100 thoughts on “Barnicle: Underlying Message Was Donald Trump Dropped His Duty | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. The Republican Party should be renamed The Fascist Party of America and the country should be renamed The United States of Narcissism.Get real America!

  2. OMG! Say whose terrible leadership has brought us here. Repeat after me children, “Nancy Pelosi.”

    The myth about her being a master legislator needs to end. Now.

  3. Bill Clinton was impeached basically over fibbing about a marital/domestic indiscretion. What is the difficulty in impeaching the current occupant of the Oval Office over probable seditious-treasonous behavior as well as the troublesome habit of profiting financially from his office, plus almost countless other very serious allegations? This boggles the mind.

  4. Sadly I’ve seen a decline in Mr Muellers health . It seems he may be touch with the first stages of dementia. I don’t see Mr Mueller living until the ripe age of ninety. Strange how it hits those that are very brilliant. He will go down in the history books and I think Mr zembly was by his side because of his failing mental health.

  5. Why do republican create huge problems and then expect the democrats to fight to clean up their mess. Republican U Voted trump in, U are protecting him and now Unwanted to blame Democrates? That is $ rich 😄😅

  6. We don't have an attorney general for the American people, we have justice department sized law firm representing the Trump crime family.

  7. Trump will win a second term in office because the Democrats are slow to act because they're a WEAK party!

  8. Donald Trump Dropped His Duty.. Is that why the White House stanks? I thought it was just eurotrash building up in there. Don has been dropping his duty too? someone diaper that baby!

  9. OMG has Joe seen the light? The obvious lack of action from Dems to do ANYTHING. Pelosi HAS TO GO! And I guarantee that if Biden gets the nomination Trump will tear him to pieces and win 2020.

  10. Trump/Trumpets are opportunists/criminal conspirators/obstructing justice. Democrats must take decisive action if US Democracy is to survive. Republicans attacked Mueller/US Democracy, enabling hostile foreign powers to destroy US hegemony/Pluralist Democracy to maintain power for a few.

  11. MSNBC, the failing FAKE News network and their band of reprobates, continues to clutch at straws. 👀

  12. This Morning Joe report is a clear demonstration of what they criticize other news media for: concentrating on the theatrics, and not the message. Even though they tried to steer away from it, they could not resist the urge to keep coming back. This only highlights the fact that Americans would rather see a good show, than hear the truth. Trump is virtually guaranteed the 2020 presidency, because he gives the people what they want: a good show.

  13. I’m trying to figure out why I even voted for the Democratic Party during primaries. We gave them control and Pelosi is afraid to fight. What was the point? The Republicans are still running the house and the senate. It’s depressing.

  14. I'm tired of hearing wait to vote Trump out , really? We don't even know if our elections will be secure as Mueller & Senate Intel committee told us today! Start inquiry now.

  15. Rep. Ken Buck's Freudian slip when he said "do you believe he committed a " you can charge with a crime. This repugnicant knows POTUS committed a crime.

  16. Oh, for heaven's sake, Guys. You have spent lots of words praising the Dems for not impeaching Trump (since a conviction will not occur — this is not 1974, and Trump could indeed shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a vote…in the Senate, the spirit of Hugh Scott and Barry Goldwater having long since been forgotten by the members of that body) and winning 40 House seats on mostly the basis of the health care issue, which has only one party debating it and trying to find a solution, the Democrats. Now you want them to start impeachment hearings, exactly the opposite of what gained them 40 seats and prevented McConnell and Trump from codifying some of Trump's worst actions into law. (His executive actions can be overturned by the next president, assuming the Dems don't prioritize self-righteous defeat ahead of imperfect success.) Decide what you want, victory or self-righteousness. If you think both can occur simultaneously in the current political climate, please explain how, including the states equalling 270 or more electoral votes where self-righteousness, especially on the part of Democrats, will prevail over the tactics of Donald Trump and his cohorts, who will simply label it bi-coastal elitism. How do you defeat Mitch McConnell in KY by supporting the impeachment of the president, for example? Where do the one million votes needed to defeat him come from in Kentucky on November 3, 2020, if KY Democrats support the impeachment of the president? If the president is impeached, not convicted (which he will describe as "vindicated, yet again"), and achieves re-election, how will this strategy have helped the nation? We'll all understand better the crimes that were allegedly committed by the president and it won't make a smidgen of difference to Trump supporters. Is it more or less likely to bring out the anti-Trump vote than emphasizing the issues of everyday life that affect Americans who don't work in Washington?

  17. They say Trump as President failed to protect America from a foreign attack. The problem is Trump was a canidate during the attack and Obama was president. This network is either incompetent or purposely misleading.

  18. George Washington is rolling over in his grave. Of course Trump will lie and tell his deplorable‘s the report clears him and they will cheer for the draft dodging patriot. Only in America !

  19. I think Mueller did very well. After all he's retired, he's 74 years old and he just took on a 2 year investigation. I would presume he got lots of email & nasty stuff from the Republicans & friends!

  20. What does our preoccupation with the optics say about us as a culture?
    Putin it simply, we find information and facts unpalatable.
    We feed on trivia and outrage.

  21. How many ways does he have to say it…he could definitely charge Trump with obstruction after leaving office. My God he said so much!!!

  22. But the public didn't read it and I did miss that Trump committed perjury in written questions. My God.. impeach.

  23. Is there anyone out there that believes  Nancy Pelosi is not on Vladamir Putins Payroll??  If you beliieve that Putin is stuffing her "pocket book" hit the thumbs up button. Doesn't the whole Pelosi saga have the same kind of Lindsay Graham personality switcheroo to it??   One would think that after Robt Muellers testimony yesterday, Pelosi would have them Articles of Impeachment stuffed in her back pocket, ready to have the closest sheriff, serve the Fake President. Why do you think that didn't happen???

  24. No the underlying takeaway is that is whole thing was nothing more than a Opposition Research Project fro the DNC and reparations need to be made accordingly.

  25. What kind of speed is the Republicans taking.? They are taking some form of speed because no one can get a word in edgewise. Trump kellyanne Conway all of them are on speed of some sort and the same thing it makes them talk talk talk talk I hope they all go to jail soon. They are all criminals

  26. When Mueller says "what is and should be against the law" he is speaking directly to the question of whether or not trump committed and crime. It is against the law and should be against the law. How many different ways does he have to say trump committed crimes and Congress is the body to enforce the law when the executive branch goes rogue. Done.

  27. Mueller is a very decent, polite and intelligent old man. The 'questions' of the republicans were very offensive, were no questions at all of were questions about things that were not in the report. So he couldn't answer !!!!

  28. No collusion! No obstruction! For months! Stupid americains! You should have read the report!!!!
    Why did you believe Barr?
    Trump can't read but you can!

  29. Russia continue to meddle into US elections and GOP continues to support Russia meddling of US , how unpatriotic, what happened to GOP to be so spineless to the extent they will cheer and watch wholesale of America to Russia- most shameless, makes me want to throw-up

  30. What has happened is that the Democrats continue to be spineless and incapable of doing what the country needs. First replace the Republicans and then put the Democrats on notice that if they continue to behave as usual they can go too.

  31. donnie is going to lie on whatever and however ridiculous if its in his favor and will not give any ground. He will take russian help and will not let mitch mccoward to let any bills to be voted on in senate that would enhance election security. Dems should focus on 2020 election security talking point, cos else this administration will not do anything on it.

  32. WE MUST REMOVE THE CANCER THAT IS IN PLAIN SIGHT ~ VOTING BLUE IS A NO-BRAINER! ~ The proof, the truth and the big fat liar is in plain sight, but Republicans are enabling him, protecting him, defending him and are just like Donald Trump. Faking his presidency, a mountain of lies and corruption is Donald Trump's brand and that is all he has to offer. He is not a real president, he just plays one on TV. To remove Trumpism from our government, we must vote blue! Donald Trump is hoping you'd surrender your political power to him. Trump has been bullying America since the beginning of his 2016 campaign! Your vote is your power to fight back. Let's make 2020 the start of an all blue government!

  33. Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility, it is not right to single out one and give a pass to the other.

  34. Robert Mueller has been carrying an enormous burden on his shoulders, he's been facing personal threats and probably he has been keeping late or sleepless nights. If he looked aged, this is what we will all look like after a stressful life. But MSM … you weren't looking at frailty, you were looking at STRENGH . Mueller came through for America , like he's always done. In his quiet , certain , sometimes tremulous voice he confirmed the truths given in his report …

    Russia attacked America and seated their President of choice , who lied and obstructed (and lies and obstructs) about it. Our enemy(s) continues attacking us now, is present in 50 states , is trying to further divide and weaken us , and , unless stopped, will manipulate the 2020 election …

    Mueller has spoken his truth to the world (as much as Barr allowed, anyway) , has been documented in Congressional records and has rightly handed the battle over to the Congressional House , which doesn't have the limitations Mueller's team was hobbled with . Thanks , Bob Mueller and team , we owe you so much . Well done. Stay safe .

  35. The US was never prepared for a con man like Trump. There are election rules and laws of the country but no-one ever imagined the president would break laws so obviously so now they stand around thinking "now what do we do?" No-one has ever been total criminal in office so it is up to the people to correct this disaster at the voting booth.

  36. Where to begin…!
    Think for yourselves, the main Russian interference in the election was the accusations of extensive coordination with the Trump campaign and Russia. This was the lead memo in the dossier from Russia via Chris Steele, paid by Hillary/ DNC summer 2016.
    As proven now by Mueller, those accusations are false. They are deliberate lies. This disinformation was not analyzed and met by cointel measures but was embraced by FBI NSD, and Intel heads to destroy Trump. And still he stands.

    Oh well, red pill yourself, www.conservativetreehouse.com
    or seek help, hateful and ignorant is no way to go through life. It's not healthy.

  37. I got the impression that Bob Mueller was tired. He showed up and testified but had said he did not want to. He has had such a great career. Now that his day at congress is over, he can retire. Working as hard as he did on the report, it could take the starch out of any one.

  38. It’s sad times when you have so much bias in the media.
    One side absolutely hates our President while the other fully supports him.
    Both sides blow their opinions out of proportion.
    There is no unbiased news these days.

    It’s the perfect way to divide a country!

    Don’t you people see that both sides are working together to destroy our country?!

    Stop hating each other and work together against these corrupt traitors!!!

    Both democrats and republicans are at fault for what’s going on now. We the people are caught in the middle and are being used as pawns in their sick twisted game.

  39. donald trump worked with foreign enemy to conspire against US, and unfortunately, a good number of republicans support that.

  40. Lmao I love reading the comments of salty liberals. It's evident Mueller didn't even write the Mueller report. They keep showing the clip of Mueller saying they can charge the president and neglect to show the clarification he made afterwards. God I'm glad the left is so weak. Even my friends who lean left are seeing through this 😂.

  41. These news agencies Need to be held accountable for the lies they told to America for 3 years and are still doing

  42. This is what happens when the Democratic Party is CONFUSED, MISGUIDED, and has become TOTALLY irrelevant as a party for Democracy. The Democratic Party Does not know whether to Investigate, Proceed with article 1, or open an impeachment Inquiry. What good is a Democratic Party that does not know how to Deal With Donald Trump and His accomplish Bill Barr. Probably need a drink of RED BULL, to awaken this party from slumber.

  43. Pure Tyranny and malfeasance. Trump is so guilty it makes me sick to my stomach. My God what happened to our countr…..oh…Putin (over in the corner grinning). He installed the ultimate bull in the china shop. This traitor asset destroys our country and brings pain to millions and stirs discord just as intended. Trump=Treason

  44. Joe is so full of crap. How many times did he jump out there and waggle his finger and pitch a fit about Democrats who DARED step up and demand we impeach now, rather than wait another day? How many times did you praise Pelosi for her supposed great leadership? How many times did you call Warren, Bernie, and Tlib when they called for impeachment, "extreme left?" How many times, Joe? How DARE you come out now and bash the Dems for following your advice. Please, just stfu, for once.

  45. Mueller was short and succinct to a fault, but he was playing it straight the whole way which each and every American should respect.

  46. Good Lord! What a load of crap. MSNBC is as bad as Fox News. They both lie almost 100 % of the time. You people need to expand your resources for news.

  47. Biggest underlying message = Mueller does not know what is in his report without notes and does not write his own speeches. Who does? Hey Joe and Mika , newsflash – Still no Collusion. Ask him again about Fusion GPS!

  48. GREAT job outlining the most critical portions of former Special Council Mueller's sworn testimony!!! The most unpatriotic Amerikkkan's are tripping over each other spinning, and spinning, and spinning their ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS ( REAL FAKE NEWS)!!! Sadly, the orange turd has already provided doses, and doses of the special flavored GOLDEN SHOWER juice to his brain dead cultists. TRUMP 15~20

  49. And yet, trump’s supporters and enablers will still bleat “Wah, where’s the evidence the president did all these things? Witch hunt!”

    Even though it’s right in front of them.

  50. Underlying message, the Democrats lied in order to start the Mueller probe into an alleged crime they knew NEVER happened.

  51. It was like watching a trainwreck happening. It was very apparent that he did not write it or even read it.
    It was and is one big hoax. "No one is above the law" except Hillary and co. Some are more equal than others.
    It was very apparent that some were prosecuted and others for no reason not.
    Corrupt to the core.

  52. They look bewildered, looking for words, looking for a meaning. Well, it means you fell flat on your face in the crap of a donkey. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  53. My fellow Americans…. if Donnie Dickhead wins re-election, it would be a clear indication that those of us on the side of morality, ethics, and the Constitution are the minority. And the racists/Russians/fascists are the majority, and this is their country. Let's not kid ourselves and ADMIT to that.

  54. You at Msnbc are messed up in the head. So much misinformation your coffee is fresh drinking water. Rain is snow. The clouds are 🌟 stars and the cow jumped over the moon 🎑. Mulier is a criminal


  56. All you haters of Trump – have you ever stopped to ask yourselves why these elites in the media loved the Don before he was President but now hate him? The Democrat party was and still is the party of slavery. This is why CNN and the elites are so angry at Donald Trump. He used to be one of them and has exposed their agenda of open borders and globalism.

  57. It's happening, and there is nothing any of us can do. The folks you've been voting for decades are all in on it. LOTS OF DISTRACTION, NO ACTION!

  58. Are you embarrassed yet for putting out not just fake news, but you Joe obviously are jealous of our go getter president who is getting things done for the people. Oh and lose your the blonde bimbo, embarrassing making faces. You both look like clowns still talking about Russia. What's your new slanderous game plan now that Russia blew up in your lying faces? The people are awaking up and your ratings are going down the toilet with CNN for Fake negative news. Oh thats right its your job to tell the people what to think??? Not!
    That why you tried to crash a Trump party in Key Largo? U all are a joke.

  59. I wonder how this poor 74 year old man, Mueller, evaluates his lifetime of service, a veteran, against Trump's bone-spur coward cheating, lying, high-life journey into his own gold-plated coffin. How about it Mueller, do people like Trump make you regret your life of service and sacrifice ?

  60. Read our President’s long lists of results at @White House on Twitter or Gov site. Turn off paid DNC talking points media echo chamber. Project Mockingbird.

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