Since I started working in media, it’s always been a manual process. You really can’t be efficient when you have to use a number of different tools to ultimately bring something holistically together. Before Bionic, we’d always used a combination of spreadsheet, flowcharting, tools, minimal pieces of software. The first… Continue Reading Mechanica Review of Bionic Media Planning Software

So sometimes I get messages from my grandparents my mom’s, my, um, my grandparents and sometimes they’re like, “umm, you talk really fast” or, they’ll be like, “you don’t really talk very loud” In my videos at least Or sometimes I’ll also get like a message from my grandma and… Continue Reading Possibly VII (Very Important Information )

Hello friends Topic: ICT for ESE, NET, BMRCL Welcome to my channel Craving gyan Marks weightage: ESE: 15+ marks NET: 5 to 10 marks focus more on Dynamic part of ICT ICT Definition Like the video GIve a big Thumbs up subscribe to my channel: Craving Gyan My sincere thanks… Continue Reading what is information and communication technology for NET | ESE | SET

Tales Of Halloween – Haunted House

hello everyone, hope you all are doing good I would like to thank you all for showing interest in my channel your love and support motivates me to come up with new and creative ideas stay tune, stay creative with Navin Khambhala crazyNK

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s a lot of planning that goes into working with orcas. Almost everything we do has to be pre-planned because the animals are so big. Imagine, it’s almost like taxiing 747s on a runway. We… Continue Reading Loro Parque: ORCA-TRAINING-Session planen & durchführen |

Hello there and welcome to this. What is this? This is my room on a Wednesday afternoon because I’ve just finished having a house viewing which you will get used to as a university student when you live in a house. Your landlord will you know try and sell the… Continue Reading A week in the life of a Creative Studies and Media student -with Lewis

We were evaluating how to handle the decommission of our data center. You know there were a number of different avenues we could have taken, and as we were considering different partners goodwill really quickly made the most sense to us. We’ve partnered with them to manage the disposal of… Continue Reading Bexar County Information Technology Partners with Goodwill

At first, I was really orientating the tools towards mastering, and that’s where we created, I would say the fluxien-typicity, the natural sound, the transparence, the excellence without bias, that’s to say that we consider that it’s the user that turns the buttons, who makes the sound, we give them… Continue Reading EVO.Channel – The Philosophy behind…

[BEEPING] – Take a few minutes for the navi computer to calculate the coordinates. – A few minutes? Are you kidding? At the rate, they’re gaining. – Yeah– oh, what is it? – [CHUCKLES] – Traveling through hyperspace– – Do you have to shoot this? Traveling through hyperspace is like… Continue Reading Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | Featurette