89 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh, Wife Speak Out On Allegations In New Interview | TODAY”

  1. HE'S WAS A VIRGIN IN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE!!! Brett and Mrs. Brett, Don't let those kids of yours listen to the upcoming testimonies. It is gonna get ugly. Daughters: Daddy, can we be in that room today? Daddy how come you are not voted for yet? Daddy, what's a virgin? Daddy, did that mean lady do something to you when you were in high school?

  2. Interesting that when asked about using the FBI to investigate the matter, Brett spun off into his talking points and avoided the question. Sure, the FBI has investigated him for other appointments but never on this particular issue. Why do you suppose Trump, the senate republicans and Brett don't want the FBI to get involved with this?

  3. NEVER VOTING BLUE AGAIN!!! As an independent after this disgusting display by the democrats I will never vote democrat again. Judge Kavanaugh had to indulge the most private thing in one's life to everyone that he was a virgin until after college just because some vile democrats felt the need to fling false accusations at him. It's disgusting and just makes me sick to my stomach. This independent will be voting red from now on. I will always remember who the victim was!

  4. If you stick yer wee wee to the face of a woman who is out, can't make her consent, you ARE liable to be investigated and, here, to be rejected as justice on high court.

  5. I have been at many parties and you are way more likely to see women expose themselves over men. I think now 20 years later I am offended and going to file harassment against those women for flashing their boobs at a party I was at in high schhol. These types of women make the rest of us ladies look terrible.

  6. How could people say that he looked credible in this interview? He had guilt written all over his face. His answers and non answers left even more questions in my mind and needed follow up questions. It was a soft ball. Interview. I'd like to see him come on Rachael Maddow..but no he won't because he's a coward.

  7. I believe he's guilty because there are thousands of documents that they won't release. And he's avoids almost every direct question. What a slime bag.

  8. There is no evidence to prove the allegations yet, and I will assume he is innocent until proven otherwise. With that said, he avoided giving direct answers to questions during confirmation hearing. His position on political campaign donation, abortion and executive powers are also quite concerning. I don`t think he should be on the US Supreme Court based on his judicial positions and his refusal to give honest answers during the nomination process. It has nothing to do with these unproven accusations.

  9. Watch wife Ashley’s body language as she describes her husband. Shaking your head, while telling your “truth” is a tell tale sign of deception.

  10. Why does this friend of his not want to testify in court what is he afraid of. He says he will talk after he has been confirmed. WHe is hiding something and Kavanaugh is lying

  11. If I was in the middle of a federal or police job application process and they were interviewing my neighbors and a neighbor told then of the allegation do you think there would be no further investigation? This is for a very very important position. Just so happens this is the same guy that will not further investigate Trump and his Russian ties.

  12. ok this is so wrong…there is something creepy about a man talking about his sexual background come on
    you just don't do that unless you are guilty and like trump try to get away with stuff…creeppyyyy

  13. The reporter asked Kanaugh if he would be fine if the FBI investigated him and he skirted the question by saying he wanted a fair process. What would be more fair for him and the alleged victim having the FBI investigate the story to see if there is any truth to the story and if not it can be squashed lifting a black cloud that now hangs over his head and will forever and permitting his life to have peace.

  14. I just laugh at these paid protesters and these completely ignorant liberals “demanding” an FBI investigation. So clueless as to the process. Should have paid attention in Civics!

  15. He’s guilty AF. I can see the seething anger in his small tight mouth. Why do you think he studdered when talking? Guilty AF!!!!

  16. Why aren't these self serving senators asking what he had to do with the Patriot Act being crammed down our throats? He was guilty of real wrongs when he and his wife worked for Bush and Cheney. The tit for tat two party system is taking this country down.

  17. Maryland's drinking age for beer and wine was legally changed from 18 to 21 in July 1982, during the summer before Kavanaugh's senior year. It had already been 21 for hard liquor. Residents who had turned 18 by that time were grandfathered in and allowed to drink. Kavanaugh was 17 at the time. Kavanaugh was incorrect that it was legal for him to drink.

  18. Something about his wife’s body language is irking me to no end. I find it odd that she’s assessing him and hiding by constantly looking at him instead of the interviewer. It’s as if she doesn’t know what she believes, lacks confidence in her husband’s story, and she doesn’t want to be there.

  19. The spectacle of Kavanaugh’s wife sitting stoically beside him in the FOX news interview was like a picture worth a thousand words. Why was she there? She didn’t really say anything, not even when directly asked a question. Obviously she was a prop who might just as well had a sign pasted on her forehead “I’m the pathetic victim of an unfair process". Frankly this image doesn’t speak well of her nor does it really help Kavanaugh’s case. Being a meek submissive wife who keeps her mouth shut isn’t exactly conveying the message that he is a man who respects women in this day and age, particularly as a justice of the supreme court. I came away from this travesty of responsible media reporting with the distinct feeling that if this woman had even a smidgen of self respect, she'd walk

  20. My prayers are with Judge Kavanaugh and he's families and friends Gbu. I believe in your innocence them women to my understanding have veen psid by Democrats who ekse would do such demonic actiobs against he and he's family and career these people shoukd be in defamation and jailed for perjury, that's just not right!!!

  21. Democrats aren't in court testifying because they were sexually assaulted. Those of you who support trump and his administration are doing your own party a disservice. Your rigidity and inflexibility is what is disgusting… white men have been in power since the day this country became a country. And all of the institutions, government positions, armed agencies, and intelligence agencies have all white male dominated since their existence. It's unfortunate that super conservative thinking only perpetuates that cycle, but there is no denying that these are facts. You can try to fake news your way around a debate, but you can't change those facts.

  22. He’s so guilty oh my god. Even his wife looks at him like she doesn’t believe him. There’s so much evidence even without the FBI investigation. I can’t wait to see him go down.

  23. What does Lindsey Graham want that he would sell his soul like he did? Is he looking for a higher position in Trump's administration? ?

  24. Lol, he tried it on with every attractive girl in high school and college, especially intoxicated, and then ended up with Ashley, some homely dimwitted southerner.

  25. He didn't have sexual intercourse for many years because he couldn't relate to women on a normal level due to inhibition and shyness. That's why he forced himself on them when he was drunk. He must have hated all those gorgeous girls who made him feel so awkward and small, so much so that he wanted to hurt them. He does not belong in the Supreme Court, where he would identify with other weak men and judge accordingly.

  26. He is without the temperament of a justice. He also should now be investigated. He acts guilty by avoiding having a full investigation. He had an opportunity;y and declined it….and diverted to blame.

  27. This movement that is going on fails to recognise that there are many men who have been victims as well as woman. It doesn't change however,that in this country we are to follow a process to prove or disprove someone's guilt or innocence. Just because a woman says it doesnt make it so. Doesnt mean the facts are 100 percent correct. Siding with woman because they say they are victims is unfair and immediately attaches guilt to those who have not been fairly tried or investigated. Even if Mr. Kavanaugh actually did do these things the reality is he probaly would not have meant it to be interpreted as it was. Young people do not always know how to properly channel their sexual energy and with alcohol judgement changes a bit. I am a woman and did alot things under the age of twenty that I would never do now. The best way to judge someone's integrity is to look at their history as adults past the age of 21. This man has no history of disrespect past his high school college days. He seems to be a wholesome man. Putting someone's family through this including children is very traumatizing for them. Yet all these woman supporters show no concern for those who are effected by unproven accusations. Let's not get anti men in the desire to empower woman. There are many woman who have taken advantage of men and abused their power. Unfortunately society is now encouraging woman to speak out while men who have been victims are taught it's not manly to report a woman for being inappropriate. There is a middle road here and we must realize that victims can be men as well as women. And Mr. Kavanaugh has certainly been a very decent upstanding grown up.

  28. Just like the Salem witch trials. All liberals believe her and she has no proof or witnesses. You liberals are pathetic and gullible

  29. Guys, we need to stop doing pulling on "innocent until proven guilty" and vice versa.

    We know he's guilty. But this is not a matter of whether he should serve jail time or not. What matters is that the Supreme Court nominee is a JOB interview, and it's an interview that he's failed miserably on every account.

  30. 0:27 the voice of Alex Jones is brilliantly used as an overdub on this lip-sink of an "unprecedented" interview with Fox News. (Fox is pronounced in French terrorist language: Faux").

    The whole thing is a combination of lip-sinking, overdubbing, character acting, and graphic video animation software and audio manipulation tools, used to provide an illusion that Mr. Kavanaugh is actually speaking. Mr. Kavanaugh does not speak English. He is a fake and is being thrust into place by the Screen Actor Guild to serve the needs of SAG in the SCOTUS. It is a coup. It's false. Screen Actor Guild members are actors. He is an actor who does not speak English. Actors are people who's pay increases along with their skill of deception. Mr. Kavanaugh is a highly paid servant of the Screen Actor Guild, and is a master of deception. Fox News members are also masters of deception. Fox News members are terrorists. Fox News is a terrorist cell.

  31. Ford is the one that should be investigated for her lies it's so obvious… With it all the inconsistencies… especially when she said she was afraid to take a polygraph… That tells you enough… Ford should be convicted for her Shams and scams

  32. Praying for Kavanaughs impeachment come the 2020 election. This sexual molester has no place in the Supreme Court with the GOP party of rapists and sexual predators.

  33. Crocodile tears big actor to save his job position & powerposition ! Rich male dont care about victums they only care moneygrab + powergrab ! Tinny math dude ?

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