Hello, and thank you for joining me today to learn about RBC Express’ Core Services In this video – We will be taking a look at the best ways to view your current and historical account information RBC Express is organized with the blue banner at the top of your screen This video is focused on the tab labelled Balances, Statements and Reports There are 3 main services that will be covered Balance Reporting, RBC Statements, and Account Images Balance reporting allows you to view your current balances and recent account history This service has a 6 month history starting from the day your accounts were enrolled to RBC Express Use the Balances link to view a list of current balances for all of your accounts To view the transactions that have led to these balances use the transaction reports link This page has filter criteria that allows you to narrow down to a specific account and date or even transaction type however, you can leave all of this filter criteria open use only the calendars and click submit to view a quick view of all account histories Another feature in the Balance Reporting Menu is the Download Transactions feature which can be found under the transaction search heading on the left hand side menu This page allows you to select an account and date range but this time you can download the transactions into a format that can be read by your 3rd party accounting software The download transactions feature supports a Generic OFX format, QuickBooks, Sage50, and Sage 300 So Balance Reporting has a 6 month history but if you need information outside of this date range there is the RBC Statements section This is the full month end statement that can viewed online as a PDF document and saved or printed to your records Here we have a statement history that goes back to a maximum of 7 years When you view a statement keep in mind that your internet browser’s pop up blocker settings may get in the way Keep an eye out at the very the top and bottom areas of your browser where you may be alerted to a download or an pop up being blocked The final service in this Core Services video – is account images Account Images allows you to search for images of mainly cheques that have been processed through your account These cheque images may also be available in your month end statement and will be visible in the Balance Reporting results this feature is here to allow you to search Cheque images only In this video we have covered the Core or day to day banking features that you may have on your RBC Express menu your profile may also include additional services such as Incoming Wires or Lockbox If you have any questions about the features shown in this video you can always contact the client support center our phone number is at the bottom of your screen at all times

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