17 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly and the Death of a ‘Fair and Balanced’ Media”

  1. The O'Reillys of this world think they made a difference. Hah! 50 years of stupid wars, a working class destroyed and displaced by illegals, yeah, and thanks for all your WMD undercover work, Bill. The life work of guys like Bill and Brokaw, and Rather are what brought us to the shithole we are in now. Wealthy news and commentary readers bought and owned by the Deep State corporations they worked for. Whether these guys were co-opted or not, their glorious careers did little or nothing to improve the everyday lives of We the people. Bill Cosby's contributions were more than the whole lot of them. When they're gone you won't even notice.

  2. Hey Dan explain why her 4 witnesses all of them said they have no idea what she is saying.. I guess evidence means nothing to a left wing ideolog like you.

  3. 90% of the collective media.. "hard news," political commentary, entertainment, Hollywood etc, are all just an extension of the Democrat party and leftist movement; leftist Democrats with press passes and anchor chairs; part of the Democrat party's campaign team. This has been the case for decades…. it's just blatantly obvious now, as they no longer care to try and hide it.

  4. Please explain to your Democrat family and friends that if Pelosi wins a majority in the House, 22 Million ILLEGALS will go on Medicare. This will bankrupt the system we and they pay into. Vote straight Red Nov 6

  5. and BIl.. I like you. but exactly how is Fox different just because YOU aren't there ?? there are plenty of GOOD people working there still… and I miss your show btw…but tell us how its different ??

  6. C'mon Bill I know you're enjoying being on the 'good' side now that the left has just gone radical but YOU were part of the biased media Faux News and the O'Reilly factor. I remember there was a time years ago anything with bill O'Reilly had lots of hate comments and rightfully so but to now proclaim to be on the side of good is a little but disingenuous don't you think? Oh well enjoy your free morality ride bill glad you're off the air now you're free to do whatever tell us what you really think.

  7. Why does Bill O'Reilly almost always criticize the liberal media but almost never criticizes the conservative media? If he is as fair and balanced as he claims to be then wouldn't he be able to find a fair number of wrongdoing on both sides of the political media spectrum?

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