with the trade word between the US and
China intensified by the day China’s rare Arts Association has
further raised the stakes declaring it was a fully support
countermeasures announced by Beijing the association also accused Washington of
bullying China using their reports the association of China rare earth industry
issued a statement this week after a special working meeting to discuss the
guidance it was given by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to
a rare earth plant in Maine calling the US trade measures on China a form of
bullying the Association vowed to support Chinese countermeasures in the
escalating trade war observers say China could use its dominance in the
production of rare earths a group of 17 chemical elements used in consumer
electronics and military equipment as powerful leverage and trade war with the
US last week as president Trump announced he would impose further towers
on another three hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods from September 1st
Trump again avoided China’s rare earths as one of the goods subject to tariffs
Beijing has yet to place any restrictions on its rare earth supplies
to the US while the Chinese rare earth Association rarely comments on the trade
war and made no mention of export restrictions during their meeting it
said all attendees agreed u.s. tariffs on Chinese goods were aimed at
suppressing China’s development meanwhile hallway which has found itself
one of the biggest issues in the trade war due to the US sanctions it’s now
subject to has declared its intention to spur talent recruitment for technology
independence the Chinese tech giant is offering what it’s calling five times
your normal wage and a world-class working environment as hallways new
talent recruitment plan reflects its determination to stand up against
Washington sanctions in May the US Commerce Department placed Huawei on a
defective blacklist over national security concerns
easing J Arirang news

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