I approach problems in a very pragmatic
way which makes dealing with problems pretty fun because I can apply the
creative side of my personality as well as the logical analytical side. I was thinking of going to UBC Okanagan. I was actually thinking of management but then I stumbled across the Media
Studies program and I thought that it would be perfect for me because I really
had a passion for filmmaking and learning how to be more proficient in
tools and also how to be innovative and creative was something that would be very
valuable to me. It can either be creativity that leads to technology or technology
that leads to creativity. I think they do go hand in hand. For me it was realizing that technology is a big part of being creative. Being more proficient in these computer languages has allowed me to create projects that more
accurately represent the art that I’m trying to produce. I think the next three years are an exciting time for me. Technology is going to keep growing. Things like genetic algorithms, interactive systems and computer human
interaction, I think all of those things we’re going to be seeing a lot more of, and those are things that really interest me.

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