I first started with acting and then I discovered my interest in music and theatre production It´s my passion So throughout my life I thought that you can change
people´s life with communication and now we have the power of technology to bring that to everyone in the world That´s truly I think life changing for everyone Have you have ever tried to imagine what life would be without digital technology? How would life change? What would happen to communications and travel? How would banking and shopping change? Everything would be completely different It´s shocking right? Imagine a place where you could figure out how everything works Where you could find the link between technology and people Imagine a place dedicated solely to thinking and innovating Where you could literally build the digital future in whatever communications, developments sustainability, business It gives me that edge working with people, really innovative people and creative people around me that I can learn build something that is life changing That can transform can impact lots of human lives Think of new ideas which blend innovation, communication, and technology Everyday could be a turning point to something new something that nobody has ever imagined before The newest search engine New ways to shop The new app The next communication device I can redefine tomorrow The world has never been more full of possibilities I can imagine building the digital future

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