100 thoughts on “Bongino praises House Republicans who stormed impeachment hearing”

  1. Watching Bongino become such a soy boy whining all the time is so embarrassing. Under Trump, Republicans have become such snowflakes!

  2. Fire Adam Schiff, contact Nancy Pelosi at San Francisco District Office

    90 7th Street

    Suite 2-800

    San Francisco, CA 94103

    phone: (415) 556-4862

    hours: M-F 9-5:30pm PST or contact Nancy Pelosi at Washington, DC Office

    1236 Longworth H.O.B.

    Washington, DC 20515

    phone: (202) 225-4965

    hours: M-F 9-5:30pm EST

  3. The Republican "storm" wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on juvenile hysterics which accomplished literally nothing.

  4. Adam Schiff is holding these inquiries in a basement in the dark, for 9-10 hours Holding his subpoena witnesses hostage, Trying to wear them down, So they will change their Testimonies to align with Adam schiff's narratives. Next there will be water boarding…

  5. The hearings will be public and the republicans are going to wish they didn’t demand public hearings once the truth starts pouring out onto prime television everyday.

  6. I was starting to think that the republicans were rolling on their backs when kicked like cocker spaniels while the dem's relentlessly attacked them, it's good to see that there's starting to be responses coming back the dem's way after all the trouble they've caused.

  7. Exactly, any of us do that and we will be I jail. Right praise those who violate the law… nice job, keep it up. This is a joke.

  8. I think this is becoming a joke. Why do all these geeks keep saying the sessions should be open to the public when the process is only in phase one. Are they pretending to be dumb or are they really dumb? I am not an expert but even I know how the process for impeachment goes.

  9. Elect a clown expect a circus 🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪These republicans are a bunch of nut sucking asshole's 😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😂😃😃😃

  10. The white white house Hood gang wont last long when peoples see there faces they will no to vote them out man and woman you havet to vote someone in who will work for the peoples and not for that corrupt so call dirty president. Vote vote vote. For someone who will work for the peoples.

  11. the churchy state or the real deep state or de facto governing body, in direct conflict with their saviors position. A governor 2000 years ago at a trial that stated charges of rising ones self above the roman emperor. the governor found no base for charges because when the individual was asked who he was the response to the Governor was, "I am who you say I am".

  12. It's so sad on how people still beleive in this corrupt president after his own people confess of his corruptions and fake defense

  13. Fake news great comedy you idiot laughing through your act. Stay on point get off the pipe but I'm sure you got paid for this.

  14. IT us called hazing of our president. interfering of the office of the president of America. Smearing the name of the President in order to harm him.

  15. The republicans are represented in the SCIF chamber in equal numbers to the democrats, and receive equal time for questioning. In fact, 11 of the 47 "stormtrooper" wannabes sit on committees and should have been in there doing their job rather than participating in such a juvenile clown show. But then, facts don't matter to you lunatics.

  16. Public hangings have always settled matters as weighty as these in the past – like they publicly hanged those who played their part in the cowardly assassination of President Lincoln.

  17. Impeachment or not, Republican or Democrat… none of that really matter, it's all about a lying President that thinks he is above the law. How many americans can keep voting on someone doing that..? Stop fooling yourself, Donal Trump is, and will always be very bad news for most people in USA… and the rest of the world

  18. Sure bongino – ur just jeallous that you were not there as well to bring out the13 yr old school bully that lies within u too-pathetic!

  19. When my puppiess poop in the House, I rub their noses in it.

    Which is what I would love to do to these Ratpublican dogs.

  20. Bongino's a hypocrite. A lot of those Republicans didn't even need to "storm" the room, they were on the committee and already had permission to be in it on that account. And can you imagine what Bongino would have said if the Dems had done it instead? His head would have exploded.

    It's all just another squalid stunt by a bunch of mediocrities who can't think of anything else; and the the Fox News mob suck it all up….because you're dumb enough to take it all at face value.

    Hi to Igor, Ivan, Kiril, Arkady, Vladimir, and all the other slavic habitués of the Fox News channel. I know you like to visit us.

  21. The democrats use of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility is a great place to discuss criminality; especially their own.

  22. So Republicans changed the rules to have private hearings, & now that's it's being applied to them, they have hissy fits & temper tantrums! 🤣

  23. Three times i posted this 3 times im blocked by fox or youtube and comments disabled. Screenshot when you see it quick. Then share the truth…

    Al-Bagh dadi… This makes number 4 for your claim as Baghdadi.. Obama and Bush holdout RINOs wanted this bastard bad… Bad… He was the key to what really happened in Lybia and Benghazi.. I tried to tell you all years ago when they killed the first who had the name Baghdadi. Then they captured another and brought him to new york to be tried only he was arkansied in the prison hospital days before he gave his public testamony. Then right before Obama left office he tried to catch Baghdadi in Africa but he got away.. Now President Trump , your corrupt RINO staff tricked you into knocking off a witness to Benghazzi and Lybia.. Tell me you didnt know please… This is frightening that we can not escape the Corruption in DC. You should have taken him alive or left him for another day to be captured alive. Now you did the Communist corrupt self enriching warmongers a HUGE FAVOR. The man was evil but we needed him alive for his testamony of clinton obama and the rest of the corrupt garbage in D.C.. The Democrat globalists are celebrating tonight. Guaranteed..

  24. These people are good at fooling the muppets who follow Trump, they lie and twist the truth so the Trumpists don't know up from down.

  25. They look like a big group of kids that had it there way until the voters said no more of this kind of nonsense. The GOP lives by the sword and will die by the sword.

  26. There are 47 members of the republican party allowed into the hearing room. 13 of them were part of the "protest" saying they want access. They werent ever barred from entering they just wanted to stop the hearing.

  27. If they had impeached trump before the weekend, baghdadi would still be alive..let that sink in Pelosi and the other salty bastards being pissy cuz trump was elected

  28. Dark deeds are done in the dark behind closed doors. Bring it out in the open, light of day and let the people decide. Only cowards will not put their face out for all to see. You are innocent until proven guilty in the United States, anyone deserves, the right to defend themselves. Fundamental law. . Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  29. I was stunned by the sheer courage and heroism of the "stormers"! The fact that they accomplished nothing and looked foolish should not detract from our respect and admiration for them. I know it did not change my opinion of them.

  30. Dems are out of ideas, they’re gonna have to dust off old hilldabeast and throw her up on stage for a halemary pass…😳😂

  31. Are not secret meetings, there are Republicans inside these meetings behind the closed doors like they are supposed to be. You people don’t understand how the criminal process works apparently. Ignorance is bliss please keep smiling!!!

  32. FYI, this isn't a secret hearing. Republicans and Democrats are present and ask questions. It is a private impeachment inquiry. On Friday October 25, 2019 a Federal Judge ruled the impeachment inquiry is legal.

  33. Anyone noticed why everytime a foc news reporter's on U-TuBe at top always shown corrupt Nancy Pelosi and Democrats politicians trying to change conservative votes!

  34. 47 Republicans are on the list to attend and be part of these investigations. Pretty childish prank they made a rush on the SCIF with their cell phone. Get the facts correct.

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