fifteenth deadline has passed and we started the results of msi what would
pander filed in each to the following period just exactly what the patent school will
be we do know that a lot of people have
been fired yet who should have if you know that yes we do know that people will be in people as we always
are they they’ve taken advantage of only opportunity which they were
supposed to have we’ll have another thirty days ago
nothing else and i think i should say that all those folks who have violet the people at work in the revenue
service you are not themselves almost two and a filing kernan uh… i hope no one is going to think that i should be a insisted drove
people work all the time between now and april
fifteenth and on take care of people who have a good more properly and now rather wait until the last minute let
the extension of the mister andrews of the uh… planning period for another
month that of any help to the uh… revenue service yes it has been it’s been a tremendous help to us as
well as a video help to the taxpayers helped us in this way we have to keep in mind a lot of time at all times what out two main problems
on the one is to collect taxes and number two who is to uh… again after those people who inclined to hold back on us and those
who though they don’t pull back and applauding nevertheless this don’t like to pay taxes many other books and i think it slows down those two
efforts psa nonetheless in the patient so what we what we have been able to do
with this extended time period is too keep more about people that their
regular pass and therefore we’ve been able holed up
collections and holed up in fact the increase the number
of examinations made of tax returns we have to some extent gotten rid of
that running on mister andrews of morals are
going to get shocked because it was like a month we’ve been given it sure does you know we’ve been on a problem of
filling up bala auditing organization now examiners for on l_a_ eighteen months now and we expect to go right on up to the
point where we will probably have about the places many feel a lot of things that we had two years ago a eighteen months ago and probably uh… half again waala as fraud investigators and we have at that
time and i might say that when improved auditing methods uh… and they need increased costs we expect to exam on fortran movement in return for
twice the number of people four percentage of the total number of people putting in
returns we’ll get checked them without and i want you like to know that habit
ya back atcha broadcast let me get through this morning we are wouldn’t go on a happy what happens is
that read many people return don’t have to be checked the
clinton and congress their entire from withholding than we know what that is in
the north texting or then that we get off the scale the probability of being checked
increases room in proportion to the presence of a
number of factors which we don’t intend to go into so that i’ll say that’s not as we increased our staff are jamming staff and as we improve our methods the probability uh… in iran and not getting checked is diminishing
by reference don’t you go to a point where the cost of the uh… collecting of the
taxes if the diminishing return for the amount
of taxes collected reaction it there is no longer mission return without say
this we havent reach that point you have and i’m not that they have gone river come across that bridge when we
get no if i may say so mister commissioner some people think that the nineteen
fifty four tax returns that are extremely complicated one editorial so
that they were the most complicated in the whole history of income do you think that criticism what would you like to me too say what i think of that particular
statement i think that particular statement was
made more to create effect than it was too show any evidence of having them instead
of the situation and uh… as part of that provocation generally is concerned
though you probably interested to know that actually that has been relatively little
criticism that they returned from more difficult
than they have them in the past now there’s only one would good reason for
that matter is that they stopped any more difficult than they’ve been in the
past the exception of to schedule you know we now have a credit for
dividends in the credit for retirement income no one was criticized those returns
share has suggested that we leave those those calculations off about mister and no one has to get to them a better
way to do it than we’ve provided solely on the complaint on that that
uh… that are essentially different from last you know that’s prompt him for that bill for the follows the affair sized improvement on one weekend for you how which is for the the spot taxpayer mansion income up to
five thousand dollars who want to take the standard deduction of ten percent that’s just the perfect for my income
tax former then about a devastating nam that’s not just my opinion representatives of eighty five different governments in the
world of the bank to lash out tell us that it’s really than simplest thing about it
over the bop but decided it would check made on the
card so it could be processed manually or financially do you want detached threatened by a simple question questions that anybody can answer
contains no copulation we do all the work soul really from outside of five million
people we’ve made the job of allot easier and we shouldn’t have made it in a more
difficult for the rest of mixed up to the extent that we’d have to provide uh… a means of creating some of the
credit should congress in this desire to give some relief and given by me developed in nineteen fifty four offender thirteen fifty or try to figure
out how much each investigator these new man
you’re talking about how much he’s investigators should bring in in order to pay for his own salary and
expenses where we don’t we don’t think you know how much you
should bring in which we know how much he actually about uh… uh… actually what happens is as we put
a new man on man in the first year after he has vendors job and i think you quite a few months to
get him up to that point your problem bring in ten to one the next year he’d get up to me that when it too and then she goes on he might even get
to the point of of hers but she says that in product to
run some old friends since of allah investigators produce as much as a part of a million
dollars in revenue a year and they only get paid about ten
thousand dollars cc that’s twenty five to one that what they bring in depends upon how
good they are not a word we don’t concentrate we’ll save a bit of rain so
much money we checked and you’ve got to be a good agent if he’s a good agent that money comes as
a matter of course using a hero oversimplifying the amount of
bookkeeping required by those in middletown higher income brackets
subject for those who are independent contractor so to speak
professional men doctors lawyers and uh… radio announcers people like that they
give you a freakin sumo right through that may explain a little
bit on that the fact of the matter is that not nearly as many people keep the records they should uh… as we would like to see is a matter of fact
that’s in over half of the people who should keep some kind regards don’t now then uh… how can you simplify
something for somebody who isn’t already doing what he should be done and moreover you can’t separate by the dole people in the quietness of
attack someone to discipline by the law itself with a twenty dollar across the board of health care problem
any every gone through the it would have played havoc with us
administrative we would withhold that simpson was guilty than we’ve been with have abandoned i don’t believe that with the ministry
of a possible for us the family well since there are several days left for work twenty million taxpayers i guess to file
their returns mister andrews any advice to give them now knew that i do i i have some advice to
give them waterfall awhile please get out and then
get the job although well and all that the last minute because uh… on that last minute arrives uh… we guess can get to everybody that wants to be helped we have all kinds of facilities for
nothing everybody provided bill come out of soon with a reasonable spread of fighting and not all at one time and we just can’t do anything for those
who don’t show up on time and the clinton after managed to make considerably the standards of the person
s for an extension on filing their returns here’s an invitation for an
investigation no sir monaco thank you very much like to go on and it
was the commissioner of internal revenue thank you very much um… related to
offend you the opinions expressed on the monkeying
crossed over those of the speakers the editorial board for this edition of
the launching crustal was larry was their and water cronkite our distinguished guest list he coleman
andrews commissioner all the internal revenue though the game has perfected after
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and for the world on is on gene good evening this is frank night may i introduce our photos for this
edition of the launching cosco mister william bradford healing editor
of the american mercury and mister hennelly has left contributing editor of
newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening as mister three of them are caught former assistant united states attorney
general promise to call them now that you were
back in the private life and done with being a bureaucrat perhaps you can tell us something about
the pressures that were brought on new when you were assistant attorney general what kind of pressures are they for the chance of the french as well i
was sitting there for the mission if you can understand that but they came largely from the summit of
the congressman almost continously from the prominently in public life that normal here they come in the form of telephone calls
and visits or what we have a number of of communications of
course work over the telephone but there were many many conferences
that were head with services and congressman in my office and if so they have the
allure is so busy i would accommodated you’ll
go to his office what would be a typical request sukru quince with tax cases for example involved
o_d_s_ when i was in the tax division text you should be barred by i remember
one no who’s troubled me a great deal of what
was one of greater than love dot one was one of the american rushing to do another man have quoted
germany found that with the vice president would be called me about both
of you there live quarta-feira fratricide one so he was he was uh… he was concerned about the the interests of this fellow cannot deliver but if you can see the
about-face keys was sick of sodium six armed it was wrong enough to win that uh… the doctors mcgovern’s office prevent that the ordeal of which i would not
result in the jet was definitely there was no other alternative but to go ahead
with his view cameras part of that that is very little further for our viewers of course your
this antonio you’re from north carolina aptly instances of financial that’s four
years your word and in a uh… text-based the department of justice has
uh… here that day say it started ada prosecutor attacks
case does just that yes so you know that that’s what brought
you are now all these precious that’s right um… un forces you to do is keep this power to another homeless in your
absence and you really have to say that all is
committed to add a appearing on the president several directed at me yes uh… improvement solely etiquette michigan uh… i thought that uh…
medicare faces taken every friday all is good friends
you’re going to have good friends because she was also until the problem is with the with the when the ah… when he left me out takes lecture if there is flat president saying the geographic into the booth such space well switchable for secular arab years ago
restore your date may three rd you’re you’re right
uh… he’s got a watch by quoted well she got out it was page one twenty to
thirty five within the last part as uh… leonard and victoria toensing
you most believe abuses did usually has a meeting mother loses along with the so uh… we went for so
long and she argued that to unless the ten-year as this room of a
to be renovated guest one so you know that it was all right i thought it was time to get me the
toshiba or specific days where you charged with whenever u outside activities i’ve been trying to find out mister outside activities what that just means the rent rate is for
your friends i’ve idon’t know is one of those things that uh… the president
ought to know that uh… gentleness with grandpa tribe found i’ve been trying to
find out both the house at the flow of domestic or you’re out and i don’t know
at the end of one of the committee hearings the chairman of the
subcommittee eight congressman king a year ago resurgence judy and recreation you’re
trusting the done irreparable damage to the government now what is your comment on that state he
said he said i hadn’t i have done he’d do send this to my blog and i’ve seen you wish to have it with
women chairman sees when she made a remark he he he did give service to his
government and he did a disservice to the honorable people effectively anytime i get stephenie minutes actually was using in the four
years here iran test expectations you have any
cases that you asked me to japan’s of props with sixteen thousand suitcases probably forty five percent will
compromise instead of and of talks between five hundred income
tax fraud case saying that these cases easier at activist last year’s uh… you get calls from members of
congress uh… during this period payroll didn’t you call yourself and those members of congress is a
warning to to uh… favorably consider their constituents asap yeah so they had that’s a part of the
system only unstable label of strong representation has been made
to the chapman the war on the ball and all of that relations with the of the world consider some of them was
convinced that uh… i was about to do the justice by died in someone and of course i will try to convince a
congressman and i had little to the before the fact was so strong you just
had to be done but i’d like to take up one specific case let’s take the case of
the kansas city votes rowlands now you were in on that for awhile
that’s why you paldon by anybody or did you stepped in by yourself most of the changes to the ymca investigation costumes from of the many calls that we received we
have complaints from individuals out in the congressional district that uh… congressman expelled that comes from strong how does this was
a nineteen forty six year so that was when i was not an axe felt was the uh… congressman act at the democratic
candidate for president truman favorite yes and it was it was argued that fraud
was used to elect him although his democratic opponent was a case here so
that i was a case a friend a lot of the to do is done about it in kansas city
early and then it came to your attention several yes right as a rack just that way of information uh… how does a man whose dentistry
could turn it down how does the get positions such as you
have to private watching some senator frank you there most of them most so it’s a had anything to do with
my road weston mister clark told me would like to google office as you know
the state’s attorney had lou is really the united states and win he would want to fill the vacancy that he created by accepting the the attorney joseph of the country but he said that because of this for the
record which i had made well he talked with the president as we have decided to extend the
invitation to be in that was far i came to washington anew the semester who who was it was
written or something of the names of the baby i mean the world get one though of about the invitation from of course
we can still meet with the seemed impressed with the next year to get this
such a position clay at this stage over in itself is millions of dollars in tax cases all
of these calls that u_p_s_ white house for members of congress that’s inherent in our system misplaced
yes those kids and if he is on verity ferret normal one who has who has to make the decision he has two faces two sources are attracted a lot a lot
like to get back to the to the specific cases we took up because i think because
harry five the whole situation if we went into something like that say
the kansas city cold case now you were called in on that and you stayed in for a while and then you were
taken office we are right and wrong what what
happened with the heads it was that uh… this live in their investigation this
preliminary investigations they couldn’t find a famous memoranda memorandum the f_b_i_ has been completed his
spokesman investigation is the embracing allah kansas city hall yet so we can use
it if you can reaching the investigation to consider stuff yes we had uh… assist investigators and there were eight thousand people
interviewed him out of that number of for eighteen hundred fifty-four
affidavits were taken and that was a part of the preliminary
investigation report to me by the f_b_i_ because we have a lot of these things
you turned it over to the f_b_i_ round we asked them to investigating the
x_-two too too to make a preliminary investigations
sold at the to determine because we believe we have teeth investigation it would cost a spanking
sum of money because we think that calls for mostly about that no president call
you all fat investigation a little his orders if you were called on pablo
normal unlike most of uh… i was uh… obviously i never seem to communicate
with the white house firm in his source and we all really believe that the facts
were not sufficient to warrant if other investigation because we could not find
way out that was in the air with the two more
people conspired together to possible right distraught one of the important thing to do you
have any bears that were in the last two or three weeks you bunco undergone
extensive investigation worsened by the chair of committee afterwards germiston shelf uh… at more or less rendered this judgment and which he said that your quote an
honest man who is indiscreet in his associations an eight triumphant former physicist
junior marol climate of washington canal it is that a fair description is of your experience essex well i know that the chairman admitted
keating was right with basic to the american people i was and on his neck however disagree with that at all and i know they’re right as both of the security of marathon
washes will secure your if he was the most peculiar i think you’re right there you will love
to keep his most peculiar mark lambert you front it is stated what everybody
who gets off at union station awful only popped his call comes in from the national airport he goes to washington for something and he disappointed if he does not take it home with casey and i’m sure that there are fears very
much appreciate these frank statement should you tonight sir thank you for
being with us the opinions that you’ve heard our
speakers expressed tonight are entirely as well the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise go falls mister william bradford killing and mister
henry has a our distinguished guests was mister
taylor markle former assistant united states attorney general products maker such as long gene recalls
that christopher columbus made his grade voyages before the watch was invented he’s only timepiece and our jobs like this fifteenth century one which
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on and on the good evening their contract not they are that you thought the leather
for the position of the laundry in front of definitely proper part of that and put a little bit particular uh…
editor of the american heart luau honored guest leaving it would be a
cover-up looming on the plane general ball a leader of the vote on the ground
in world war two if it means expressed on that the
federal aid does of the speaker of our our product or forty s of course note here is one of the great
underground leaders of our generation there are none an expert on underground
warfare now sir uh… and your name a great time poland now but thank-you to america i was right let’s keep backing convicting wrapping rescue package its case for appointment i stay so you’ve been uh… your guest
in america now for a few weeks and you are now living in london family by meeting mumbles nineteen forty-five we are of course and know your story uh… power earlier foliage on the
ground opposed and uh… then have the right hand failed to come here he that through the record waded into the
woodwork relentlessly reserves uh… and uh… is there bitterness now in full and i
guess direct and ways the problems it’s based on using the word of the world we are anxious to get your opinion sir
in america our people are fighting a great deal of hope and the underground movement and the
satellite countries and we’d like your opinions on the
nature of underground warfare against the russians now a other russians more difficult to oppose
with underground methods in the germans were or a scene pockmarked and wiser yuan please down the complete that one hundred and around with popcorn
defense i don’t see it incomparable movement responsible for a long band padi russians uh… more ruthless in
dealing with underground movement in the germans worked brown’s with not experience of copco nancy welcome from us pickup truck and to know more about how
to combat found within twenty miles there were all underground though but that the title of the fact that
underground movement what about uh… underground property and uh…
what do you think of the burial are shortwave radio reports of american
always attempt to get propaganda in purple does that give spreading off the support of the people who least very
careful before he was coming from two to three
work whenever you are uh… fighting so desperately against the german sir where your people have made more hopeful
about the radio contact with the rest of the world forty eight seats for you to
meet you if you’ve been gone underground movement
impossible and pete at mclean awaiting for order lawyers for the war typing youtube it’s hard to montgomery yet thought
through her when the war bob birmingham i mean harpoon beer
expect the war it’s very difficult to accomplish i don’t expect the law failure of the people you know duffel forward baltimore md completely normal twenty-one reflect what the world roughly uh… fickle www properly boeing video thinks not they won’t be easily why didn’t they two or three rd next week or wee hours or was he was from falls newton food the auction do people decide whom i regard our present efforts in europe as hopeful
sir do you think that we are doing a hopeful
counterweight to russian power and western europe on the thirteenth do you think it is possible for general
eisenhower to build an effective army adam frank donatelli narrower here in america great many people were disillusioned after the second war there were a great many americans have
regarded the russians as allies and so they were bitterly disappointed a betrayal that the russians seem to be giving up now where you people in and poland has bitterly disappointed when the russians as we were in america
rowell mafia means your function pollutants into at
juku explode in room three or four world mcbroom moment after that double-crossed
your uprising but you were surprised when they’ve
doubled crafter operating room the complaint careful into or political beliefs at you at a military man they had military must become the
recessed instantly but it was a corporate reporting from
from from the defense went through but it was a political decision that
result in your destruction invincible for the police marijuana returned from his current film they wouldn’t have to afterward mad about it not to agree with me that it’s about factor to an ally in the past after the state what’s up guys here double-crossed that was that about november nineteen
forty four of us maybe conference if your withheld some
four months later life now are you people of course we’re disappointed at uh… what with what you call that
sell out it’s not that way eternal think the frames which was having a liberal bitterly disappointed that the uh…
wavy western allies seem to have sold out for
either of you know if he thought worked with him what is the uh… position of the polish
prime and now you have some intelligence of course in poland now haven’t you movers are coming from poland we know what the nearly political excerpts from a drop of
both and other words you get there is a polish army now isn’t there uses for those are all and really loopholes i think that the
government he said russian command and that would
be the there directions from major on that engineer information wouldn’t that be pretty weak family rely on our fell in march for every american i don’t think these are new the available to stop he
would hate to have a very high and it wouldn’t be one of the possibly the parents of the
russians and from starting the war is after one question there americans have heard a great deal of
ethical correctly massacre uh… we were told that first of the
germans have deal with the a great many point out this is are you convinced it was the russians
who destroyed the polish officers i was convenes than a gold teams wonderful findings replacing protecting from fault the stupid english-speaking own investing will
bring before he moves in repeating seen prepping promises they make it broke now abroad and it was russian propaganda do tell
that’s in the western world that those polls have been killed about
germans wasn’t it you’ve heard of the fingerprint of the united states cannot firm and openly cardio virtual stalin review monroe
sentiment that our country rising tide will you know more about our
government that reading that put the correct in that way it wouldn’t created an underground movement of boat
but it would create an underground movement in people’s minds lindsay people overseas and although it’s
probably for carmen thing we’ve posted right uh… general an american corey remembered penalty lasted for ten always admired approved the great
fighters and your life and you expect to return
to problems there their savings refund van crossed the big government
live two three four do you expect a manhunt goes down about
it and what you think will happen then confirm that but i think papa doc companies unified the queen’s themselves it’s quite infrequent with the attached between its economy for forty i don’t think some sequel changes in the
house then a general as our audience’s
understood you sir you would like the polls in america
understand that bolen has been through many troubles before and if you think that one day when the
free again thank you very much for being with us the coreldraw for this edition of the laundry in front
of scope flaws mister mack eastland and that mister william bradford purely our distinguished guests for study which
come up better known as the frame the general
borough leader of the folders on the ground in
world war two lackluster approach football season is
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