Hi, do you hear the joke about the guy who started up a new science and technology YouTube channel only do you have it banned a couple of days later? Yeah, that dude was me and the channel is EEVdiscovery, aka Let’s Find Out I changed the name to EEVdiscovery… Continue Reading My New Youtube Channel BANNED!

Hello Friends, Namaste…. This is your friend Sonu and You are watching Helpful Forever YouTube Channel. Welcome to all of you… Friends, in today’s video we will know about the health benefits of sunflower seeds. I hope this video will be useful you so without skipping watch video till the… Continue Reading Sunflower Seeds Benefits in Kannada | Sunflower Information in Kannada| Sunflower in Kannada

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss three iconic suit styles and silhouettes; the Italian one, the English one, and how they compare to the American one. Honestly, there are many other tailoring schools including the French, the Austrian, and the German schools but the video… Continue Reading British vs. Italian vs. American – Suit Fashions & Silhouettes