52 thoughts on “Capital Gazette Shooting Survivor Speaks Out: ‘I Thought I Was Going To Die’ | TODAY”

  1. He's hot. This country is ridiculous that these things happen all the time. The US is the best country in the world? This is making America great "again"? Cool.

  2. Super fake news once again. Do your research please. Jerrod W. Ramos had a feud with the Capital Gazette as far back as 2011. The left is jubilant about this shooting as it is beneficial to them. Easy to paint it as a white male randomly killing the poor press due to falling for Trump propaganda. Far from the truth. Besides his name being a big clue, back in 2011 the paper printed a guilty plea on a criminal harrassment charge. He sued for defamation and lost. Not excusing his sick and deranged actions but this isn't what the press would like you to believe. Mean ole wypepo aren't hunting down the journos. For the conspiracy theorists among you, this perfectly distracts from the Rosenstein hearings that day.

  3. From one journalist to Anthony. Please don't let this derail your career. We do this for a reason and the world needs us now more than ever.

  4. Another shooting in a GUN FREE ZONE big surprise. Kept on advertising gun free zones so shooters can find easy unarmed victims.

  5. How horrible to have to go through this. Glad he gave another person the opportunity that get in contact with loved ones. To have seen colleagues dead…how sad. So glad I don’t live in the USA. I don’t know how you could live in so much fear each day to think that guns will solve your problems.

  6. Commenting on his looks really? Thank God this young intelligent young man is alive. Praying for the families of the other victims and the innocent lives that were taken. No matter what he looked like im happy he is alive. Folks on her looking for a husband or a date ugh really??

  7. Theres hundreds if not thousands of unstable people waiting for their right time to enact senseless violence

  8. Who needs ISIS if you have your own God-fearing good Christian NRA. Perhaps better for the world safety to impose a travel ban on those Americans.

  9. I wish Maryland would have 'sensible gun laws' such as universal background checks.
    Oh, they have that?
    How about ownership permits.
    Oh, they have that?
    How about an assault weapon ban.
    Oh, that as well?
    How about a defacto ban on carry of firearms in public.
    Oh, that as well?
    Hmmm. You say it is a gun grabbers wet dream utopia?
    Oh, I guess criminals wont actually obey gun restrictions.

  10. Maryland needs more CCW issued.People need to be able to protect themselves.These gun free zones just don't work.

  11. Man this guy cute glad he’s still alive! I think men shouldn’t carry any guns ! Women should I think we have more self control! All race

  12. Is it just me or does anyone else find these WITNESS SURVIVOR interviews VERY STRANGE? There never seems to be a shortage of witnesses pouring their hearts out and their fears. Almost like … a script. hmm

  13. The murderer stalked a woman for years and she reported it but of course stalking a woman is a non-issue according to the U.S. legal system. "Fill out this form, dear, good luck."

  14. Notice the barricades outside of the newsroom and police moving people ?'m hearing
    people say they had a shooter drill 5 minutes before the actual shooting took place ?
    the Door was jammed coincidence ? listen to the interview properly it makes no sense.
    So this guy says he did not send a message from his phone 888 active shooter, same
    message that one police officer sent.??Is this an automated message maybe..Who
    knows but none of this is adding up.

  15. it is a funny thing but I don't believe this guy was there. and gun fire really sounds nothing like fireworks especially in an enclosed space. like night and day. they are not even similar decibel levels. not even close. this guy is not believable at all. who put him up to this?

  16. it is a funny thing but I don't believe this guy was there. and gun fire really sounds nothing like fireworks especially in an enclosed space. like night and day. they are not even similar decibel levels. not even close. this guy is not believable at all. who put him up to this?

  17. I live right next to the hospital so the moment I found out was terrifying. I could hear police cars everywhere and I could hear helicopters and ambulances. No one understands the fear I was feeling. At first they said it was at the mall so I really freaked out because my mom works there. I was so scared.

  18. What a useless channel in regards to such supposed real events, when everyone either does the touchy feely comment, or make irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with this event. No one likes to stop and ask the important questions. Like how come you don't present some real evidence, instead of second and third party hearsay. The public is asked to believe this ‘ witness ‘, sans corroboration. Why should any of this be believed considering all the false news put out by MSM this century. As well as governments that will lie to its own citizens for evil purposes. This particular clip would do nothing to convince a critical thinking viewer to believe it!

  19. My grandpa thought the same thing when he was 17, in Korea running thru a ambush to get onto a open topped 1919 to defend his wounded brothers who were pinned. The only difference is he fought for his rights. Not against them. Oh and he's a man

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