9th of August, 1945…It’s written here from right to left… Chanson singer and Actor, Akihiro Miwa was 10 years old at the time. In 1945 on that day, he was at home in Nagasaki, as he was drawing for summer holiday’s homework the atomic bomb was dropped. Well, it was in the morning around 10:30 or 11 am .. Anyhow, I just finished that drawing and was putting it on the desk, and that desk was next to the extended glass doors and over the other side of the room had nothing else there as it was an open space in 2nd floor had I stayed there to add something else to my drawing, from the light..the heat rays, I would’ve got Keloid (heat burns) but for some reason, I got off the chair and stepped back to take a look at my finshed drawing, and just at that moment, there was the “Flash—-” the light was like.. you’ve inflammed one million mangnesium clumps all together I was like “a lightning on a such sunny day?!” but it already happened before you knew it and for a split second, all the noises and sounds in the world disappeared there was “silence——“. I’ve never experienced such total silence before Just as you thought all the sound and noises of the world had stopped completely, then there was the sound like all the thunders of the world had come together. “Explode—-“. It was an absolute loudness. and I didn’t realize what had actually happened so when I went outside, it was just like hell… well, I can still remember how it was.. There was a horse lying dead on the ground outside it’s a horse but it’s body was all burnt & sloppy from the Keloid Next to the horse was a man (who looked after the horse), and he was dancing…more like jumping So either he was mentally confused or coming from his nerve reflexes his body was moving uncontrollably like this… Afer fleeing to the suburban village, Six days later, Miwa went back home immediately after knowing that war has ended. So I came back home and the entrance of my home has tatami mat well, our house used to be a Cafe before so near the show window, we had a manequin wearing kimono to attract customers and below that we had the tatami mat At the time, I was standing outside of the house then a woman came by that woman was wearing Kimono with Yagasuri (pattern resembling arrows) pattern, I still remember clearly underneath it, she wore tattered work pants and dragging along with the tattered kimono then when she saw the Tatami mat, it seemed like she was fondly remembering at that moment, she had a soft facial expression and lay down on that tatami mat I felt troubled by this then she mumbled “…..excuse me….c………………………” because of Keloid burns, her lips were all swollen so she couldn’t speak properly when i listened carefully then I realized, she was saying ” Excuse me, could I have some water please” so I put some water into the earthenware teapot and gave it to her but she said she couldn’t hold it, and when I looked at her hand there wasn’t a hand, it was all sloppy mess… So I poured some water into her mouth then….. I was only still a child, but she was praying at me she said “thank you very much…” and drank the water and praying but she couldn’t drink everything becase it would trickle down on the sides of her mouth A little while after, as I thought she was sleeping, she was dead they die if you give them water.. men like old men too,all sorts of people just kept coming in droves, one after the other, but I couldn’t care for everyone myself, so I asked the house maid to come and help the house maid got bucket full of water and scooped the water to give to the people it was really, being at one’s deathbed when you handed out water… Really…. what you would call it a misery …

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