100 thoughts on “But Wait: How DOES The Media Tell You What To Think?”

  1. So happy to see House of Leaves on your bookshelf! Maybe an episode about that and other unconventional literature like it?

  2. I've always loved Oscar Wilde's quote “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” I wonder if this could also be at play here. I know some of my opinions and even behaviours are adopted from people I respect, sometime it's conscious sometimes it's not. Our psyches are a patchwork or even a frankenstein of tidbits from people and media – then coupled with the mere-exposure principal we follow the path that aligns most with the patchwork we've created – sometimes consciously, sometimes not…

  3. To continue the medicine metaphor, we could say the Hypodermic Needle Model is akin to direct advertising of medicine (TV ads, magazine ads, etc.). Meanwhile, being prescribed medication by your doctor is similar to Two-step Flow, in that pharmaceutical companies promote various medications to doctors in the hope that they will then go to prescribe those medications to their patients.

  4. I think the 2-step flow is the most accurate, the uses & gratifications has some truth but still opinion leaders will continue telling us what to think even if we choose other things to see in the media, also, opinion leaders tell us what to see.
    Just to make clear: they tell us what to think and what to see but that doesn't mean that we always obey them.

  5. 9:09 That thought process is actually more or less always in the back of my mind when I'm watching a TV show

  6. dude why can't this guy be a politician or news anchor. I love the content you put out but can't help feeling this " explain all sides" take is needed in the realm of those actually affect ting change in this world.

  7. I think the uses and gratification theory is the most applicable to today's media. I'm not very happy about it tho. I think it produces really dumb and misguided humans because they almost inevitably place themselves in an echo-chamber where their own opinions and biases gets repeated back to them, turning them into dogmatic self righteous zealots.

    I think humans choose media like kids chose what to eat. They will want to eat candy and fast food all the time because it makes them feel good right then and there. In reality, a balanced diet is the way to go. Same with media, you need variation and differences of opinion to keep your mind healthy and awake.

  8. Ok, so I like opinions (which is why I like idea channel), and I find certain opinions funny. And seeing as this is 2016 and one type of view is specifically ridiculed, I too was sucked into this fad of ridiculing it. I'm of course talking about radical feminism (mostly just called feminism by disagree-rs). It was recently that I realized maybe I should step back and look at the context. Like how most of these (ridiculous) opinions are written by teens and disturbed people, and also that USA isn't as good regarding gender issues as my country is… And therefore it wasn't fair of me to see the whole movement as a joke.
    I'm just glad I refrained from openly mocking…

  9. I think that's why when you talk about uses & grats it's also useful to talk about things like agenda setting.

  10. When you apply the mere exposure effect to mainstream hip hop, you gain a better understanding of how young black men and women are influenced by the increasingly negative images which are prevalent in the genre. Instead of media which teaches them about how black people invented the electric traffic signal or how they pioneered the home game console the dominant images representing blacks are hustlers and athletes.

    Although you still have an overachieving demographic of black women finishing school at a higher percentage than any race-gender demographic in the country according to the US census, media consistently portrays them a subhuman welfare queens or attitude-riddled hoochies; treatment tends to be worse the darker the woman in the spotlight is. What happens is that from within, many black men sell themselves short as well as disrespect and dislike their women. From without you have individuals not respecting black people.

  11. I personally refuse to watch cable tv or anything that has commercials, as well as radio. I choose what I want to hear and sometimes, I change my mind on things just because something else makes more sense. Although I have not changed my mind on politics since college, and yes, it is different than it was in college.

  12. I'm surprised you got through this whole video without ever mentioning memetics. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memetics) I know this is something of a broader topic but it seems to be the study of information as you were talking about it.

  13. 🙁 I never would have thought PBS would sink so low as to say that mass media is not trying to conform us to their 'agenda'. I will be re-thinking my opinions about PBS!

  14. Am I a bad person for thinking some of these Nazi propaganda posters from the 30's look really cool? I'd love to get some large prints of them for hanging in my room.

  15. sorry for being negative.. but I feel this video was just made to fill 10mins mark to get exposure with YouTube algorithm. 2 mins is enough for this video. please add more content if you are gonna make such long video

  16. People interested in this should DEFINITELY watch 'Zeitgeist' on Netflix… Kinda a conspiracy type thing except it's actually the most feasible and well explained 'theory' I have seen on this subject!✌??

  17. The typical Tramp supporter always blames the "liberal media" without taking a look at the media sources that THEY use.

  18. I think also that media is like an amplification box. I mean that for the same event : the media have the same point of view. They even use the exacts same words, the exact same puch line. I think the media do bad job. The should do more EXPLORATION like they should ask this questions : How can i prove what i heard is true ? and fix out by investigating. How can i prove what i heard is not true ? and fix out by investigating. What are the different angle on the subject ? Why one is better than the other ? If there is multiple explanation for an event (like a war ) How can i deliver those different angles ? Then investigate according to those angles ? What is the big context ? ( ideology, history, geography, geopolitics, geostrategy, economy, natural ressources, cultural way of life .. ) But NO : they all repeat the same thing day after day. The more they repeat a thing, the more it's heard. The more it's heard, the more they repeat it ? I think there should be more EXPLORATION ( INVESTIGATION, IMAGINATION … )

  19. if observed it automatically becomes apart of the mental diet..now the question is..how impressionable is the individual and how much control of their own mind do they posses?

  20. I find the question and the theories all most too vague to make sense. Are those three theories suppose to be scientific theories or sociological theories?

    Sure the media messages are directly injected into your thoughts, the sound and light enter your ears and eyes and tickles your brain as it thinks. That doesn't mean the media controls you but it does mean the next time your brain gets tickled that way it will recognize the message faster because it's had some practice. The more practice it gets the easier the message is to process. That's the mere exposure effect (adding "identifying with the message" is needless complication).

    There other perfectly good or at least testable theories from psychology that attempted to explain how information from various sources effect our behaviors, why do we need these media theories? What are they good for?

  21. As a media "influencer" and mentor for other influencers… this is what is always on my mind and the ethics of it. I teach Singularity Storytelling, and my thought process is exactly that every day – Why do I like this. Then it goes back to me consciously choosing my experience and enjoying the feelings that they bring me, with the emerging technologies and how as a species we are evolving we do need to become more conscious of "WHY" we do what we do, consume what we consume, etc. Because once a full on merging of technology and humanity occurs we can't just let things to chance.

  22. It seems I am always late to the game by several weeks.

    Here's my take: there is another theory of media that talks about consumers of media as active producers in their meaning, and that this ultimately leads to "mediations," or concessions on behalf of the media producers. So, over a long enough period of time, trends that emerge clearly show that those that produce media actually respond to their consumers' tastes and preferences, changing what is produced enough to meet the demands of consumers.

    How's that for agency? Or turning the Magic Bullet Theory on its head?

  23. Media does directly influence people to at least a small extent. This is because when you talk like the person you're speaking to, and use words that they like, they tend to let their defenses down some and understand you better. So they're more likely to seriously consider what you have to say. I remember that there are at least three different spectrums in this theory, and I think this is one example:

    Attempting to maximize persuasion for a highly logical person requires many words and phrases that convey logic and maximizing persuasion for a highly emotional person requires many words and phrases that convey emotion. Both are because you are, so to say, "speaking their language". Donald Trump uses a lot of emotion in his speeches, so people who are more emotional thinkers are more likely to vote for him. If we had a robot as a presidential candidate that uses mostly logical words, then people who are more logical thinkers will be more likely to vote for it. So there's a difference in saying (and this might not be the best example) "Statistics have shown that people who go to jail are more likely to return there" and "It's disgraceful that our laws perpetuate shameful actions that keep putting them in jail".

    So one way the media tells you WHAT to think, is using HOW you think.

  24. media doesn't tell you what to think, but what to think *about *. Relationships change depending on if they are a defining issue or a trivial one. Ex. the Confederate Flag controversy turned it from a side discussion to the central discussion in America and pushed every view to the poles – I don't think timing was an accident there

  25. there's also something to be said about how people naturally copy what they see on TV and radio because they're so saturated throughout our daily lives and are therefore a sort of behavioral reference point from birth. Also, media can influence people through a fear of inadequacy by depicting people with certain traits as the butt of jokes and just as generally worth less than a "normal" person, so all sorts of complications exist cause of it. There's just SO MUCH to talk about on this subject

  26. mass media's control is the access to information! not control of minds! If I control the information you receive I can control what reasonable conclusions you can draw! this is why the judge limits what information the jury is exposed to! to keep the facts about the case and trial instead of leading to hearsay and opinions!

  27. Excellent Video. The best I've seen in integrating different media in your presentation. I have to study it a bit more to see if I have any helpful comments. In general though this is right on target and very well done.

    Media Literacy is as important now as reading literacy was after the invention of the printing press.

  28. People generally watch what reinforces their own opinion. Simple. Also there is the general desire to be informed, but I think if it were purely that, there wouldn't be as much desire for shit like Us magazine or as many celebrity stories on CNN

  29. I buy comics and video games and tv shows and movies because of great entertainment and advertisement and great connection to fictional charcters I got daredevil trades because of daredevil Netflix and spidey cosplay because of the amazing spider man film

  30. Mass media is entertainment/brainwashing/consumerism, only way to quit is get rid of TV. Life is so much better without it.

  31. The NDAA of 2012 (I think) legalized propaganda so broadcasters may now be told exactly what to say and when to say it.

  32. lol, I'm partly in that "over-analytical/does not happen group" probably spend too much time on that, but I do sometimes run into "because I'm stubborn" as my strongest reasoning.

  33. they control your brain because they are an authority figure. a good example is how we trust doctors and all experts, if a doctor tells you something is good for you – you will immediately believe it because "hey the person is a doctor so that person must be right". that's why we value the opinion of wealthy individuals and why people think something is lame until someone they hold up on a pedalstool says it's cool.

  34. Great video! Very educational. Loved the sociological aspects of it. It's exactly what I needed for my exam! 🙂

  35. its doesn't control your thoughts, but often it thinks FOR you. to absorb culture is at the opportunity cost of creative your own culture. creativity. our brains get habitual. simulations are imperfect. responding only to simulations, well we lose some essence of what it is to respond to real things, and that part of us atrophies a little. oh, and with too much agency you get stuck in an echo chamber.

  36. BEHOD! The master controller of America’s group think. From Sesame Street to Frontline/Nova/Nature, Public Television has a FULL NELSON on the nation’s belief systems.
    PBS =

  37. “You are getting very sleepy……
    ….you wish to give me your wallet………
    …….you wish to turn over your Spcial Security Card and Credit Card information……….
    …..you must use Facebook and Twitter………
    ……you do not like President Trump and don’t know why……
    …..you are now beginning to wake up………….SNAP!

  38. Who owns / operates the major motion picture companies, television networks, content providers, AP / social media companies ?

    Answer that questions and, you'll know who [exactly] controls perception.

    All kinds of people 'inject' subliminal messages into media content.


  39. Although the manufacturing consent idea sounds tinfoilish, but it sums up everything together with the agenda.

  40. OMG i now realize why I stopped watching this show. The videos are always great, but you keep saying dublydoo and I just can't stand that word for some reason. I don't understand it, but it's there. And hopefully I don't get too much crap for spelling dubelydew wrong since this video is 2 years old.

  41. how does the general population with no more the the pop culture expect for a person who's under 50 who's disabled and on disability who has bad credit because you can't make it off and disability how no food no medication how do I expect you to survive out there do they want you to die is that the thing that you're supposed to do die because you you can't live they want to put you in a nursing home they don't think you can take care of yourself anymore why is that why are you just because you're missing something why does that mean you're no longer a person someone help me please respond I don't know what to do I'm stuck in Albuquerque I can't get Medicaid from any state I've been in it's all the same you make too much on your disability disability check 49 I'm blind or visually impaired I'm in a wheelchair no more supposed to live

  42. In 1980, there was more than 90 major news outlet sources. In about 1985, media outlets started consolidating and merging. Today there are only 8 corporations that control 90% of mainstream media. PBS has a distinct leftward bias towards the democratic polititians that continues the publuc broadcast funding for this little better than government sponsored propoganda station. It is very dangerous to have such a virtual monopoly in the media. The dollars of advertisers and political pundits have a tremondous impact on the entertainment and the who, what, when, where and why that is reported in the news. Watch tube vids of reporters that have been fired from cnn and others. You will see how they were told what stories were news and how it was to be reported. Brainwashed? Yes. From a singular point of view pushing A globalist agenda? Yes. MSM, Trust is a very fragile thing. It takes a lifetime to achieve and only a moment to strip it away. I do not trust PBS, or any main stream media source for that matter for news or entertainment. As Americans, we have been cheated, lied to and manipulated by our current media outlets.

  43. I notice the use of two step follow in the media quite often. Now known as influencers, which is a big deal via social media.We see big name people promoting certain products and it gains the attention from viewers and since they sometimes believe that since certain higher figures use certain products then we should try it out as well. The list is big such a Nicki Minaj and Dr.Dre Beats or Katy Perry and Covergirl etc.With Mere-Exposure effect, I think Apple is a good example for some people. iPhones are huge and I heard many people say that they will never buy another type of cell phone because iPhones is what they love and are use to. I am one of those people so this effect is very powerful.




  45. I cut the cord years ago. I sent this comment back from the future to warn you all it's just as bad up here, turn around.

  46. Talk about owned…

    This NHK numbskull supposedly in Japan relates to viewers what the State Dept. US (read the owner of Japan) has advised Americans concerning trouble coming out of Sri Lanka.

    Why not tell us all what the government of Nihon advises?

  47. SO they admitted America used propaganda, do you really think those avenues of communication by Gov’t and MEDIA are suddenly gone ?! Please, they traded in traditional propaganda for making sure all media at least spreads the pro-gov’t, pro-Hegemony propaganda

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