And, now it’s time for “I Hear You,” the show where Jack Worthing, that’s me, answers all your letters and questions about our life in beautiful Wellington Wells. And this one is from Richard Starkey of Biddlestone Road. “Dear Uncle Jack. Is it true there are blind, albino mole people… Continue Reading I HEAR YOU – OLD NEWSPAPERS | Uncle Jack | We Happy Few

Chrrr tak tak taka daka tak chree Goes the steady printing machine Chrrring bloody scenes into bold black ink, Chrrring headlines that make you glug glug your drink, Chrrring crimes against women, (Steep rise in ink.) Gang raped Japanese tourist, (International stink stink.) Strip searched for menstruating, (Blink blink.) Irom… Continue Reading Kalki Koechlin: The Printing Machine | Unblushed


The German newspaper Hamburger Morganpost was the target of an arson attack in the early hours of Sunday January 11th, with German police subsequently making 2 arrests. Like many other German newspapers, Hamburger Morganpost has printed cartoons from French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo following the deadly attack on the Charlie… Continue Reading German newspaper suffers arson attack

My name is Scott Phan. I’m the owner of this place, it’s Public House. I’ve own it for four years now. I just made four years October. Yeah, so, it’s been a fun ride. >>CI Reporter: So tell me a little bit about the new menu and how that came… Continue Reading Community Impact Newspaper business profile: The Public House

i don’t think in journal which is a publication in west virginia act took a voice mail that was left by one of their readers in a transcribed it for a hot their newspaper and have basically the transcription indicates that at some other readers are extremely uh… racist and… Continue Reading Newspaper Publishes Bigot Reader’s Disgusting Rant