Welcome to Daily Headlines your fastest news reporter Please subscribe and Check the notification bell to get latest news Updated a Webpage That Still live on fox news website is this as Published if Headlined Here’s a Reel of Cars Plowing Through protesters Trying to Block The Road The Page features a video compilation of Cars Striking protesters Put Together by the Daily caller a Right-Wing news site It starts with The charm That Says if You are easily Triggered Stop Watching Now The soundtrack Is an acoustic Satirical version of Ludacris New bitch Get out da Way a Paragraph Written Under The embedded video Written By Mike Rouse of a Daily Caller Says Here’s a compilation of Liberal protesters Getting Pushed out of The Way by Cars and Trucks Study The technique It may prove useful in the next four Years The Daily Callers choice to put together a video of car striking Protesters and Fox news Decision to feature it may Have Seemed Humorous to some When it was posted on January 29th? Just Over a Week after president trump took office But It’S a Terrible look in wake of the white supremacist Rally that took place in charlottesville Virginia Last Weekend a Rally Where 32 Year-Old Heather Hanger Was Killed When a car Driven By an alleged nazi Sympathizer Named James Fields Jr. Plowed Through a Crowd of People protesting The open display of Racism and Bigotry Fields Actions Didn’t Happen in a vacuum as slade detailed on Monday Driving Into Crowds of Liberal protestors has Been a Right-wing Fantasy for quite some time Meanwhile S think progress reported on Monday Republicans in six states Have Pushed for Laws This year That Would Shield Drivers Who hit protesters The Bills are part of a Wave of anti protest proposals Introduced since the rise of the Black Lives matter an anti-trump resistance Movements Though The Story about Cars Plowing into protesters is from January the White Supremacists Who Rallied in Virginia Over the weekend under Flags Adorned with Swastikas or the confederate stars and Bars Have Received Unusually? Sympathetic treatment From Fox news personalities and Guests on Their Shows on Sunday fox & Friends host pete hexxit Suggested the Race May Have had some Valid Points for Rallying in charlottesville Saying There’s Always a Grievance Underneath That That it’s worth Talking about and During a fox news Interview on Tuesday Star Parker Of The Center for Urban Renewal and Education made a case that the prime flag and the confederate flag are morally Equivalent Since they allegedly represent The exact same Thing That Certain People Groups are not welcome Here Update Shortly After This post Was published fox news Removed the story from its web page

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