Well, yesterday the Senate was sworn in for
the impeachment trial that is set to start on Tuesday and obviously the press had a lot
of questions. They wanted to ask people about how this trial
is going to work out. Well, one CNN reporter actually had the, uh,
I guess you’d call it an opportunity to speak with Republican Senator Martha McSally. And just straight up asked her, are you going
to allow witnesses in your trial? And McSally responded like the mature adult
that she is. Here’s the clip. [inaudible] consider new evidence as part
of the trial. You’re not going to comment
now. I am no fan of CNN. I have made that clear over the years. I cannot stand the network. But right here, this wasn’t a partisan hit
job. This guy was not acting as a liberal hack
as McSally claim. He was straight up asking a question that
the majority of people in this country would like to know. Are you gonna allow witnesses? McSally, you’re a liberal hack. You’re liberal hack. I’m going to my room. I mean like a, like a moody, pouty teenager
whose parents are just trying to ask how their day went. McSally couldn’t even answer that very simple
question and came across looking like a petulant child, but not in her mind. No McSally thought she was the hero in that
situation. And apparently so did every other member of
the Republican party and the Republican media because Fox news later that evening invited
McSally on so that she could take a victory lap lap and laugh about how rude she was to
that reporter trying to get a straight up answer from her. Here’s that clip. Senator, do you regret what you said? Uh, no, Laura. I do not. And I said it again actually. As I went in, I said, you’re liberal hack,
buddy as you know. I mean these, these CNN reporters, but many
of them around the Capitol, uh, they are so biased. Uh, they are so in cahoots with the Democrats. They so can stay on the president and they
run around trying to chase, you know, Republicans and ask trapping questions. I’m a fighter pilot, you know, I called it
like it is. Uh, and that’s what we see out of the mainstream
media and especially CNN every single day. Uh, so obviously, uh, I’m gonna I’m going
to tell the truth and I did it today and it’s laughable how they recently were saying you’ve
gone full Trump. Well, they’ve also said that it was unbecoming
a Senator and I lashed out, what do they say? Make Sally’s happy, right? I mean, look, I call this guy that’s so funny,
Laura. Oh my God. Did you see what I did to them? Wow. See, here’s the thing about McSally. McSally’s never won an election for the Senate. She lost in 2018 to Kirsten cinema, but then
John McCain passed away. So Arizona had a vacant Senate seat. The governor appoints McSally, even though
she was already a Senate loser, she is now up for reelection again. John McCain, if he had held the seat, would
be up for reelection this year. But now it’s McSally’s and she’s up and McSally
didn’t fare so well against her democratic opponent in 2018. In fact, losing by two points, which would
have been four and a half points, had the green party in the state not gotten roughly
two and a half percent of the vote. That’s not a knock at the green party either
way. It’s just showing how weak McSally is. She’s not going to win reelection. She is now officially the least liked Senator
in the United States. She has now passed Ted Cruz for that title. Martha McSally, most people throughout the
country hater and she’s sitting there on Fox news, yucking it up after insulting this poor
reporter who asked a very simple question, but honestly it worked out in McSally’s favor
because it gained her an audience with the president, at least figuratively speaking
because Donald Trump, his campaign then sent out an email asking people to help raise money
for Martha McSally. He’s doomed Senate bid in Arizona. So she is going to raise money off this off
that little 10 15 second clip of her yelling at CNN for no reason. And another thing that’s interesting to me
is that in that Fox news clip, she’s like, Oh well CNN is awful. They do horrible that she couldn’t even offer
one. A concrete argument about why CNN is actually
bad, and two, she couldn’t even provide an example of any of the things that she did
try to claim about the network. See it in is awful because they’re controlled
by corporations and they attack anyone who threatens the power of those corporations. That’s why they’re so bad, Martha, but you
think they’re bad and Trump thinks they’re bad because they report the truth about Trump
and they’re not exactly nice to this horrid president who constantly insults the network. You know y’all have your own thing happening
with CNN. The rest of the public understands that CNN
is trash because they have no journalistic standards. See the difference between them? It’s not the same. We don’t hate CNN for the same reasons. Our reasons are legitimate and we’re able
to provide them for you. When you ask you on the other hand resort
to these ad hominem attacks and say, Oh, well, they’re just, I mean they’re biased. Everyone in Congress that they send their,
the CNN sends their, it’s just awful. They’re bad, bad people, and I yelled at him
and now the president’s trying to raise money for me. McSally got every single thing she wanted
from that exchange, except of course a higher approval rating.

100 thoughts on “Arizona Republican Freaks Out On CNN Reporter”

  1. "You're a liberal hack"
    Dumb b¡tch, CNN has been savaging Bernie and co. without valid factual reason for years. They're doing your fμcking job!

  2. I dunno, i'm not at all surprised, the witch looks like that crazy chick Famke Janssen played in "goldeneye"….oh she's also a fighter pilot? Well, look everyone! Xenia Onatopp's real folks! And she's a partisan hack who's lookin to get a "private tour" from trump! is it too late to give MI6 a call?

  3. "They are so biased…" He asked you a simple yes or no question. I call 'em like I see 'em too. She was a bitch. Period.

  4. Calling someone a name is soooo trumpass it's PATHETIC !!
    – juvenile
    – petulant
    & another thing
    WHO GIVES A FLYING CRAP your a pilot , EH boomer !!
    Narcissistic b-atch !! LOL'S…

  5. Martha McSally : I'm a veteran and fighter pilot yet I ran away from a reporter asking a reasonable question and shit the bed by insulting the reporter doing his job !

  6. I’ve never seen someone so giddy in a safe space before — it’s what I imagine someone trapped in a room with oxygen deprivation from smelling their own farts look like.

  7. Be glad to see another Trump lover’s arrogance shot down in flames at election time. Trump may have ruined the Republican Party for many more elections—the only thing he got right. Vote Blue in 2020!

  8. This female old dog McSally is the traitor idiot Trump dog that she is will to lick Trump. She is a nasty coward and low class ugly dog.

  9. She’s a fighter pilot?? Then how come she can’t stand on that question?????
    Is she really a fighter pilot or just a pilot in a paper?????

  10. Slagging on CNN for being biased and in cahoots with the dems is beyond irony when she says it at fucking Fox Nausea. They are all but in name an extension of the GOP.

  11. also it’s scary to learn how childish a governor and fighter pilot could be, what happened? why the system appointed her, so many whys

  12. Liar !! Hope you don't have children…Because when they start smoking crack…they can look at you and tell you that you have no room about "Doin the right thing"…lol..In my opinion

  13. It doesn’t matter she is a civil servant she should answer that question. I don’t care if you like them or not you answer with dignity and respect. What the hell has gone wrong with these people!!!!!

  14. You told no truth. You answered nothing. You fled like the coward that you are. And that is truthful acting you ran away like the coward you are because of course your constituents would never want you to answer a question!

  15. 🙏Father God, we thank you for President Trump. Give him strength, clarity, wisdom, and boldness. Expose, strike down and DESTROY all evil enemies that would attempt to come against him in any way. 🎖

  16. investigation into Solyndra the Silicon Valley startup that collapsed leaving taxpayers liable $535 million in federal guarantees. Where is the money why did Obama block access to his cell phone records relating to the Solyndra deal

  17. I loved this clip, nicely done!!! But I am thinking that you applied for a position at CNN and did not get and tried again and failed to get it again, and then applied for a position in the mailroom and did not get that job either, and now you just hate CNN….

    Chill out brother you have a nice podcast, just go with this we like it… CNN may give you another look later down the road and give you your own show, but not if you are going to attack them because they did not hire you…

  18. She is just too republican, too stupid to realizes she is a public figure, and has responsibilities to her constituencies and the general public. She probably thinks her only job is to kiss Donaldo Trompeta's ass.

    The GOP is going down….!


  19. "I'm a Fighter Pilot"…that 'splains it…Having dealt with them, C-5 C-17….Awesome, laid back, nothing to prove…Fighter?
    Oh well, bet she made her Mom proud.
    23 year AF Vet (Female, if it matters)

  20. She reminds everybody she's a fighter pilot 4 what reason?? that because she's a woman and she became a fighter pilot she needs to be put on a pedestal… Or because she's a woman and became a fighter pilot she something special… this is exactly the reason why they should have been kept in the kitchen the entire time and never been allowed outside of the home and now she is part of deciding whether or not the Constitution gets up held in this impeachment … perfect

  21. Hopefully An Astronaut will Trump a fighter pilot, Actually THOUGH she is a pilot. she picks up republican manure and piles it somewhere else. Thanks for your service McSally, butt you should get yourself on the Democrat supplied military health care, and check in with the head doctor. yes mam you are a True republican hack. As was said in the movie. "You can't handle the Truth." McSally. Butt then neither can Ingraham. and I don't hate CNN.

  22. Republicans are nothing but a bunch of thugs crooked as hell law breaking criminals. Rude obnoxious and selfish. Always will be. Liars as well.

  23. She's emblematic of most Republicans- the most ignorant represented by the likes of your Jim Jordans or the most impressive represented by the likes of OMG ( who would that be)?, who stammer their way through an interview for lack of ability to drum up excuses for supporting the buffoon in office. She's somewhere closer to Jordan.

  24. Typical liberal hypocrites. Did you criticize Bob Menendez when he threatened to have a reporter arrested for asking him questions? How about the same CNN that refuses to apologize to the Covington Catholic students?

  25. So, she is an idiot and ran to Fox News to entertain them; why a drip! Isn't it weird that all these Republicans only give interviews on Fox News? How can that be honest journalism; God, these people are exhausting. But then, isn't it their goal to exhaust the public?

  26. these conservative hacks buddy, these fox reporters, many of them across the country are so biased, so for Trump and never hold those responsible for wrongdoing responsible for their actions

  27. Oh come on, can't we stop this liberal/conservative, left/right etc shit and just keep it to the issues? That's just so stupid I can't stand it anymore. And yes I would be called a "liberal hack" because of my political attitude.

  28. This applies to everything and everyone. If you attack the messenger rather than the message, then you have already lost the argument. Senator McSally, you are a loser.

  29. Mostly the Trump morons are just afraid Democrats are going to take thier guns away and worry about abortions. This idot woman thinks she is hot shit because she flew a fighter jet really ? So what.

  30. no fan of hers but calling CNN hacks is not exactly uncalled for, when anybody says "fake news" CNN is my go to mental image

  31. You can just see how brain dead she really is and it seems like the whole republican party runs this way…do people really want to see this in office for another 4 years…it is time for a change and to the better and I cannot believe how many people are so blind to see what the republicans really are…all I can say is you people make the right decision on that day..as it will affect not just the US…but the rest of the world…Make a wise decision please. 😏

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