cars dot com auto review Hi I’m Joe Weisenfelder executive editor
with cars dot com we’re here outside Washington DC with
USA today and motor week for shootout test a mid-size family
sedans r6 milos each price no higher than
twenty six thousand dollars include the Toyota Camry the Ford Fusion the Hyundai Sonata the Honda Accord the
Kia Optima and the Nissan Altima let’s take a look
at the top three in third place is the 2013 Kia Optima all of our judges complimented the
Optimus styling a classy rich design in a segment of a perceived as planned the impression a quality continues on
the inside where the optimal is the only car to provide leather upholstery within our tests price cap and at the
lowest as a quick price above the six
contenders judges also commented on the Finn finished and the simplicity of the
various controls the phrase was a little more subdued
after some driving time however because several judges found the driver seat
uncomfortable and lacking in basic adjustments like bottom cushion tell numb steering feel was another common
complaint but overall the car earned good marks for drivability notably its eager and well-behaved
powertrain our guest family name the Optima as its favorite in we were pleased to see the vehicle we
named car stock comes best of 2011 holding up so well to model years along as it turns out you can’t go too far
wrong with any of our top three contenders because their scores were
closer than and any cars dot com shootout to date with 670 8.5 points less than a whole
point head of the Optima was the second place
2013 Ford Fusion if our judges respected the Optimus
styling the practically lusted after the fusions new design which would pass at a glance for Aston
Martin one set speed the fusions dynamics were clearly the best practically unflappable and high-speed
cornering lane change maneuvers an overall road holding the fusion earn points from some judges
for its cavernous trunk an exceptionally large opening once the rear seats are folded
and the parents among us appreciated the MyKey system that can send a text
message to title on a teen driver who exceeds
presets Peter geographic limits established by the Guardian several judges objected to visibility
that compromise but sequential pillars that extend forward
into the driver’s line-of-sight the front seats are quite comfortable
some judges were impressed by their shiny upholstery and a couple people noted that the
interior design gives the fusion a tighter feeling cabin even though it’s technically roomie
overall overwhelming controls also were called out by our guest family and more
than one cars dot com editor overall not a bad finish for the newly
redesigned fusion the previous generation of which took
last place behind seven other contestants in our 2010 midsize sedan
shootout but in first place with a slim yet more
decisive point margin UHV 8.6 is the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan though its styling a simple it has a
more upscale look than the previous generation which the 2013 replaces the interior might have inspired some
yawning but we applaud its good visibility and one of only two backup cameras in
the test the substantially larger one weeding d’accord for having a one-piece
fold on back seat when all five other cars had the more versatile 60/40 split the Accord earned more stripes when we
drove it notes a bit noisy it feel surprisingly athletic and light on its feet closer to the
fusion and the others dynamically but with quick better weighted steering what really
impressed was the acceleration made only more impressive by the fact
that the accords powertrain is a continuously variable automatic
transmission coupled with the four-cylinder this pairing is typically a recipe for
unresponsiveness groaning noises and general driver
dissatisfaction the upshot hi CBT mileage without the familiar
trade-offs very nicely done though many hunters
have done well in cars are calm shootout tests with a few first-place finishes recently
the story was very different in our 2010 midsize sedan shootout where
the previous generation accord came in fifth the 2013 accords big finish shows what
an automaker can accomplish with the full redesign when it devotes the necessary care in
resources in the end it’s the buyer who wins for all the
rankings scores and more details come to car
stock up through more car-related new Skoda cars
dot com 400 block kicking the tires dot net

4 thoughts on “ Today/MotorWeek $26,000 Midsize Sedan Shootout”

  1. sedans in general and these small American trucks are horrible … who like beautiful cars are Europeans, with their sports wagons, coupes and hatckbacks.

  2. Altima should be first place. I don't know how KIA made 3rd place, it's KIA and it sucks. The Accord is the best competitor for the Altima but yet the Accord has nothing on Altima, it has the best technology and amazing performance. 

  3. These comparisons that are missing half the segment are really getting old. Include all the cars or don't do it.

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