100 thoughts on “CNN reporter doubts Trump will go after white supremacists”

  1. I'm glad Biden spoke because what he said is comforting and I believe he has a moral compass…I don't believe what Trump says. He with his rhetoric has given people permission to display their hate and laughs when people demonstrates it….He is a hateful force fueling the souls of those who believe in him! God help America!!!!

  2. Talk talk talk okay let me put this to you people what gives a person the right to find a wallet that I lost many months ago and use my social security number to get a job would you do it would you do that know what I do that no I wouldn't do that so then it I'm asking who did that who did that it's Social Security send me a letter saying that I worked in 2018 making more than $23,000 and they're charging me more than $3,000 to pay back after day sent me my benefits what gives you the right to a person to do something like that who would do something like that is my question.

  3. I would think no one who is legally here would have to do that so you tell me. I asked you would you do that use someone else's social security number to get a job being here legally would you I wouldn't I would have to do it I I wouldn't need to do that. You know what you call that you call that identity theft. What gives anyone the right to do that. And and who would have to do that to steal the identity of a person his social security number to get a job. I asked you that question.

  4. A person who is here illegally and cannot get a job. And the only way a person who is here illegally going to get a job and a company hire them without using e-verify. Is stealing their social security number. Now I put this to you what gives anyone the right to steal another person's identity social security number to get a job.

  5. My dad came here just like my mother legally and got their social security cards and numbers legally. So they had no need to steal anyone else's social security number to get a job. That's what you call identity theft. My question to you is this who else would do something like this being here legally. I was born and raised in San Francisco California together with my brother and sister from Nicaraguan parents legally coming here. So we all including them had Social Security numbers and can you get jobs anywhere. So again I ask you who else would do something like this to steal someone else's Social Security to get a job.

  6. He DIDN'T KNOW the CITY because it's NOT an issue HE cares about !! When Y'ALL gonna GET you have a RACIST MONSTER in the WHITE HOUSE !!

  7. I work as a tour guide in Scotland and have had loads of Americans on my tours and they often asked if I had ever been to or if I had thought of visiting America. My answer which surprised some but not others was always no, as I had no desire to visit a country with so many guns in the possession of the intellectually challenged!

  8. Trump has already condemned white supremacists and white supremacy MANY times. He's actually signed a declaration condemning it. So what is this antiwhite racist person talking about? Does she want Trump to single out ONLY white supremacists like the Democrats do? What about the antifa shooter–why aren't Democrats willing to condemn antifa and other antiwhite hate groups? Instead Democrats condone and meet with antiwhite racists like Louis Farrakhan. I'm glad I left the Democratic party. It's getting more hostile to white people every minute. I feel pity for any white Democrat who still can't see the obvious.

  9. H will be to busy going after the real criminals who staged the coup and the pedos in hollywood to bother about a non existent problem made up by the left after their collusion lie failed suck it up lefties. this is what happens when you condone the normalisation of pedophilia.

  10. Just another speech from mr 45 € everybody else, but no action out of anybody. Why not? Money talks Corruption walks.

  11. Strong economy, strong military? has this "embarrassed" Bth Seen the Acres of Homeless people??? I guess she doesn't have too. ?

  12. There sure are a bunch of stupid dumbass bastards commenting here! Including the full CNN panel. As stupid as the day is long!

  13. Greatest “Fake News” Hoaxes:

    1. Trump is a “Racist” and “White Supremist”

    2. The invasion at our borders is not an invasion

    3. The travel ban of people from the 7 terrorist breeding countries is a “Muslim Ban”. One of those countries has 0 Muslims.

    4. ANTIFA is not a terrorist organization

    5. CNN’s “Fact Checks”

  14. These people really are pushing for a Civil War and then when it happens it's going to be blamed on Trump supporters when all of the democratic Nazis are finally wiped out it's going to be the Trump supporters fault not CNN and MSNBC that started all of it with all their lies and fake news that they spread. And what's even sadder is they don't care when it all comes down to it, the NAZI LIBTARDED Democrats that will end up losing their lives over all of this they don't care about any of you dumbasses that support them

  15. Do any of these people look at the language thats used on the left by these Nazis from antifa and all of these other libtards? They are more dangerous than any other political party ever has been in the history of the world

  16. A white person can steal a candy bar and society will automatically demonize him as a white supremacy or nazi no matter what

  17. You can't blame him, Toledo sounds just like Dayton…you have an outright mental retard running the most powerful country on the planet…a 3rd grader knows more about everything than this puny brained idiot…I wonder if he could even find Dayton on the map…

  18. After the Marxist are done with straight white males you may be next.  Be careful what you wish for. What goes around comes around.

  19. Stop using mental illness as an excuse for everything. Trump is a racist and so are those murdering cowards who killed those people.

  20. They call Black people and Mexicans…people of color. WTF Last time I heard pink was a color, right? WOW, racist pink skins!

  21. awwwww so sick of your cry baby bullshit.all you bitches do is fan the flames. ive lost all respect for dems and the media.go pound each other in the ass

  22. So what about Bloods, Crips, MS 13, GD, LK they are Angels and there thoughts arent the same as White Supremacist….LMFAO….WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA

  23. The most hateful people in the country ate on this propagada network. Trump is doing a better jod than Obama, and there was lots of mass shootingd and many police were killed and he did nothing.

  24. If anyone here STILL believes that CNN is real news and doesn't push narratives, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owTNI0q8PU

  25. Yo, what about Antifa? Seriously why is it your all ok with this, but ignore the Horrors of that International Terrorist organization? Why? White supremacy is a state of mind at this point. Calling anything white for some strange reason gives you leftist ammunition? Why?

  26. Black people are being killed everyday in Chicago but white liberals don't say anything. I guess it's okay because it's mostly Black people killing Black people.

  27. The Dayton shooter was an avowed leftist. A supporter of E. Warren and socialism….maybe we should assume Warren, AOC and Bernie are potential supporters of these kinds of murderers…you’re all fear mongers and liars…you disgust me!!

  28. The Stage is Set in the USA Blacks ,whites who hates other whites! Battle!…the instigate bu media in other politicians are poisoning people to ignite more violence in the USA!..CNN trash! Fake News Media!

  29. The newest fake news dog whistle. There is no such thing as "White Supremacy". That term was invented by Marxist Jewish Supremacists and spread by the Jewish owned main stream media. When you hear people pushing the white supremacist mantra you are listening to white hating racists.

  30. We the people doubt CNN will go after communist Antifa and far left democratic supporter. CNN are wizards hiding their racism to promote hatred and division among all people. Promoter of war for ratings and profit. CNN propagandist and enemy of the people.

  31. You can blame Trump all you want!.
    but we all know the most damaging propaganda is the media CNN….and presidential candidates playing the race card.

  32. Oh shut up. Trump is not the fault. I guess Obama, Bush and Clinton is to blame as well. I also guess demorats are all to blame as well since the one shooter was a psycho leftist.

  33. It’s so funny that CNN portrays every white person as a Nazi lmao ? your narrative is falling apart CNN. Nothing but BS!!!

  34. The more lies you tell about President Trump (and attempt to shield the Clinton's), the more your ratings fall, LOL. Re-runs on the Food Network have higher ratings than you, fact.

  35. PIG trump cant go after white supremicists or KKK . They will " off " him before he can get through his 20 pc. KFC big bucket & family fries. !!!!

  36. If mental illness pulls the trigger in all these shootings , then the trump family should have their permits removed from them. Thats why they dont live in the Penthouse at trump tower, their elevator doesnt go to the top.

  37. What about Black Supremacy?… wasn't it a couple years ago when a black guy went around targeting and killing white cops in Dallas…. and were people on the right blaming anybody?.. no! Because we're not pathetic… because we're not hypocrites

  38. Donald Trump should commit suicide too like Jeff Epstein. Donald Trump is on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort. Donald Trump is a lying cheating fraudulent racist commie loving pedophilic sack of shit. Donald Trump should just die already.

  39. If you haven’t been to the pen then you don’t know what a white supremacy is! Seriously someone that’s want there people to do well doesn’t make them racist.

  40. CNN and the all the other freedom hating leftists want what? Answer: Honest Americans prohibited from owning and possessing firearms. Once CNN and the rest of freedom and America hating leftists destroy our Second Amendment rights, only criminals, the police and local, country, state and federal governments will have firearms. This is called slavery. Damn all who seek to profit from the tradegy of crimes such as the ones in El Paso and Dayton. DRS / RVN Vet.

  41. The criminal still in WH dictator running American #45president TV is violence lies loudmouth, bully cover up, rapid racisd, traitor that is donal trump, he must be lock up sooner

  42. yet i've never once seen her condemn the blk on blk ghetto violence that happens every single day. whyte supremacists (hoods) and blk supremacists (hoodies) are the same democratic hatred. it's why their communities always border one another in the section 8 cities.

  43. Mass shootings are defined as three or more people getting shot in one episode. In the last 216 days there have been 250 mass shootings in Baltimore alone. I wonder who did that? White supremacists? Hmmmmm….. where's the outrage Democrats?

  44. Heres a little dose of constitutional education for you. It's a person's right to hate and dislike black people and be a white supremacist. Only when that person takes the rights away from another person based on the color of their skin can it be a hate CRIME. Hate SPEECH is freedom of speech. It is not a right to NOT be offended, hated, disliked, or ignored. It may be shitty of a person to do so but it's their right to express it and be proud of it regardless of your opinion. Being a White supremacist is a right, no matter how shitty it is to be one.

  45. The president started this bullshit with his dumdass stupidity. If not for us blacks and the Hispanics this country wouldn't be worth living in. He needs to be in jail for inciting hatred riots and massacres. This president is just fucken clueless about everything, and the assholes that voted for him also. HE CAN NEVER BE BETTER THAN MR. OBAMA. HAIL TO THE KING BLACK POWER

  46. In elk Grove Sacramento CA I once remember in 2010 2 old Indian shks (I'm not sure if I said it right) got shot by a white supremacists. They had turbines on, so the white supremacists probably thought they was Muslims. These dudes looked like somebody's great grandpas.

  47. My God! I'm Latino/American and even I'm sick of this race card shit! Do the Democrats have anything else besides race card and Communism?

  48. I've been to 35+ states, did hours upon hours of social work in impoverished high-crime areas, and helped reform inmates to enter back into the workforce and I have never met a white supremacist.

    This is literally a hoax to push anti-white agenda, and this is coming from a mixed race person.

  49. People are getting smarter…These agencies wanted to boycott Home Depot because of their political affiliation. People are now looking into CNN advertisers and are actively boycotting them. The world is finally getting smarter. ;-)…..BTW, why does Fredo sound stupid when he speaks?

  50. The Demoncrats are the party of the KKK segregation Jim Crow laws and lynchings the Dixiecrats aren't hiding anymore

  51. My father Edward Arthur Laing Jr the international judge prophesized the violence on tv and video games would eventually lead to violence. He didn't know that drug dependency and Atheism was also a factor. GAGUT aka God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem is the solution for all problems

  52. These realities that are blowing up in their faces, is causing individuals to use Defense mechanisms such as their Patriotism-Racism, GOD, Jesus, Military, Religion, and most definetly of all the AMERICAN FLAG etc… to Deflect new information to protect the safety of existing assumptions & old prejudices, ideologies, beliefs that was taught them. They have become very disheartened at the truth of what they have believed and OUR Disgruntlement Politically as we make real attempts to Expose Law Enforcement for who they really are so that we can improve our OWN condition, in the environment we live in. This Discomfort has caused confusion among their own as they further distance themselves away from us. This is called Cognitive Dissonance. When new Truths conflict with their Christian beliefs or with what privaleged Bubble their ancestors laid out for them. This is the reason & not Generalizing all individuals who are WHITE, why WE as african-americans are seeing and experiencing such BEHAVIOR.

  53. Go to the Mass Shooting Tracker or Gun Violence Archive that are often referenced by the media when using total numbers. They record all mass shootings with the location and links to the incident.

    You’ll find we have a mass shooting at least everyday and you’ll be hard pressed to find to find many white mass shooters. Especially white supremacist shooters. Again the NZ shooter was an Australian who committed his crime in NZ. There is one MAJOR problem you’ll find in the first 10 minutes though.

    The FBI states we are down 51% in violent crime since 1990. Including gun violence. The media is fear mongering and creating false narratives. A year and a half ago it was Islamic radicals.

  54. There should be equality in checking these prejudice and discriminatory People. The State Representative and California Governor are supposed to do an immediate investigation and remove the Suspects who keep interrupting our lives in Oakland without probable cause. They are not supposed to be leaving us hanging around knowing that this is going on and continue to be our Representatives. It should not take that long to remove People from Office that knows of a long term attack not accident and does nothing but make up excuses for why this matter is not resolved. There is no way in the Works we are supposed to be held back by prejudice People right now because they are overly arrogant and self center. Just like we do not get questioned about Ownership of our property when there is not any doubt that the damages are in the millions and the house is not in the million. The City does not get to tell me to sell my home that I was in compliance on and the City is not in compliance for the burglary and Assessor's Office fraud. If Someone already has an agreement on their home. They did not violate any agreements. Other People do not get to tell them what to do with their home because they do not have one. Its obvious the President, Congress, DOJ's, and the California Governor continues to fail in removing these People from California knowing that they have an obsession with me. It has been proven over and over again. The false filings. The false Police records. The false reports from the corrupted Law Officials that No One be around. That's a prejudice discriminatory practice that should not be practiced anywhere EVER. How can Someone who does not have what I proved is mines even have a discussion about what is mines. If I reported that I want these People out of my home and off my property. They should not be any interruptions because People are showing how envious they are of me. Very unattractive, "no purpose in life", but to lie People. I cannot stand their type. My agreements are the Attorney. They show the Judge exactly how much I am due. This Judge cannot be told to work with other People besides me because I'm overdue money when it comes to my life. I made it clear I want them all out of my life. I encourage Everyone to start removing People in California for continuing to come up with opinions over facts due to jealousy. We do not care about envious People comments as long as they are not in our homes. No Leader tries to keep our homes all messed up for their own twisted purpose when we are are not involved in anything. Its time to remove these jealous, destructive People who has been allowed to waste People's time in Oakland that they don't know because the Mayor condones that kind of unlawful behavior. She has condoned the unlawful actions knowingly for years helping Suspects harass me and my younger Son.

  55. How can you even listen to someone who doesn’t care about our military and economic climate. Why worry about these small white supremacy movements. How about we talk about the 13% population taking account for 50% of crimes. SMH

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