(Episode 1) No, I have too much work today. Just come on out. Obey your company president. Come now. I’m hanging up now. You’ve been promoted as of today, to my woman. Gosh! Hey! Park Dongpal! Stop right there! Hey! My goodness! Are you okay? Hey! Park Dongpal! You jerk. Do you know what you put me through? Spill it, jerk! I said it wasn’t me! Why are you doing this to me? You know Jongsik, right? He confessed that you bragged to him while drinking. And you bought your girlfriend an expensive bag. You used the money you got for stabbing Chairman Cho! Look! I didn’t buy her that bag. How dare you lie here? How dare you? Ouch! How dare you act like a detective here, you jerk? – Seriously. / – You keep quiet. Did you stab Chairman Cho? No. I heard you asked Byeonggu to get you a fillet knife. How will you explain that? – That’s… / – Hey! Back off. I’m the detective here. – He’s the detective. / – Shut it! – You. Explain. / – Explain what? Why did you ask Byeonggu for a fillet knife? – That’s… / – You got drunk and bragged to Jongsik! Should we go get him? With what money did you buy that expensive bag? Spill it. I’ll find out once I investigate anyway. Anything else? Hey! It’s too soon for that. I brought you the real culprit. Why would I have done that if I were guilty? I need to investigate further to figure that out. It wasn’t me! I cut ties with those guys a long time ago. That’s what you claim. I say, once a worm, always a worm. Pick up if I call. You’re still being monitored. Don’t take that down. Why can’t Dongseok make it to the gathering? – He must have plans. / – Spoiled jerk. Hello? The hospital? Code blue. Dr. Lee Chungwon of cardiothoracic surgery, please come to the ER immediately. The person you are calling is not available. He has had a heart transplant. I know. What’s his status? His pulse is decreasing and his blood pressure is dangerously low. His cardiac output is less than 20 percent. It looks like he’ll go into cardiac arrest soon. We’ll give up on the heart. Dongseok. Dongseok! Dongseok. Dongseok What happened? It’ll be hard with his current heart, Mr. Chairman. – What? / – The machine will act as his heart for now. What should we do? We need a new heart. Then find one quick. But right now, we… We’ll contact the organ procurement organizations… Why must we follow those procedures? You know who he is, right? He’s Kang Dongseok. Kang Dongseok of Hyeonseong Group! I know, Madam. But this is about a life. Money or power won’t help you here. I don’t care! Do what you must do right now. No matter what it takes! Hey! Get out. Get out now! Get out! Get out, you jerk! When will you ever grow up? Get out, if you want to live that way! – Get out! / – Come on! It was a mistake! I’m innocent! Why would the cops be after you if you were innocent? You must’ve done something stupid again! I found the real culprit! The cops won’t be coming back here. I promise! – Are you sure? / – Yes! Then why didn’t you say so? You disappeared for a month and now you show up? I was chasing after the culprit! Gosh! Why would you do that? What are you, a detective? Gosh! I have no one who would look out for me! I had to find him for the cops to clear my name! So everything’s okay now? Yes, I brought them the evidence and the witnesses. They can’t say anything to me now. Gosh! I couldn’t drink at all for a month because I was busy chasing after that jerk. Hold on. Mom, you’re the only one who cares about me. I don’t care about you. I don’t want you drunk and bothering the customers. You have no customers at this hour. I should call Daeseop to eat with me. – He’s at the hospital. / – Hospital? Why? So there’s nothing we can do? All we can do is to wait? Yes, Sir. Dr. Lee, is there really no other way? Unless by coincidence you come to have a donor in the family… Okay. – There are 57 on the waiting list. / – 57 people. There’s no way to cut? Well, I guess no one in their right mind would give up their spot. Their lives are at stake too. Shall I check abroad? Look domestically first. Someone within my family. Someone within your family? We can get a transplant immediately if we have a donor within the family. Still, how… If there is no donor among the current family members, we can bring someone into the family. I may have a son that I don’t know about somewhere. Bring him to me, whatever it takes. Even if you must kill him. Daeseop! Hey. How did you know? You brat. You should’ve called, if your father passed away. I couldn’t reach you. Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy. – Is he your father? / – Yes. But why is it so empty here? I’m hungry. Get me some soup or something. Over here! How much is it? I obtained all the annual checkup files from every university hospital and sent them to you. I’ll send you the police DNA reports once I receive them. We must find a match as soon as possible. You must find one. At all cost. My goodness… – Why do I feel so rotten? / – Why? Why else? My father died. But he did nothing for you. You said that you’d rather not have a father. It was all talk. Even if he wasn’t much of a father, there’s a bond… You wouldn’t understand. Of course I do. A parent must be good to you to be a parent. It means nothing if they did nothing for you. They have to raise you properly to be a parent. I bet you’d change your mind if they suddenly appeared. Don’t make me laugh. I’ll ignore them. Just watch. How dare they… Still it’s better to have someone than not. Father. I’m sorry. You should’ve waited until I could send you on a trip abroad like other kids. Hey, Daeseop! Daeseop! Hold on! It’s for your father. Jihyeok. Will that travel across the sea? The U.S.? Why would President Kang… Miss So Mira, why do you think you’re entitled to know the reason? I’ve planned all of his trips, even to the suburbs. I even packed his bags for him. For him to go to the U.S. without telling me… You know how those people work. They do whatever they want. And as their employees, all we need to do is to silently follow their wishes. If they say they’ll swim across the Atlantic, we must prepare the best wetsuit and life jacket. There’s no need to think about the reasons. Is there a way to contact him? – You want to know that badly? / – Yes, I must. Then look online for a female celebrity who went to the U.S. around the same time. You may find the answer you’re looking for. Sir, the hospital said they sent you the results. Got it. You may go. Bingo. A cow has only a tiny amount of this cut of beef. Why are you giving that to me? You should sell it. You sent my father on a trip abroad. I didn’t do it for free food. Where’s the chuck flap that was in the fridge… Hey! That’s the meat I have saved! Stop right there! Wait! Wait! I’m paying for this. I was going to pay Daeseop. – How much is it? / – Really? How much is it? It’s just beef. It’s 30 dollars. I’ll pay you in a bit after I eat some more. You’d better pay me. I wondered what has gotten into him. Hello? Yes. No, no. I should get back to work. Yes, but tonight is… What? A long distance trip? Okay, I’ll be right there. Hey! Long time no see. – When were you released? / – A while ago. I was too busy getting established to call you. I heard that you turned in Dongpal. Is he one of yours? It’s so strange. You and I are always getting tangled up like this. We must’ve been enemies in our past lives. Get to the point. I’m in a rush. As his boss, I can’t just ignore what you did. I know that you turned him in. You jerk. Are you threatening me? You runt. You want to die? It’s okay. Don’t talk like that in front of the boys. What a joke. If you want to lead your boys, learn to respect your elders, jerk. Don’t give me that look. Do you want to die? One more thing. I left that life behind. So don’t act like you know me. It’s embarrassing. He left this life? What a waste. He was an ace in this field of work. Yes, Sir. – Kim Jihyeok? / – Taxi! Yes, I know Kim Jihyeok well. Here! The buses here run until late at night, right? There are no buses around here. Really? Then how far is the walk to a bus stop? I don’t know. I’ve never taken one. But there are taxis, right? Why should I care about how you get home? Stop whining or I’ll call for a replacement. How annoying. Spoiled brat. What did you say? I wasn’t talking to you. I was just reminded of my sister who left home. She’s a lot like you. She looks a lot like you, too. She’s also a disrespectful brat. – What a coincidence. / – Sorry? You look just like my brother who left home. He doesn’t know his place and mouths off. You are just like him. I wonder what that jerk is up to? He probably became a chauffeur, at best. What are you doing? I’m sorry, but I can’t get caught by the cops. Stop this nonsense and stop the car! Hey! Stop the car! You were drinking, weren’t you? You drove after drinking, didn’t you? Like I said, I can’t get caught by the cops right now. I’m sorry, but that won’t even matter since you’ll have attempted murder tacked on, too. Hey, you! I mean… Miss! Madam! What on earth! Are you okay? I’m fine. Just go. Don’t cause a scene and just go. Now. – Okay. / – Hey. You piece of trash. Think before you act. It’s just you and I, the trash, here right now. Rinse your mouth. Get rid of the smell of trash. Call the hospital to take the trash away. – He’s a match. / – Okay. Put him to sleep. Doctor, it’s an emergency! Page Dr. Lee. Now! A 31-year-old man came in last night with a severe trauma to his occipital lobe. He has no other injuries, either internal or external. Encephalopathy is suspected due to trauma to the brain. He is unable to breathe on his own now, so he may become brain dead. Good work. Yes, I’ve confirmed it. Thank you, Governor. Hello. Thank you for making time. Welcome. Thank you. Okay. Good work. Is something wrong? It’s just a call saying everything is good. So please stop frowning. It’s not that easy. I’ll excuse myself. Jina. Why are you going already? I’m sorry. Something urgent came up. I apologize. Myeongho, what are you doing? Escort her. Okay. I know that the situation is ridiculous, but try and make an effort, will you? So you do know that it’s ridiculous? Chairman Kang, Madam, you both get younger day by day. Don’t get too young. It’ll be too hard for me. If my Myeongho and Jina end up together, I’ll be the only one looking old at the wedding. You’re too kind. Long time no see, Chairman Kang. Prosecutor Chang, what brings you here? I was in the suburbs and just returned to Seoul. So I’ve been getting invited here and there. I had a nice break in the suburbs thanks to you. – I see. / – I’ll see you often. I never forget what people do for me. I tend to burn it into my skull. I’ll take my leave then. So Mira. Mr. President, I told you not to do that in the office. Sorry, but you looked so pretty from behind. Wait for me at our usual spot. I’ll be right there. Let’s just go together. Mira, not yet. Are you that afraid of people finding out we’re dating? Yes, I’m scared, especially of my mom. She’ll threaten to take away my title and disown me. Then you won’t get to be the president’s wife which you’re dying to be. Which I’m dying to be? So you mean I strategically approached you first? Wait. Didn’t you? I should’ve known this would happen. Then leave. I don’t need to be the president’s wife. Really? Should I really leave? You mean it? You meant it? Where is that jerk? Bring him to me right now! I’m sorry, but we can’t get in touch with him. Find him. There’s so much he has to pay for! Otherwise, you’ll be held responsible. I’ll wait here until you bring him to me. Just what did he do? How could you send a drunk guy to drive me? I’ve never felt so scared for my life. Does he think he’s Tom Cruise doing a car chase? I bet he went into hiding because he knew I’d be looking for him. I’ll find him no matter what. Should we report him to the police? Have you lost your mind? I won’t go to the police because of that jerk. Miss. What’s the real reason you’re looking for him? Do you really only want an apology? I’m tired from screaming so much in that dingy place. Wake me up when we’re home. Goodnight. Thanks, Mira. My brother left without saying anything to you either? – Yes. / – Are you disappointed? No, but there’s a lot to deal with since he disappeared without a word. Be patient with him. You know he’s flaky. Later! Hey. See if you can get it to reach here. Try it. – Dongseok, your tutor is here. / – Just a minute, Mom. Is it broken? I’m so sorry. It’s okay. I made you do it. Just throw it out. I think I can fix it. Then fix it and try again. – Dongseok! / – All right. Coming! Bye. I hope you make it next time. He’ll be declared brain dead soon. So be ready for the heart transplant. – Yes, Sir. / – Yes, Sir. Any mistake, and everyone here will be packing their bags. Got it? – Yes, Sir. / – Yes, Sir. Thank you. Why are you thanking me, Madam Choi? He’s not just your son, he’s mine too. Our Dongseok will be back to normal, right? I’m so happy at the thought of seeing our son smiling again. I understand, but control yourself. The man being declared brain dead is legally your son. I see. You’re right. We agree with the examination from six hours ago. There’s no pupillary reflex or other brain activity. The conclusion that he is brain dead still stands. He has hematocele and is unable to breathe on his own. Dr. Kim Iltae and two other Hyeonseong Hospital doctors conclude that Kang Jihyeok is brain dead. If you object to this medical diagnosis, you may request a re-examination. Do you want to request that? April 15th, 2014, 3:30 p.m. Kang Jihyeok is declared brain dead. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Your body may have ceased to breathe, but your body shall be distributed to the souls weakened from disease. We will begin Kang Jihyeok’s TPL. Scalpel. Wait a minute. – I see ocular movement. / – What? Check. Any light reflex? – No, Sir. / – What? I mean it. I know I saw… They already declared him brain dead. He’s medically dead. Let’s begin. Quickly. Suction! Don’t just stand there! Gauze packing! Doctor. It can be a sign of impending death. It’s fine. So let’s begin. Doctor, this isn’t right. – The surgery is over already? / – That was so quick. Kang Jihyeok came back to life. Who came back to life? Kang Jihyeok. What do you mean? He was declared brain dead! His brain began functioning again during surgery. He may have been incorrectly declared brain dead. Then what happens to Dongseok? Dongseok can’t get the transplant? It’s impossible. Look, there must’ve been a mistake. He was already declared brain dead! So you can go operate! Now! There must be a mistake. The machine must be broken! Please. Please go in and operate. Please! Go operate! Go! Madam, if we cut open his chest now, I will become a murderer. What? Dongseok… – Madam! / – Dongseok! Dongseok! How is my wife? She’s fine. She just needs some sedatives. – And the young man? / – He’s in the recovery room. How could you let this happen? I’m sorry, but it was a 1 in 10,000 chance. It was a miracle. – A miracle? / – I’m sorry, Sir. Can he become brain dead again? It’s not impossible, but they can’t guarantee anything. We have no choice now. Look abroad, and always keep that guy as an option. Yes, Sir. And make sure word doesn’t get out. Act like nothing happened. Yes, Sir. Jihyeok didn’t come here, either? No. What’s going on? His phone is turned off, too. Why are you worried? It’s not the first time. No, something is not right this time. I’m used to him not picking up, but he never turns off his phone. Maybe he broke it in a fight or something. Please give me a call if he comes. Forget it! I’m going to cut him out of my life for good this time. If he calls, tell him never to set foot in here again! You’re really not worried? Why should I worry about that brat? It’s not like we’re related by blood. He means nothing to me. Where on earth is that kid? For the new members banquet on the 25th, we’ll start with foie gras and the entree will be Japanese wagyu beef with truffles. For the wine, we’ll go with Monde des Perdrix for the chairman’s family’s table. Please get something cheaper for the rest. And the chairman’s family gets refrigerated foie gras and the rest get frozen foie gras. That will be the policy for all banquets from now on. The French company that supplied the air fresheners for the bathroom in the chairman’s house went under, so we can’t get it anymore. What should we do? You’re telling me this now? You know the madam is picky with air fresheners. I’m sorry. Send the French branch a sample of her favorite perfume and have them find air fresheners with similar scents. I’ll do that. Check the cleanliness and reservations of the hotel where the company’s anniversary banquet will be held. – May we help you? / – Well… I heard you’re looking for a machine in China. Just a minute. Don’t forget, no one is allowed on the 15th floor other than the family. – Yes, Sir. / – Yes, Sir. Next on the list is the chairman’s house clinic. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it. Madam asked about… We must find the part that fits. One that fits. Yes, Sir. Is there anything that we didn’t cover? – I think we’re done. / – Then let’s wrap up. – Good job, everyone. / – Good job. Jongsik, President Kang Dongseok’s car is in the shop. Go check on that and scrap the car if it’s wrecked. – Okay. / – Wait a minute. What happened to President Kang Dongseok’s car? I think he was in an accident. We’ll take care of… No. I’ll take care of it myself. Where is the garage? What should we do with the car? Should we fix it? Did you go to the scene of the accident yourself? – Yes… / – Do you know what happened to the driver? Well, I only saw him get wheeled into the ambulance. Nothing happened to him, right? I’m sorry, but I was asked to keep silent about the accident, so I can’t say anything. Was he at least alive? Sorry? Just tell me whether or not he was alive. He was alive when I saw him. Thank you. Thank you. What about the car? It’s okay. It’s okay. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine. Yes, Mr. Do? Where are you? I’m out of the office at the moment. Get to Hyeonseong Hospital right now. Is something wrong? There’s an unconscious man in the VIP room. His name is Kang Jihyeok. Report every detail of his condition to me. Kang Jihyeok? Who is… Don’t think about or judge your assignment. Don’t you know the FB team’s policy? Yes, Sir. Mr. Do. Did President Kang Dongseok really go to the U.S.? He boarded a plane and left. That’s all I know. Stop thinking about that and do what I said. Are you his guardian? Y-Yes. – You must be so happy. / – Pardon? It’s rare for someone declared brain dead to recover like this. And he’s recovering so quickly. He moved his hand slightly too. It truly is a miracle. I see. Is there a Kang Dongseok in a VIP room? I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that. I’m on the FB team from the Hyeonseong main office. You can tell me whether or not he’s here. I’m sorry, but I can’t. Hello, Hyeonseong Hospital. Mr. Lee. What brings you here? Mr. Do asked me to do something. What brings you here? Madam Choi asked me to bring some things. That’s… Hello, you’re from Hyeonseong, correct? – Yes. / – We’ll take those. – No, we can do it. / – No. Only hospital staff is allowed in. Please give them to us. We’ll bring them in. Okay. Thank you. Thanks. See you later. – Sir, we may have an exclusive. / – An exclusive? Yes. Mr. Park in – the Financial Supervisory Service called. / – Okay. You know they’re investigating Hyeonseong Group on Prosecutor Chang Wontae’s orders, right? Yes, but that’s not an exclusive. They were investigating their succession and gifts and discovered that Chairman Kang Seonguk has another son. – A son? / – Yes. It’s not President Kang Dongseok of Hyeonseong Distributions. Another son was put into the family registry recently. Really? Look into him. We must be the first to break the news. – Okay, I’ll get moving. / – Move quickly. He’s recovering quickly. What are we doing now? We’re looking in China. And once he regains consciousness, we’ll move him to another hospital. It’s too difficult to control a general hospital. If it becomes too difficult, scrap everything. Don’t leave a trace. Do you hear that? It’s your favorite, Mozart. Yes, I’m at the hospital. I’m getting some air. Where are you? Dongseok. Why are you here? Please open your eyes and talk to me. Tell me that you’re okay. Please? Dongseok. – How is he? / – It’s not bad, for now. For now? His blood is circulating, but he’s still unconscious. We’re worried about the after-effects. What’s the limit? I think he’ll be fine for a month. A month. And after that? It’ll be difficult for him to recuperate completely. – Hello. / – Hello. How much longer must we wait? We’ve contacted the organizations… I don’t want to hear that. I’m telling you to do something. Now. Bring that brat back and rip out his heart or… Madam Choi. I’m just so frustrated, that’s all. The hospital isn’t doing a thing! – I’m sorry. / – Leave. Dongseok will hear you. I’ll do whatever it takes to get him his surgery. So don’t blurt out everything that comes to your head. Get to Hyeonseong Hospital right now. There’s an unconscious man in the VIP room. His name is Kang Jihyeok. It’s rare for someone declared brain dead to recover. Bring that brat back and rip out his heart or… Dongseok. Dongseok! Dongseok. Excuse me! – Excuse me! / – I’m fine. I’m fine! Are you okay? What happened? This may keep happening. My heart in here isn’t originally mine. Dongseok. So don’t do anything to shock me. It may burst and break down. Take care. What is it? What? Reporters? Goodness… Tell the hospital to move him to another VIP room. – Over there. / – Okay. – Over there. / – That way! No, I have to live. I want to live. Someone… Please grab me. Grab onto me! Please grab onto me! There is no need to weigh the options now. Just get rid of him. Don’t think about or judge your assignment. I’ll adhere to the policy. – You. / – You’re Jina? You’re that trash, aren’t you? What’s wrong with my eyes? – Mom! / – What did you do now? Something big. You’re not even married. Don’t’ worry. I have my reasons. I think it was in the bag you were holding. What are you scheming? I just have to do my work. Chairman Kang Seonguk! My father is nothing but a jerk.

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