Yesterday was a historic day in America. I finally tried kombucha. Yeah. It’s… okay. But it was also an historic day because the House held its first public impeachment hearing, where the ambassador to Ukraine and the inventor of flubber both testified about President Trump’s quid pro quo with the… Continue Reading Fox News on Impeachment Hearings: Where’s the Sex? | The Daily Show

So most of us think that information is the best way to convince people of our truth, and in fact it doesn’t work that well.We see that all the time. We see it with climate change, where there’s tons of data suggesting that climate change is man-made but about 50… Continue Reading Facts Don’t Win Fights: Here’s How to Cut Through Confirmation Bias | Tali Sharot

The 1970’s was the golden era of car chase scenes in movies. Everyone who was anyone was making them, and there are almost too many good chases to count. So we narrowed it down for you. Starting off our list at number 10 is… This is a weirdly entertaining movie,… Continue Reading Top 10 Greatest Movie Car Chase Scenes From the 70’s | Donut Media

We took grandmas who had never riden in a supercar Woooooo. Ha ha ha…. haaaa… ooo hahaha…. ohhh ahhh. woo hoo! And this is what happened Ahhh yahhh Ahhh… wowww. Oh my gosh. Ohhhh. Ohhh. Oh look it’s like a spaceship! Woahhh Is that your car? This is a 2005… Continue Reading Grandmas React to Speeding in a 650HP Lamborghini! | Donut Media

Major support for Oregon Field Guide is provided by… [ ♪♪♪ ] MAN: My rappel! MAN: Oh, my gosh, it’s beautiful. MAN: Good morning, everybody. Woo! Let’s do it again! MAN: Nicely done! MAN: Oh, yeah! Fourteen and a half. Yes, that was awesome! [ people cheering ] There you… Continue Reading The Lost City of Bayocean: The ‘Atlantic City of the West’ that vanished into the sea.

How much for the ride? – Rs. 250. – Let me get those. Rs. 250? Train fare from Nizamabad to Hyderabad is Rs. 250 and you charge as much for this short ride? – I’m charging according to the meter. Calm down, granny! Here you go. Let’s go. Cost of… Continue Reading Nenu Ammama || Dhethadi || Tamada Media