So once you are set up and you are ready to
roll your snake. You’ve got your tape and you’ve got your newspaper laid out we are
going to start rolling and we’re going to roll from the corner, rolling from the corner
that is on the bottom of this stack of newspapers. So what we are going to do is we’re going
to start rolling and you want to keep it light a tight roll, not too tight. You want to be
able to roll and catch the newspaper as it goes so we are rolling and grabbing the newspaper
and we are also going in a diagonal direction so that we go from one corner to the opposite
corner making the snake as long as possible and as the corners start to pop up we are
going to tape them down. There we go. So we’re just going to take those small pieces of tape
that we had ready and tape it down and continue rolling. We’ll eventually tape over those
pieces of tape so they’re not going to show, a few more and as you can see our snake is
actually pretty long. He’ll be perfect, and there is our last one to tape down and this
gives you the length of the snake and it is ready to be shaped.

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