Welcome to Candle Cove! Where a mysterious children TV show appears and only the Children can see it. On Oct 11 SyFy released the first of 6 episodes of Channel Zero: Candle Cove which is Hollywood adaption into Creepypasta very own Candle Cove which was written by Kris Straubs. Creator and showrunner of the TV version is Nick Antosca And I gotta say did a great job adding his own twist into the creepypasta story. Now on to the show. If you haven’t watched the show here is your last warning cause I’m about to deep into details Are you ready? If you haven’t sign off …. Here we go In the 80’s in the town of Iron Hill children went missing and were murdered. The childrens murders went unsolved. Only clue was a Children TV show called you guessed it Candle Cove only the children could see it while the Adults only saw static. What is Candle Cove? Its a puppet show that centers around pirates. The main villian puppet is the Skin Taker whose name was changed to Jawbone on the TV show The mystery behind the TV show and the murders of the children is the main plot of Channel Zero: Candle Cove Now lets fast forward to present time. The main character is a child psychologist Mike Painter who comes back to iron hill to investigate who was behind 1988 Candle Cove murders. His twin brother Eddie was one of the victims from the 80’s . As Mike returns to Iron Hil, the TV show Candle Cove mysteriously reappears…brainwashing the children of Iron Hill. Turning innocent children into murderers. The leader of the pack is the school teacher Francis Booth whose son Jacob was one of the victims from the 80’s. Mrs Booth also happens to have the puppet show in her basement. But is Francis Booth the main culprit of Candle Cove? In the episode Guest of Honor Francis Booth reveals to Mike and his mother that the power behind Candle Cove was his dead brother Eddie. And that Eddie was coming back to Iron Hill thru Mike Body. Say Whattttt According to Mike. When they were kids…. the show Candle Cove gave Eddie special powers. Who used these powers to kill his bullies and anybody he sees as a threat. Mike confronted Eddie over this… which ended up in a fight that accidentally killed Eddie. However, Mike is wrong. It turns out Eddie always had the powers and he created Candle Cove with his mind. During a panic attack Francis Booth was healed by Eddie. Admiring his power she learned from Eddie that his powers needed to be fed by the blood of children. Mrs. Booth would then sacrifice her own son Jacob to Eddie. Now to the conclusion. Mike daughter Lily was kidnapped by the Tooth child who turns out to be Eddie. To rescue his daughter Mike will have to let the Tooth Child enter his body. The final showdown between the twins is about to go down as we enter Eddie head the true darkness behind Candle Cove. Elsewhere Francis Booth is confronted and killed by Deputy Welch and Marla Painter. I actually find her more evil then anything on the show and I’m glad she got hers. In Eddie head we find the true meaning of darkness from skinless face children to the true appearance of Jawbone and his name turns out to be Skin Taker Eddie will release Lily but Mike has to stay while Eddie takes his place in the real world. In the real world Eddie in Mike body whose a Child psychologist would be a nightmare scenario To prevent Eddie from coming back to the real world. Mike and Eddie Mother Marla suffocates Mike body to death preventing Eddie from coming back but also killing Mike at the same time. A hero sacrifice which was always Mike plan from the start. A sad ending but very well written. But is Candle Cove over? Mike might be dead in the real world… but if we learned anything from this season both Eddie and Mike are not really dead. Both him and Eddie will spend the rest of their lives in Eddie Darkness probably playing the card game that never ends. Eddie still has the power to reach to children but this time Mike will be there to stop him. Just like what we saw at the end with Lily. When the candle cove TV show appeared on her tv screen but Mike Spirit was right there to turned it off. Mike being the good twin gives balance to the Darkness aka Candle Cove thus ending any future harm on the children of Iron Hill. So what do you guys think about the ending? I do like the idea of a school teacher manipulating her students with a puppet show in her basement. Ahh The whole Eddie Painter special powers thing is a little out there for me but it was a good twist. Its just a minor complaint but I do wish they showed the Tooth Child more on the TV show. The idea of the Tooth Child being feed by children teeth is just outright chilling Overall this was a terrific show and it was fun going thru the mystery of Iron Hill. Horror Squad rates Channel Zero: Candle Cove an 8.0 out of 10 I highly recommend to check out Channel Zero: Candle Cove in my opinion to date is the best Hollywood adaption of a creepypasta story. Turn in to season 2 Channel Zero which also follows another great creepypasta story in The No-End House.

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  1. Oh god I remember this show it was so messed up and so cheap it gave me nightmares my mom said I would wake up crying and screaming and I wouldn't stop for hours and my mom says it's weird because I would say I am going to watch crystal cove and there would only be static

  2. When i was a children i was never miss the episode and i still think if my mom love it because everytime i watch it with my mom she say "What a good show you watch, loo!" I was asking my friend and she say "Oh i know that candle cove and your mom?"
    I ask my mom and this is my conversation
    Me: mom, do you love candle cove?
    Mom: i need to tell you the truth, loo
    Me: what is it? Please tell me mom
    Mom: You are watching static i cant see anything whos skin taker whos pirate percy whos laughingstock whos horace horrible
    Me: do you mean i draw this name n character?
    Mom: yes i think its imagination, loo
    Me: huh? I was 10 at time and i can see it? How about now? Im an adult
    Me:*remember* why after you say its a static i cant remember the face of the character and never have memory about it.

  3. So could Eddie as the tooth child only eat teeth because it’s not his proper body? And why and how did he look like that and get around in the normal world. And I wanted to know more about the skintaker.

  4. The first 3 episodes were gripping, but when the story started to explain stuff it was a bit underwhelming. But overall I liked it.

  5. Me: MOOOOOM, can we get rid of the tv in my room?
    Mom: why?
    Me: because I'm scared that some demons are going to turn on my tv to brain wash me and to kill me, why you Ask?
    Mom: No more internet EVER.

  6. Yeah, Mike's definitely his daughter's guardian angel now. Just disappointed that the show wasn't more focused with the puppets. If it was skin-taker manipulating the children, it would've been better than just Eddie.

  7. A new phenemonem with movies and shows is this use of talking very low and slow…for whatever reason people think if a character talks softly and slowly that it builds tension and is a great thing…well it's not…its annoying and stupid…i have to keep raising and lowering the volume it's aggravating and uncessary that alone ruined this series as well as the disjointed pace and fact that it doesn't explain anything at the end…nope not my style….

  8. Wait is this why there is not channel zero now buh buh buhhhhh and also it's okay I want planning to sleep anyway

  9. I like the core concept of Candle Cove but I feel like it started to reveal too much and got a little carried away with the supernatural elements. The issue comes with the fact that there are still unanswered questions (likely plot holes), which wouldn't be an issue normally but the show went out of it's way to reveal more information instead of just having it be mysterious as to who is causing the show to be seen.

    For example, how did Mrs. Booth make the puppets and everything when the show was on in 1988 before she killed her son and before she even knew it existed? What is the purpose of collecting the teeth of the children? Just so Eddie can have a physical body (which didn't appear much or really add to anything)? What made Eddie become what he became (The Skinwalker obviously but what is it and where did it come from and why did it pick Eddie?)?

    I think it would have been better had we not have been told so much, that way the plot holes would have added more to the mystery (That is what good horror is all about. Showing and not telling). Mrs. Booth could have been the one behind it all and a supernatural element still could have played a part but we are left with more questions than answers at the end.

  10. In 1971 i had terrible nightmare i herd deaths of children names dates, months, i had seen a girl die in a dark unreleased horrible episode i saw some traumatized stuff i went to a doctor I remember all of that stuff weird

  11. Channel Zero and No End house turned out to be decent seasons. Butchers Block was slow and painful to watch. It was probably like going to shady dentist who's high on laughing gas that is pulling your teeth without anything to numb the pain and turned it into a little creepy puppet. Scariest part of 1st episode was 1 of Willy Wonka's umpa lumpa chasing you around in field with a hammer!! Actually Willy Wonka was even scarier than the 1st episode

  12. I was 9 when I watched this and it said many children went missing ( from the show)

    BITCH IM STILL HERE ( oof xd sorry)

  13. Hi, Im 9 years old. One day, I was on Tv. I went to fubo tv. I was trying to search cloudy with a chance of meatballs.When I put the first letter C I found Candle cove and it was on channel 0. I finally know that it still exists.The thumbnail was a little disturbing. It had a person covered in this weird stuff. I decided not to watch it, but today im gonna try and watch it.

  14. I dont think the skin taker was replaced. He is a seperate character and still in the series

  15. But I'm 12 and tried to watch it but saw 99.9% of static but still heard sound like laughing screaming and weird music

  16. I asked my uncle and he said that he used to watch this show and he said his parents used to think he was crazy because he was watching “ static “ but he said he was watching the show

  17. Which is worse
    Listening to nursery rhymes and dead memes
    being possessed by a harmless looking show that will make you into a pysco

  18. Mike Painter? They actually went to the trouble of choosing a character's name based on the "Net Nostalgia" profiles in the original creepypasta? That's… surprisingly dedicated.

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