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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss 16 things that are better the old-fashioned way. As you may notice in everyday life, companies are great into innovation because as humans, we like new things and therefore they constantly come up with new products. Sadly, some of… Continue Reading 16 Things That Are Better the Old Fashioned Way – Gentleman’s Gazette

Consider the following experiment. You have two pieces of metal, copper and zinc, which you connect to conducting wires. And you then submerge the metals in an electrolyte, in this case vinegar. You will observe that bubbles will form around the zinc but not on the copper. The metals seem… Continue Reading Information Theory part 6: How batteries work (electromagnetic communication)

The Discovery Channel was once a very dry but very earnest item in the basic cable lineup. In the ’80s and ’90s, the cable network ran educational shows, but since every other channel decided to get into reality television in the new millennium, Discovery pivoted to a reality-heavy rotation too.… Continue Reading The Biggest Scandals To Rock The Discovery Channel

Hi, I’m John Green, and this is Crash Course: Navigating Digital Information. So we’re going to talk about your social media feed today, but first: At the beginning of this series, I told you one of the two jokes I know, and now that we’ve reached the last episode, I’d… Continue Reading Social Media: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #10

– We are at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We’re about to drive some stock cars thanks to the Nascar Racing Experience. We got Will Rodgers here with us, he’s gonna give us so pointers, make sure that we go left instead of right, make sure we go fast, –… Continue Reading We raced each other in a NASCAR Stock Car | Donut Media