Welcome to daily headlines your fastest news reporter please subscribe and check the notification bell to get latest news updated Relative way to fanaticism you not descended on America to raise this nation United Iraq round it quickly erupted in violence and ended right well is you’re a white supremacist. What we’re going to do the Cruelest artists quarters anywhere island got a many a north Korean dictator will debated ethical foxnews later God God’s Esteem to likes a perfect time to argue that racism isn’t a big problem in America on Sunday’s edition of honors world the eponymous host launched into a lengthy argument defending Trump’s silence on the white supremacists Waters claimed the president was simply looking at this from a big-picture perspective in a large context of hatred in America According to waters trump was under no obligation to call out white supremacists even after a woman was murdered Because the bigger problem is left wing radicals who have terrorized this country in the end waters believes This is much ado about nothing America is not a racist nation. It’s time. We stop acting like it is he concludes Waters then looks at his teleprompter paused awkwardly and takes a deep breath Not sure what we are going to do next, but we have a great show water says almost to himself He then introduces two segments attacking African-Americans and playing off racial stereotyping the first segment accuses congresswoman Maxine waters and former National security Adviser Susan rice of siding with a North Korea dictator He then plays footage for the next statement over Grainy footage of young black men swearing Waters says that segment is about guys with guns threatening president trump over food stamps Waters who Rose to prominence on fox as Bill o’reilly protege? garnered Criticism last year for a racist segment in New York City’s Chinatown Which included virtually every imaginable stereotype of Asian Americans a few months later He was promoted and given his own show

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