I found out! It is Vandana who beat you up the other day.
– It can’t be her. She had remedial classes that day. Here is the CCTV footage. This girl never changes.
I’ll teach her a lesson today. ‘Guru is Brahma, guru is Vishnu, Guru is the Maheshwara.’
I don’t remember the rest of the hymn. What is this girl upto?
– Maybe she heard us speak. How cunning! Teachers are like Gods
and wardens are like priests. Isn’t it? Very true.
– Oh! I was just talking about you. I was telling them, warden is like mother
and her sister is like aunt. Cut it! I’m not your aunt.
– Stop pretending all nice, will you? Finals exams are 3 weeks away. Prepare for it.
– Don’t you worry, ma’am. I’ll pass the exams for sure. I say you be prepared to hang my photos on the walls
so that the new students would be inspired. Certainly. Now open the books.
– You dumbo! I’m sure she didn’t expect this.
How dare she tries to stitch me up? I know what to do with her.
Let’s go. She is in such deep sleep. Let’s do something to her.
I’ll poke her with this. Ma’am. Excuse me! Ma’am..
– What is your problem? Oh, God! You’ve been bit by a snake.
– I see. This snake is my friend, so, don’t worry. Are you kidding? A snake bit you. What if you die?
– What is going on here? Your sister, Kalpana, has been bit by a snake.
She will kick the bucket soon. Ma’am, we’ll be seniors in two months.
It is high time you stopped slapping us. You deserve more than just mere slaps.
You poke Kalpana and you beat me up? I know it all.
– Good Lord! What are you saying? I’m innocent.
– Oh stop it, will you? How dare you! Every student
in every campus of Parayana fears me. And you try to fool around with me? By slapping me, you’ve sealed your fate.
Are you ready to feel my wrath? Kalpana, make Sushma, Sharda and Mamta vacate
Vandana’s room. We’ll move in in their place. This girl deserves 24 hours watch.
– W-What? Wait? What do you mean? You aren’t my family to move into my room.
– Why? Isn’t she like your mom and me like your aunt? You’re ruining this campus’s peace. Vacate you all!
– Ma’am, please! – You’ll have a new time table hereon. You’ll have exams everyday, from 5PM to 9PM.
You’ll write 4 papers in those 4 hours. Monitor her every second.
If you do anything stupid, I’ll break all your teeth loose. What did you say? I look like a duck?
Keep watching, I’ll avenge that. Vacate the room in two minutes.
– Let’s go. How can they move into my room.
– We can’t do without you either. Those who seperate us will burn in hell.
– Curse us later. Now go and pack your bags. Sushu! Mamta!
– You’re dead if you don’t come for lunch in 10 minutes. You’ll have study hours from 2PM to 5PM,
exams from 5PM to 8PM and dinner from 8PM to 9PM. You’ll again have study hours from 9PM to 2AM.
Now go for lunch. – I’ll go get my plate. She has been chained
like she is a criminal. What are you talking about? Isn’t she chained?
– No, she isn’t. Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you
you can’t meet her anymore? Get out from here. Bring her her lunch.
Her lunch should be as prescribed by me. We get chicken
and eggs on Sunday, not this. It is said eating chicken makes a person even dumber.
So, hereon, you’ll only get veggies. Eat up. Kalpana, you like chicken, don’t you? They are gorging like they’ve been starving!
– What for are you staring at us? Eat up. I’ve been trying to do just that. I can’t eat this roti. It won’t even tear.
– You’ll only get a glass of butter milk for dinner. If you don’t eat now, you’ll starve all night. Are you hell bent on killing me?
– No, we’re hell bent on making you pass exams. If you fail the exams, along with you,
even we’ll have to hang our head in shame. ‘All this just so that you don’t have to
hang your heads in shame?’ Sister, the chicken is amazing!
Get me some more chicken, please. Ma’am, I finally tore this apart!
I can eat now. Please, no!
Vanajakshi will kill me! Please, no! How could those witches seperate us.
– It is so difficult to be away from you. Oh, come on! Don’t worry.
I know what to do. I’ll ruin both those sisters’ peace.
– We’ll see. Now go to study hours. Now, let me go.
She’ll kill me if I don’t go. Ma’am, it is 1AM. I’m anyway not going to become
a top bureaucrat despite studying hard. Atmost, I’ll get pass marks. So, why study long hours?
– Shut up! You’ll have to study until 2AM. I’m going to bed.
Kalpana, keep an eye on her. Good night. I’m going to bed too. Study until 2AM
and then go to bed. You’ll be dead if you sleep before. ‘You’ll go to hell
for going to sleep while making me study.’ Don’t even think.
– Y-Yes, ma’am. It is 2PM! Yes! I guess they are asleep.
I’ll teach them a lesson. I’m sure it is her doing.
– I know how to deal with her. Good morning, ma’am.
Had a good night’s sleep? Sister, I think she kicked the bucket.

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