The song is called “April’s Fool”. The band is called The Merrymakers It was sometime in the mid nineties. Now is now and David Myhr, solo artist: Welcome to Gothenburg and P4 Gothenburg! Many thanks! Great fun to be here! Great fun to have you here! –Yeah, we should do… Continue Reading David Myhr interview for Swedish Radio P4 Gothenburg (English subtitles available!)

Radio DePaul is Chicago’s college connection. When you go to and you click on the listen now, you’re going to hear people saying things that matter to DePaul students. It’s your own students, it’s your classmates, it’s your friends. I think radio is a unique way to bring a… Continue Reading On the Air With Radio DePaul

Hi, I’m Antonio Mora. News media organizations need to start taking some responsibility for the bitterness in American political discourse. Stop blaming Democrats and Republicans. Partisan news media outlets who portray what they peddle as serious journalism are fueling the fire of divisiveness and it needs to stop. While it’s… Continue Reading Media Partisanship Divides Americans

JUDY WOODRUFF: Monday marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the June 1967 Six-Day War, fought between Israel and several neighboring Arab nations. The swift Israeli victory was total. But no one knew at the time, and in the war’s aftermath, that many of the dividing lines struck would… Continue Reading 50 years later, a reporter recalls the 6-Day War – and the Israeli-Palestinian tensions that remain

Dance VS Sing Sing a song….Maybe Listen to my vibration..I’ll do a lot Q :Who’s the closet person in I live alone ? It’s unclear This must be careful to answer If I choose one from these The left persons must be moody They always do this way ? Right… Continue Reading [TH / ENG ] SungHoon interview with Reporter Eun’s LIT NEWS (Eng cc)

I’m so sorry, Jones. Traffic was very heavy. – It’s alright. I can wait all my life for you. I’ll convince my mom and we both will get married soon. We follow some traditions. Neither do you know those, nor can you follow those. Mom, what nonsense is this! Do… Continue Reading Khatharnak Attha Jabardasth Kodalu Part II || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

I don’t a see a helmet. Do you atleast have one of the 4 documents needed? Well, ma’am.. – Yes or no? This is barbarbous. – Don’t you dare speak in English with me. This is atrocious. I will not do a wall chair. – Shut up and follow instructions.… Continue Reading Pakado Pakado Part 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Sundara Sundara Vinayaka Sundara Sundara Vinayaka Shubha Mangala Dayaka Vinayaka Shubha Mangala Dayaka Vinayaka Vighna Koti Hara Vimala Gajanana Vighna Koti Hara Vimala Gajanana Sakala Vighna Hara Pahi Gajanana Sakala Vighna Hara Pahi Gajanana Ishwari Nandana Parthi Gajanana Ishwari Nandana Parthi Gajanana Sundara Sundara Vinayaka Shubha Mangala Dayaka Vinayaka Vighna… Continue Reading 144 – Sundara Sundara Vinayaka | Radio Sai Bhajans