Our top story this morning,… The protests in Hong Kong continue to intensify…
becoming increasingly chaotic by the day. After a temporary shutdown Monday due to a
massive rally over police aggression, flights resumed Tuesday morning at Hong Kong International
Airport,… only to stop again in the afternoon, as demonstrators flooded back into the airport. It’s still unclear whether flights will be
able to leave today. This comes as U.S. President Donald Trump
said China is “moving troops to the Hong Kong border” in what may be an attempt by Beijing
to crackdown on the rallies. We have our Choi Si-young on the line. Si-young, what’s the latest? Well, Conn-young. As you said, President Trump tweeted Tuesday
that U.S. intelligence agencies have informed him “that the Chinese government is moving
troops to the border with Hong Kong.” He went on to say that “everyone should be
calm and safe,” in a clear reference to concerns China may attempt to intervene. The UN human rights chief also denounced the
violence on Tuesday and called on Hong Kong to talk to its people. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,
Michelle Bachelet, called for a “prompt, independent, impartial investigation” into alleged excessive
force by police against the protesters. The EU has expressed similar thoughts. The spokesperson for the European External
Action Service, which is the EU’s diplomatic arm, urged all sides to refrain from violence
and calm down. The spokesperson highlighted the need for
all sides to come together for “talks.” So, aside from the international reaction
to the developments in Hong Kong, what’s the status on the rallies and the airport? Well Conn-young, all outbound flights from
Hong Kong International Airport were suspended as of 4:30 p.m., local time, Tuesday because
of the massive rally in the airport’s terminals. It’s still unclear whether any flights will
depart on Wednesday, but some reports say the scene at the airport is much calmer than
yesterday. So no luck flying out right now, but the airport
says incoming flights are running as normal. Small confrontations and scuffles between
the protesters and police occurred on Tuesday, with police spraying tear gas. More than 300 flights have been cancelled
so far since Monday. Back to you Conn-young.

72 thoughts on “China moving troops to Hong Kong border amid intensifying protests: Trump”

  1. First of all, Hong Kong is part of China, so there is no such thing as Hong Kong and Mainland China border. Hong Kong is a harbour city of China. Second there are 5000 PLA personels in Hong Kong, and they are able to keep Hong Kong secure, and stable.

  2. Communists are bringing in their organ harvesting troops. They call them the PLA. They have very shiny boots because 1.3 billion mainland Chinese bow down every day to lick those boots.

  3. HK police must be given the authority to shot to defend themselves. Otherwise they're being fried and seen as weaklings and not restraint.
    How can police control safety if they cannot even defend themselves and even their police station are being attack with petrolbombs and they are still fighting back with rubbish bullets. Is this a joke? How safe is HK with such useless enforcement officer without power. Even with 2 millions police is useless if such restraint policy remains.
    Looking at the HK police is a Shame to all other countries enforcement unit. The authorities should empower them to enable them to do their duty.

  4. Declare HK state of emergency and this will enable china to clean up and clear the rubbish.
    And extradite or the rubbish to china dessert.

  5. I am pro China…. Hong Kong can’t live without China.. Hong Kong is not even 4% of China GDP !

    You want HK to be independent, first of all need to overcome 1.4 billon of us chinese first !

  6. Except when the protesters choose somebody to participate in "talks" with the government, that person gets disappeared.

  7. Hong Kong is going through a Colour Revolution.

    Color evolutions are a type of regime change technique developed by US strategists and executed by diplomats and non-governmental organizations. They rely on exploiting legitimate grievances of the local population, amplifying with money and marketing small groups of activists they either create or co-opt. The goal is to provoke the government into a violent crackdown, so as to destroy its legitimacy – whereupon it can be replaced in the name of “democracy and human rights.”

    Ukraine, Syria, or Libya are what the worst-case scenario looks like: civil war or anarchy, with tens of thousands of deaths.
    Neither of which matters to the US diplomats, media or politicians, though. They declare it a “victory for democracy” and move on to the next target, to replay the scenario all over again. Will Seoul be next if you dear to resist the United Snakes !?

  8. pay Attention America give up your guns and this will happen to you these people in Hong Kong don't have no guns everybody better pray for them cuz it Chinese bastards going to move on them the Chinese Communist Party

  9. China is about to run over these protestors in a week or so. Bout to get real violent and these protestors aren't gonna win… not even close

  10. There comes a time of general wrath Revelation 11: 18. This is also a time of a worldwide financial collapse Revelation 18: 17 Ezekiel 7: 19 Isaiah 2: 18-20. The beginning of fiat currency loss is the loss of the Euro, with war appearing between Russia and the EU.

    A declaration of "Peace and security!" in Israel is also the time IRAN BOMBS them. Daniel 11: 44, 45. 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. This is the 'sudden destruction', that is also called a 'tribulation' in Matthew 24: 29. This creates the war between Israel; the US and Iran. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. It is the outbreak of Jehovah's Day of anger, outlined in Zephaniah 2: 1-11. The cities in battle and distress named are Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Ekron. Christ told us in Mark 13: 16 to 'get out of Judea' when this happens. Christ has already arrived 'in power and glory', as seen in Matthew 24: 29, 30 and also Matthew 25: 31, 34. So the 'desolations' visible Matthew 24: 15 are caused by the political system; who attract an execution, at the appointed time Revelation 19: 11, 19-21.

    The destruction of Iran's nuclear assets by pilots who refuel in Saudi Arabia trips off bloodshed among all 23 Arab states Jeremiah 25: 24-26 due to the Sunni vs Shea conflict. This leads to the burning of oil and gas infrastructure as war acts at a time the financial system is melting down Psalms 37: 20 Psalms 46: 4-6.

    The situation leads to worldwide general wrath Revelation 11: 18. It is beyond the capacity of mankind to control, stop or recover from the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 21, 22.

    So Jehovah God provides Divine intervention. Christ is taking care of faithful people, as seen in Matthew 25: 31, 34 John 3: 16. That is why they all survive. Revelation 7: 9, 14-17

    But the wicked are all destroyed, as seen in Psalms 92: 7 and Psalms 37: 8-10; and this brings the Great tribulation to an END.

    The Great tribulation is five month man-made cataclysm Revelation 9: 5, 10 that resembles the flood on Noah, in the 150 days mentioned in Genesis 7: 24. Matthew 24: 37.

    Jehovah brings it to an end; and a new system is in place called God's Kingdom Matthew 24: 14 Ruled by Christ Jesus Revelation 11: 15, 18 Revelation 12: 10 and His heavenly brothers, as seen in Revelation 5: 10.

    The survivors; faithful, meek and righteous ones and their children John 3: 16 Psalms 37: 11, 29 Matthew 25: 31, 34 will experience healing Isaiah 35: 4-7 as the earth itself is also cleansed, beautified, restored and re-developed until it resembles a Paradise Luke 23: 43 and even the dead of former times will come back to life. Acts 24: 15 Revelation 20: 13.

    This history has been written in advance by the God of prophecy to greatly increase the numbers of mankind being saved during the greatest catastrophe the earth will ever see; associated with the biggest rescue of mankind by God that will ever take place. THIS all begins with information, and understanding. The God of heaven, Jehovah CARES ABOUT US.

    The time of man's rule over man is over with these events Romans 9: 28. And the Rule of Christ Jesus and His heavenly brothers begins. Matthew 24: 30. Rev 5: 10.

    WE are not abandoned.

  11. Chinese military police should move into HK and declare marshal law. Then arrest all the riot ring leaders include trailors Lee, Chan and Lai and charge them for treason.

  12. The force is from the protesters not the police. Break the backs of the protesters. They are all young idealist who just suck.

  13. This has gone way past peaceful protesting into full rioting, time for China to exercise its sovereignty over Hong Kong.

  14. To hell we th Mitchell she is nothing but a joke China should do exactly what all western countries will do and have always done when they have their own protest which is bring military troops and kill people especially none Caucasian people

  15. Chinese. Troops. Closing. In. And. About. To. Crack. Down. On. These. Protesters. And. Trump. Basically. Says…..I. HOPE. NOBODY. GETS. HURT!!!! CLASSIC. TRUMP!!!!! I. Love. This. Motherfucker!!! Cant. Wait. To. Vote. For. Him. AGAIN. In. 2020!!!!

  16. Its china communism country who want to conquer the world, he want take over taiwan as we know is a free country since long ago, so how more about hk which so little island as his?

  17. I hope the Chinese Govt doesn't over react or there will be a mass exodus of people leaving Hong Kong which will be bad for the Hong Kong econmany which is also bad for the Chinese Govt

  18. Carrie Lam’s idea of maintaining order is KNOWINGLY not sending in the police in order to protect the peaceful protestors from her henchmen! https://youtu.be/fDtM3dEJdHo
    How EXACTLY do you take a Democratic population and turn it into a Communist one? The only way to do it is take away everything they are used to doing. Will they retaliate? Do you have a teenager with a cell phone or IPad on an uncensored Internet? Try taking it away from them! I had a Chinese mother take her 14 year old daughters IPad away from her and the daughter stabbed the mother 7 times. To avoid prosecution, the family quickly left Canada and returned to Mainland China! Point being….if you take something away from someone that they are used to and comfortable with in their daily lives, they will retaliate, no doubt about it! China is learning this the hard way in Hong Kong and as a result should just let Taiwan slip away into a state of sovereign independence otherwise what’s happening in Hong Kong will seem like a schoolyard brawl compared to what will happen in Taiwan. Get over yourselves China! Nobody wants anything to do with you! I’m thinking your finally seeing that all your tyrannical dealings both inside and outside of China are turning the worlds populations against you!

  19. China can deal with its Own! I am an American and it is Not the job of my people or my government to get involved in the affairs of a Sovereign Foreign Nation!

  20. Hong Kong Police, it is high time to shoot them for self-defense. These people are lawless terrorists. If there are not interested and care about the safety of the police who are carrying out their duty, then why should you police care about them that started all these nonsense?
    If it is still under the British they would all be dead now. Do you know how the British take care of peaceful protesters??? Have you heard of Amritsar massacre???
    On April 13, 1919, British troops fired without warning on a peaceful protest of thousands of unarmed Indians in Amritsar, Punjab, in what became alternately known as the Amritsar or the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. British troops killed hundreds of men, women and children.

  21. You should cover more of your own country news…what is happening between Japan and south Korea now???? more trade tit for tat????

  22. What is going Kong's problem way there calling British to help them surf there problem British also get there problem on there own way there surf show China can't call British to come and help them surf there problem because Hong Kong is a Chinese land the way me no and nothing way China don't have to roll there technology are there everything are also be there ooo and if in time of war if one country go to invade them inside there country them also get right to invade the country ooo am not proved law but that my own government I we practices if be a leather of China ooo because no body come this life who can't die all human be and leaving things must die what make person come this life normally he must die oo death is nothing oòooo

  23. Obviously the UN is up to no good. Hong Kong Police is the most restrained Police Force in the world to the extend they look like pussies – more so than any other country in the world from what we all can see – thanks to social media. So what is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet talking about here? Stop practising double standards. The world did not see the UN commenting on police brutality and excessive use of force (which were worst than those force used by the Hong Kong Police by a far margin) when it was used in the US, UK and France to quell unrests.

  24. It’s been more than two months since 9th of June. Where are the fucking stupid PLA? Where are your dog dog dads? They are never be coming because thousands of corrupted CCP big guys vault their hundreds of billions USD in Hong Kong. They fucking scare of losing all of their money. If PLA came in, Hong Kong Stock market would got crashed, Real estate would got crashed, their money would got lost. You know nothing but a piece of shit. That’s why you mainlanders are pigs. Only know eating and fucking. You have no thoughts and freedom.

  25. Their protests are not intense enough.
    We should give them our blacks.
    Looting, rioting and rapes will surely make their protests more noticeable.

  26. Why not just move four trucks with flame throwers safe guarded by fully armed military personnel. No protestors will dare to get near or they will become roasted pigs.

  27. There is no border within one country. HongKong is China region. Trump at it again speaking without brain process. Trump is a dotard.

  28. I'm not well educated on the history of China and Hong Kong as a whole but when I visited HK last september I could feel the "we are not chinese" attitude in Hong Kong. I was at a bakery near Tsuen Wan I asked the lady what something that the locals have here in China for breakfast, she said to me this is not China it is Hong Kong. That's just one example of my 2 week stay there, so I kinda see where the other side is coming from too…

  29. CỘNG SẢN china VÔ LƯƠNG tàn độc mỗ cắp NỘI TẠNG người dân TRUNG QUỐC ác hơn loài QUỶ DỮ phải CHẾT để dân lành Hongkong+ Trung Quốc sống hạnh phúc ấm no muôn đời ok.

  30. Funny english.
    China looks terrible right now. Stop buying chinese crap, the world supports hong kong and the country of taiwan.


  32. I wonder what would happen if riots break out in an US airport? and imagine China steps in and try to solve the problem for US…..

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