[Electronic music begins] Social Media [pause] Social Media is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr But that’s not all Social media covers many other digital tools [Logos of various social media tools] Even email and texting are social media tools Canadians spend an average of 16.4 hours a week online 83% of… Continue Reading Social Media at Work

HI! Today, we will learn how to use radio buttons in Java. In any Java application, you have to make use of checkboxes and radio buttons. Where checkboxes allow you to select more than one option, radio buttons are mutually exclusive.That is, they will allow you to select only one… Continue Reading How to use Radio Button in NetBeans | Java Swing JRadioButton

I’ll read a phrase on “Why is my mind tired” Wrong choices you made in the past It’s true that it affects your life now, But living with regretting the past Is a worse choice Let’s start our first Honey night radio today Hello I am DJ of Honey Night… Continue Reading ASMR 고민을 들어주는 꿀밤 라디오 [꿀꿀선아]수다 asmr,asmr suna

Hashtags are used just about everywhere – they make regular appearances in our social media posts, they travel across platforms, and they can even carry the message of an entire marketing campaign for really savvy brands… But how do hashtags work on different social media platforms – and how does… Continue Reading How hashtags work on social media: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Hashtag Tips | #ChiaExplains

Are you even following the lessons? – I’m not. That is why I’m sitting in the last bench. We last benchers while away all our time cracking lame jokes. Let me tell you all a joke. Why do we drink water? Because we feel thirsty. – Because water is good… Continue Reading First Love || School Diaries EP 1 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media