100 thoughts on “Chris Wallace challenges Pete Buttigieg on big money donors”

  1. Pete saying that will living under corruption and chaos. Oh let me think the United States economy has never been doing so well and unemployment it's at its lowest percentage ever so I guess chaos and Corruption is really good for the country

  2. Did anyone else notice this was a hit peice. I don't like Mayor Pete but I did like Chris Wallace. Until now. This whole interview was not an interview but a hit peice Chris dug up every torpedo he could and launched them all. Fox claims to be journalists but clearly they are not…even Chris. Disgraceful.

  3. US credibility was destroyed by sending troops to the middle east in the first place and keeping them there. The problem is Americans laying their life on the line to defend countries other than America, which is the entirety of foreign policies. The policy has been pure NWO and Zionism.

  4. Fake Msm are the enemy of the American people. I have not watched fake Msm since the great man Donald Trump was Elected. I get my fact Base news from reliable sites like ( Dan Bongino ) ( Mark Dice ) ( BCP Black Conservative patriot ) ( Next news network ) all great shows that give you the facts and truth not lies and BS like Msm.

  5. Doubtful Mayor Buttigieg Presidential campaign will take much additional traction. Why? IF he is not a highly effective mayor, why should Americans think he would make an effective President? The scale of leadership needed nationally way overshadows a Mayorship. Fund raising is not the problem, it is the ability to lead effectively. Example – to recommend to cut prison sentences half for criminals is idiotic without reviewing the case, the crime and the threat to the community by releasing certain offenders. HEY — do not forget the victims. Remember – victims RIGHTS?

  6. Wallace is a newsman, not an opinion host…he reports factual news and asks questions much like his respected father did. That’s what newsmen do, on Fox or any network. He’s fair and balanced.

  7. Are you considering Platitude Pete for president? First take a look at his donors. I am not saying … I am just saying.

  8. what the hell happened to Chris Wallace… completely supportive interviews and positions toward the dems and fighting Trump every step of the way… i don't want him to side with Trump, but at the very least, be impartial with all, its bad enough CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others are waging an all out war on this president…like Trump or hate him, you shouldn't stand for the media undermining democracy by fake outrage and hyperbole against a duly elected president

  9. Leave Medicare alone. That's a program promise to people that have paid into it for years. Leave it alone and don't lie to the people that I work so hard the page so many thousands of dollars into this program just to hand it away to others.

  10. Sort of tough to win the nomination when you call half of America racist. How can you say we need to stop polarizing the country.

  11. The biggest thing that stood out to me was “we’re okay with that” when he said we can keep our health care plans. Not only is it reminiscent of obama care, but it’s a glaring example of how democrats view U.S. citizens. They control you, they have the power, they will allow you to do something but only guaranteed by their word. It’s scary.

  12. This guy has been using platitudes to summon up his "plan". On top of it all, he's been taking corporate money (big red flag).
    The only true democratic candidate is Andrew Yang for 2020. Money is from people like you people. People who wants a president for the people. Humanity first. Not left, not right, forward.

  13. Thanks for reminding us why Pete can't seem to get out of his polling numbers plateau, it's the clear homophobia of the black community. They will never accept him.

  14. Would love to hear what economic policies Buttigieg proposes? Will he raise taxes on business? How is he going to improve on the thriving Trump economy?

  15. LOL They know they can replace Trump? LOL The problem is how? Lying and obstructing him absolutely doesn't work, and it didn't in deed! If they'd only realize that getting along with his great policies which focus on America First and passing laws that really matters to the American people will give them a fair chance to get some seats in 2020… but come 2020 if blue areas turn to red, and Trump will be able to make Republicans elected, and then these good political & economic reforms will continue, even Demoncraps chances in 2024 will remain a dream!

  16. After sun comes up when Donald Trump is president? Thanks for conceding that Mr Trump will continue being the president in 2020 and beyond.?

  17. Please, please do not vote for Mayor Pete. His views belong in the '80s/'90s, not 2019.
    He's a faux progressive who changed his mind on Medicare for All, insulted small-dollar grassroots funding as "pocket change", insulted Beto O'Rourke while cozying up to Goldman Sachs, Blackstone and Wall Street billionaires. He is exactly what America and the world don't need right now. Not to mention that Mark Zuckerberg is one of his advisors.
    (On a side note, he's a pretty awful human being, too. Arrogant, smug and cynical as a cop. No thanks.)

  18. This guy wouldn't do well at all negotiating with other nations. China and Russia would eat him alive and bully him. Along with all the other candidates. Maybe…. MAAYYYBBEEEE excluding Tulsy. She may do well. As president. Not so sure. She could've built herself up had she joined Trump as some sort of an adviser.

  19. How will Buttigieg tackle tech companies like Facebook profiting off of our data? Will he tax it and give a cut to the people like Yang? Or let his friend Zuckerberg continue to get away with profiting off of us? (I'll give you a hint: why is Zuckerberg trying to help Buttigieg?)

  20. Lol, no suprise you deplorable Trumpturds downvote the actual last decent reporter on Fox News, Chris Wallace…..I bet you would like to see him gone like Shepard Smith, so that Fox News could be 100% pro Trump propaganda channel?

  21. He also didn't ask him how many of those soldiers he just said feel embarrassed and feel like deserters for leaving syria that he personally spoke to.
    Or did he just make that up.?

  22. Wow, the comment section is just further proof that the hardcore Trump fans are flat out stupid. Good thing your supreme leader ”loves the uneducated” ?.

  23. No he didn't, the little smirking devil had to say " we have to beat Trump?" What ! ? Are you smoking crack?
    Get this fool out of America! Now!

  24. illegal aliens do not live in america for free, they work, they pay taxes, social security that they will never get back when they retirer ! illegal alien keep your social security treasury afloat ! they bring 3 billion dollars in ! so yes, they should get health care !

  25. Bernie Sanders out raised him by 18 millions dollars with only small dollar donations. Grass roots??..Pete has more billionaire donors than any other Dem candidate! …"Mayor to competitive presidential candidate"?!?! …Dude can't break double digits even with the entire DNC propping him up! "Move forward"?!?…by going back to pre 2016 Dem ideals?? You're a fkng joke Pete

  26. I sent an email to fox fake news and told them that mayor Pete would make Trump's head spin, you know what ? 2 days later they were trying to trash him ! THEY KNOW that mayor Pete will beat trump or Pence, because he is highly intelligent and he understand who he is dealing with ! Ha ha ha ! fox news and the republican party are scared of him ! they know that mayor PETE will go after big corporations who are destroying america and the world ! fox news works on behalf of corporate america, the get milliions to lie and misinformed you ! Wouldn you lie if you were paid 36 millions dollars ?? this is Hannity 's salary !!!! wake up fox addicted, viewers !! watch NPR or DEMOCRACY NOW ! These are independant news medias, THEY TELL THE TRUTH as is THE GUARDIAN US !!!!

  27. If they acted like reasonable people instead of lying all day long about Russian & Trump collusion, & Now more lies, different subject, if they weren't afraid to take an impeachment vote, if they would bring up in the housr the great trade agreement that had been negotiated, etc etc etc. The name wouldn't fit! But it does.

  28. He's a fraud. He flip flopped on medicare for all. He used to be for single payer and would explain why it is the only option that will work. He's smart enough to know it is still the only option that will actually work, but he flip flopped to "medicare for all who want it" because he saw he didn't have a lane to become president with the medicare for all position since that is Bernie's lane. He knows a public option is horrible compared to single payer, but he doesn't care. All he cares about is Mayor Pete becoming president. He said we need to get corporate donations out of politics (as it is legalized bribery), then follows that up by saying he is going to take corporate donations because he "doesn't want to fight Trump with one hand tied behind his back". He's literally saying "it's really corrupt and we need to fix it, but I'm going to participate in it anyways". He is the definition of a hack. He has no principles, he'll flip flop on anything if he thinks it will help him become president. I said it once and I'll say it again, the only thing mayor Pete cares about is Mayor Pete becoming president. Anyone who supports this unprincipled, flip flopping sleazy jackass of a politician is a fool. He's obviously going to work on the behalf of his wealthy donors , those people don't donate to people they don't think will work on they behalf He is your classic "I'm for good things and against bad things" politician, who doesn't really stand for anything and is corrupt to the core. He is the definition of an empty suit. Many on the left who actually understand politics and can sense a rat when they see one know Mayor Pete is an absolute fraud. That's why he has absolutely no chance at becoming the Dem Nominee, let alone the president. If you want 4 more years of Trump mayor Pete is your guy! A middle of the road centrist neoliberal will never win the presidency again, and that is exactly what Pete is.

  29. Mayor Pete is sounds like a programmed droid. Just an empty suit who spews a word salad of meaningless platitudes.

  30. You can't address big money in politics if you take big money for your campaigns… The point is to clean out the swamp not continue replicating it like Trump is.

  31. Wait a minute… he is going to a fundraiser in Chicago organized by that lawyer… LOL he is coming to the wrong city.

  32. The same big money donors who influenced him to fire/demote Darryl Boykins the former black South Bend police chief. I'm a liberal life-long Democrat, and I can honestly say that Buttigieg is an acolyte for the evil, corrupt side of the Democratic Party.

  33. Dear Fox, after Trump is vindicated, something that people who get their news from other news outlets, in addition to Fox, can you please replace the propagandist Chris Wallace with someone who has integrity on your Sunday show? Someone trustworthy, like perhaps, Jon Scott? Bill Hemmer? If Fox News viewers wanted propaganda, we have many other choices.

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