Why are you hitting me? Sorry baby! Did you smoke? I was standing in the tea shop,Kumar was smoking,he asked me to hold it since he got a call. That’s why the smell! Oh really?! I swear! Promise! Promise? I remember you already promised me that you won’t smoke! I promise i won’t even touch cigarette again! Oh should I die twice with your false promises? I don’t think this will work out! Let’s break up! Hello Rajesh, You won’t smoke, right? I love you! Dude, I am not a psycho! I am being normal! No one understands me! **** Why don’t you listen when I talk, this kind of situation piss me off! I am being normal, these kind of situation force me to change! Look at your phone now! Psycho ***** ! Dude, give me a blow! 2 mins dude, I just started! No one should get it, If I am not getting it! bye! Psycho **** ! I would have brought you a new cigarette! Can we play truth or dare? Truth or dare? Sooraj always means truth! Come on ask! How many girl friends you ever had? What! I never spoke with any girl except you! Look, my friend is calling! Ask him to know more! Let me turn on the loudspeaker! Dude, your EX-GF is getting married! How will you remember if you got plenty?! How come she is being silent?! well, It’s time for her psycho transformation! Dude, did you watch the movie ‘saw’ ? Is it a romantic movie? It’s a thriller genre dude! Killer movie! Fantastic movie! Like our Tamil movie ‘Ratchasan’ ? Exactly! They will kill girls in a cruel way! Same like ‘Ratchasan’ ! Same way, Yesterday you.. Me.? I had a dream of killing you! Oh god! He is an agori, supposed to be in Kasi! Dude, So if I go to Kasi, Can I eat dead bodies? My mom is not feeding me Non-Veg ! Can’t be in peace at home! assigning me work! Why is this psycho calling me? ya dude? Dude, It’s an emergency! Check my WhatsApp status soon! Aright! I will. What’s wrong? Did he found that I ate snacks without him? Such an immediate response! Hey, I checked! but I am not getting it! Nothing dude, 99 checked my status so I thought of hitting a century by making you check! How stupid I should be to befriend that stupid! Ya dude?! Where are you? It’s emergency! Call me! Quick! Hey,What’s wrong dude? I just called you to check my new caller tune dude! and why are you anxious? There was a dog disturbing me on the way, so I threw it away and started running! I am going home dude! bye! Psycho **** ! How dare he disconnect the call? My Gf is the best in the whole world! Why is she calling me? Why did you disconnect the call? Because you said good night?! Oh does it means you can go? It should always be me to disconnect the call! not you! Good night! Is she mad?! Dude, my dad is in the next room! he has sharp ears! If you say something bad, he will punish me real bad! Dude, as if I am going to say about our suspensions and fights! Shut up! He will kill me if he hear this! Dude, I got 6 arrears what about you? Did anyone ask you about arrears? Listen, Don’t use bad words! My dad hates it! he will kill me! *** you are irritating me! **** I’ll leave! Let’s get into the game! My bro is also in the game, careful! Dude, what did you do with Anitha that day?! When you were home alone? Hey! That’s R.Anitha, Not your GF ! I think your dad is calling you! Go check! You did enough for calling you home! Dad is calling you! go! Where is this agori! Psycho guy! went with my bike! Hey dude! Where is my bike dude? I was riding your bike, It was heavy traffic and one guy started blowing horn! I was damn irritated! I broke his bike’s headlight! And broke your bike too! Who’s bike? Your bike dude! Why did you broke my bike?! That’s exactly what I thought! It’s okay, I took it to the mechanic shop! I’ll pay for it! Will get it by evening! Dude, A help! I am planning a Goa trip ! can you lend me your bike? I’ll take from the mechanic shop! get lost! Okay dude, I’ll take from the shed! Psycho **** ! **** pick up the call! Wassup dude? Booking Rapido? No dude, I am trying to call my GF since morning! Tired 300 times! Oh god! He will turn out as a psycho now! Bye dude! see you! dude, a help! What? Give me your phone! Let me try calling her! No call balance dude! Hey give me man! I won’t do anything! phone looks really good with new tempered glass! She is not picking the call dude! Damn irritating! Let it go ! Go! She left! Why would we need a phone now! Now I understand why is she not picking up your calls! Psycho **** ! Dude, have to pick new cloths for this pongal! Where are you planning to take? Sathya bazar! Leave all this sathya bazar, T-Nagar, Saravana stores dude! go to MAX ! They have good collections! guess the price of this shirt! guess! May be Rs.400-500!? This is Rs.1500. super collections! go there! people will respect you! Otherwise people won’t respect you ! wear branded cloths dude! I know how well you bargain to get underwear in local shops! Now you are talking about branded cloths! Dude, those are inner wears! What we wear outside should be branded! only then people will respect you! Get lost! Get lost! Do you listen to English albums? No, not used to it! Those famous songs too? No dude! Alright, do you watch series? What’s that? Like Netflix, Aamazon prime? No dude! What the *uck! You don’t even know this! I am ashamed to be with you! Watch this and get developed dude! I feel bad being with you now! Irritating! **** You used to get scared for the local TV series! **** and now you are flattering about netflix, Amazon prime! Wait a minute, phone call! After all, you still have this 90s serial jingle as your ringtone! What did you say? you feel, what? Feeling bad! ***** Where are you? At home! I feel like seeing you! please come! But I don’t have bike! gave it for service! I don’t care !I want to see you now! Come please! I am in Kooduvancheri and you are in Anna nagar! How will I travel that far? Won’t you come for me? I am calling you with so much of love! i’ll come! OMG! Such a torture! hey! Where is your house? Come little forward! Look up! up! I have come this far just to see you! Okay, I am going out with my family! see you later! Hey! stop stop stop! Is she mad?! Did he really left the place? Why is she calling now? ya dear? Where are you? Hey! you just asked me to leave the place! So I left! So you will leave if I asked to! This is not going well! let’s break up! bye! I have been struggling with a psycho friend and a GF! Where were you last night around 2.00 ? I was playing games! games? But your WhatsApp account was online! may be for a second! just to ask somebody to come for the game! Really? So you were not talking with any girls last night? NOOOOO ! Really? If you have a psycho GF like this, Share this video! If you have a stupid BF like this, comment below and subscribe to our channel Soupboys!

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