Hey I’m JR, and we are looking at the
JVC KW-Z1000W. This is a modular screen radio, so it’s got a 10.1-inch capacitive
touchscreen mounted to a double-DIN chassis, so if your car can take a double-DIN
radio you put that in the radio cavity. This radio, the screen hangs out
on the front and it can mount it, when you’re installing it you can go up and
down with the adjustments, left and right with the adjustments, once it’s installed
you can adjust the angle of the screen, you could even do that while you’re
driving, it’s a nice tight adjustment so that it won’t move around on you as
you’re driving the car around. As far as what all it can do, wireless and wired
Apple CarPlay, wired and wireless Android Auto, you can even mirror your Android
Auto or your Android phone. It has an HDMI input, it has four camera inputs
it’s compatible with the iDatalink Maestro, so that you can use it and
retain a lot of the features from your OEM, from your vehicle ,and it gets all
that information from the computer thanks to that interface. Full
compatibility here. Compatible with SiriusXM, they’re really making
good use of this much larger-than-normal screen in your car, so if you’re looking
for one of the biggest screens you can get in your dash, this would be it. The
JVC KW-Z1000W. We’re pretty excited to see these coming, we are expecting to see
them sometime this year, probably in the summer of 2020, so there’s your first
look at the JVC KW-Z1000W.

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