100 thoughts on “CNN reporter talks to conspiracy theorists at Trump rally”

  1. No non-evidence of it? This is Trump's base for sure. By that logic…..I don't understand that logic. It's just stupid people backing up stupid people.

  2. Disagree with me, or not, but I truly believe that a person registering to vote, should have to prove, at the very least, a basic knowledge and understanding of current events in foreign and domestic policy and legislation, a decent level of intelligence and a functioning moral compass.

    Any dumbfuck bigot with an unreasonable hatred for certain groups of people, can vote to elect a representative of that hatred and reckless behavior on a grander scale.

    Most people who voted for Trump, did so against their own goddamn interests, simply because they are led by hate and pettiness for what they don't agree with. This piece of shit has done nothing to make any part of America "great". We are the laughing stock to the world, we are more divided than ever before, the wealth gap has increased significantly and the "swamp" has more gators than ever.

    And even despite all of that…there are people out there, who still support this fucked up sociopath. There are people who will support him no matter what atrocious things he does. The Republican Congress has dug-in deep to defend this fraud and it really is like I'm living in the fucking twilight zone. Wtf, America? Why is ANYONE still backing this piece of shit?

  3. Someone should find out who is having these shirts made; not who is selling them but the originators of these shirts. It might just reveal some interesting information. ?…….?


  5. This is what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere and do nothing but watch tv and youtube. You get confused and detached from reality and can no longe discern bullshit. They live in theyre own bubble snuggle up with popcorn and Netflix in that bubble.

  6. You have to be an idiot to not believe the deep state/N.W.O. would give up control easily to a constitutionalist who has dramatically improved the economy for all Americans. He will not do endless wars as he has repeatedly shown which is usually a blank check for the (elites). Also, if all the main stream media is trying so hard to convince the sheep of something…you better think twice. All the pro-American worker trade deals also hurt big business who like cheap foreign labor. It's been so long since we have had a pro American people president you lefties actually defend corrupt globalist who want to raise your taxes and keep sending jobs to other countries. Think independently PLEASE!

  7. This is in regards to trump supporters aka #CultLowIQAnon:

    A "person" is smart. Trump Supporters are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.

  8. Q asks questions…the answers to those questions are gathered from basic internet searches….all of which are open source. Connect the dots and you'll see what's up. The media has been lying to us for years….Project Mockingbird is in full effect….but not for long. The world is awakening. WATCH…. https://youtu.be/KVeDKuHPDK8

  9. I've had the nickname "Q" for well over 20 years. So if there is just one person behind this movement I dare the knuckle-dragging, douchebag, coward to crawl out of his mommies basement and have a debate with me. The only things infinitely more insane than Trump and q-anon are the complete morons that support and follow them.

  10. I know this much – watching the ex CIA guy on the left give perplexing expressions is more telling than the content of this video that someone has something to hide. And if anyone thinks this video is educational on its own, you have a lot to learn about the media and how journalism is being done today and for what reasons.

  11. its a shame how ignorant and easily conned americas are. education needs to be at the top off the list for america. its embarrassing

  12. It’s amazing how fear can have an affect on people’s minds, allowing enmity to take over. It’s a blunder so easily made when fueled by lies. Trump is a true master of manipulation. Sad.

  13. Trump fighting pedophiles how is he going to fight himself haha, Trump knew Epstein even back in his early 30's, he once said that Jeffery Epstein was a great guy and that they both have the same things in common including beautiful woman even though they were a little on the younger side, Trump has been on the Lolita express and Epstein's pedophile island 14 different times OMG this world is fcking batshit crazy, I woke up in a different dimension I want to go back to my sane world!

  14. Trump rallies are loaded with those who believe the world is flat. Idiots, complete idiots. What's real: volcanoes and earthquakes!

    Also real: global warming and escaping methane.

  15. Haha while all you people pushed Russian conspiracy theories hahaha so your just like the q people…but they are stupid haha

  16. Fucking idiots, why would you want to get their opinion? They are conspiracy theorists and giving them a platform is ridiculous

  17. Lol.. Qanon movement! We need to take away the internet so that these dumb movements don't start . too many fall prey, too easily to false beliefs!

  18. So, you're wasting valuable time, money, and resources all for a LARP, a guy in a basement. Sounds more like you are getting ahead of a not so flattering story. Just sayin'.

  19. Stupid is saying Abortion is not killing a baby…Demo-crat voter.
    Stupid is the hi cost of the college education that still on credit that brainwashed you thinking socialism is good.
    Stupid is believing CNN or any news outlet is truth.
    Stupid is voting for Hillary Clinton, who’s got a trail of close associates that are now dead. Not awake yet?

  20. ??‍♂️ just look at his supporters you could take every one of them at that rally and combine they wouldn’t have an IQ out of the 20s ???

  21. I'm sure they deliberately avoid talking to the people who actually research the conspiracies that can be proven, such as the vile United Nations Agenda 2030 / Agenda for the 21st century / Agenda 21, or the fact that jeffrey epsteins mistress Ghislaine Maxwell is connected through her father to the Mossad intelligence agency, or the fact that Ghislaine runs a fake charity backed by the UN called TerraMar which openly aims to create an ocean based country/state capable of writing its own legal system and with a similar protected status as the vatican enjoys.

  22. "Q" .. put the ?️ on fellow citizens… Trust no one.. dig for your self.. watch hearings follow the Money so easy to see

  23. Qanon is a bunch of bulshit rip-off from anonymous. The present can't even pronounce the word anonymous. Lmfao

  24. Hey Q Anon if you're so powerful, let's see you pull something like anonymous. Delete some of those IRS tax scam or file people. Let's see you do that something good for the American people cuz those people annoy everybody and the ones that call saying your social security number has been compromised. How about you do something good for the American people if you're so powerful show us what you can do Anonymous has babe deleted and shut down whole call centers in India.

  25. “I don’t know anyone in the CIA”

    Also: talking to Anderson Cooper who worked for the CIA in college….

    Fake mews

  26. These fine rocket scientists were not aware of the mysterious first name of the mythical Q….it is….(drums)…. LOW I…

  27. Deep State? Really? Deep fry, yes.
    If there is a Deep State, then Trump is really a fake President.
    If there is a Deep State, then Trump is not a powerful man.
    Honestly, it makes Trump even more incompetent if there is a Deep State.
    Please, just stick to deep fry.

  28. Q stands for question, that’s it.
    A stands for answer.
    Answering this Q, it’s stupidly at its best and mentally challenged at its worst.

  29. The media wants only approved bullshit to get to you. Woodrow Wilson Warner America as did General Isenhour JFK too. There are secret evil people in America with power. Please understand that every American should have the exact same amount of power they don’t. Anderson cooper is just pathetic and what else can I say?

  30. When this enbreeds go to work?
    This is the result of fucking your sisters and cousins , is incredible what not educating a person does , this ignorants are the most wild idiots in the modern world , now I don't wonder why this hillbillies get weaker with every generation.

  31. They picked out the trump supporters that would say outlandish things to make the right look dumb. It is CNN. Then again Fox probably does the same thing. Who knows. Dont believe everything. Think for yourself.

  32. Where’s C? and P? and 3.O? Can’t find them? Oh!!! Duh! CP-30 he’s in Star Wars! All these crazy ass Letters and organizations! ?

  33. The news media is obsessed about a fringe movement. By devoting more time to this you'll just end up growing the movement.

    The news media has nobody but themselves for stuff like this popping up. They've been wrong on major events in the last 2 years and nobody trusts them so people are looking to latch on to whatever they believe gives them answers.

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