100 thoughts on “Crowd Chants ‘Send Her Back’ At Trump Rally | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Send pres McDonald, Malaria and the rest of the family Tramp on a one way ticket to Iran – they deserve it!

  2. Hail Trump our great leader who will soon destroy all liberal leftist ! Wipe them from the face of this Earth ! Put Mr Lawrence in a dungeon and feed him bread and water ! Rush Limbaugh said the Democratic party will one day be only black ! Whites are slowly moving to the conservative party ! Communist scum !

  3. We need to take the phone away from him so he can stay away from the Twitter and start working about protecting our country is because we have Russians in Cuba and we have Iranians taken down our drones and he’s not doing nothing, like our enemy is in our backyard and our president is tweeting every five minutes like a teenage high schooler

  4. Send trump back!! And anyone who thinks their "whiteness" (I'm white) makes them better then anyone else should go down with trumpy!

  5. Stop the Hammering! The best thing I've heard out of O'Donnells head. OMG, I listened to 45 seconds… I can't believe anyone actually watches this guy. Why did he quote Paul Ryan? Isn't that the guy who was going to wheel grandma off the cliff?!? Wasn't he running as a running mate with Racist Mitt Romney?!?

    LOL, THIS is what MSNBC has. This is why I don't pay for cable. This is not worth money. Now, I have to go find my doctor and try to keep him… peace out!

  6. Oh Eric swallows well, I’m so glad that you dropped out of the race because you were never going to win your politics are just as bad as the suicide squad, Americans are tired of this socialism and radical SJW ideologies.

    Most Americans only care about putting food on it, keeping their healthcare and not having it replaced by some crazy communist Bernie wet dream that would probably bankrupt and destroy this country. But he most of those people want to give individuals who broke into this country free rides so maybe they think it’s a good thing I don’t know

  7. Lawrence Odonnel is dumber than dirt! I mean this demon is a special kind of stupid! Someone should give him a hammer!!!

  8. Yeah the W.H Guy is affected by Strong Woman,he can't just Boss around like his weak Wife and Daughter's,Son's too they soft as babies bottom.

  9. We know you would never lie would you ? I dont believe anything you say. So whos padding your pockets ? Are you a rockefeller stooge too? Which 65% ? whats their names? Hail the Rockefellers and George Sorrows !

  10. He says the iranians are lieing,but the biggest liear is he himself,every second sentence of him is a lie. Democracy is in some points very week,every democracy is so good or bad ,strong or week as his voters areave bad voters or not educated enough voters you will have a democracy with this kind of abilities. Trump is the result of his voters !! If they will stay behind him the united states will loose and will be week in the next few years,he is complicating the world,he will cause more problems as we can solve and he will start wars which are not nessessary at all,just because he does not like Obama or he is racist.Or climate change is founded by China ?? What a childish assumption ?? And he is president of the united states ?Did you deserve that ??

  11. The Squad's approval ratings speaks for themselves at 8%-22%. The same squad that accused Nancy Peloci of being racist for calling them out. Yet here we are MSNBC defending AOC+3. Trump is using these radicals as a tool to show how radical the Democratic party is and the media is helping him. The more they get on TV and screech the better. All the president has to do is stand there and point at them. MSNBC is helping Donald Trump and they don't even know it. THANKS MSNBC!! Keep the Squad in the news. You are doing great!! Dummies.

  12. WE’RE LIVING IN A REVOLUTION. I admire those woman who are rising with intelligence and commitment to the people of the USA

  13. MSNBC loved it with Black Rapper and Former Gang Member Snoop Dog did a mock-murder of President Trump. I guess have a black man murder a white president is not racist to MSNBC. But if the races were in reverse, Oy, Vey! The white man would be going to jail.

  14. The president who has nothing to do
    Bs when millions work day and night to put food on the table and pay taxes when he pays non and he has destroyed the country. Put the psychopath in prison now

  15. Trump, go back to Germany 🇩🇪. Your skin color can’t make you more American than anyone else All Americans belong America in same way.

  16. Ill'in Omar & the 'Tribe of 4' have been running their big fat mouths for months bashing America and President Trump. She/they deserved every word of that chant that came from the audience, NOT the mouth of the President! Not only THAT … but sick of ALL the bashin' the USA bullsh*t from these 4 anti-Americans. America – Live it – Love it – If they don't like it here, they can get out! We the People will help 'em pack.

  17. Shocked to see such president in USA…he everyday lies and no one questions him..hahahaha insane 😙😙😙

  18. Donald Trump is a fraud he's a con man don't fall for his b***** America please don't fall for this clown

  19. The Democrats had a total loss of dignity from the start. They have proven a false narrative for two years on a fake collusion. They should pay the 30 million tax pays money for their disgraceful accusationss and noncompliant to serve the people they represent. Politicians have a track record for making America worse. Look at California homeless dems in the streets is for example

  20. This guy has more make up on than a carnival clown. Pink lipstick on a man? Wow. This guy may very well be one of the craziest left wingers in the US. He’s the Left’s Rush Limbaugh. MSNBC you do realize that you have zero credibility don’t you and that carnival clowns like this guy aren’t helping your cause.

  21. You people on this thread is truly blinded but nothing but BS! Y'all are asleep at the wheel and it's hilarious

  22. In every state that trump speaks or say a speach just look at the people behind this devil this murder brain washing liar rapes they or the most evil people on earth the synagogue of satin👺👺👺👹👹👹

  23. What next? For siding with ISIS, 'Al-qaeda' and saying that "Some people did Some things Hang her high!

  24. so under trump we have brown skin death camps ? wow .can you show all these mass graves or death camps sites ? it so wide know i never knew about it ? wow err ice are the death camp people ?is it best to get the UN to get free people of china and russia to invade and save the nation ? …O.0…. I NEVER KNEW to many people vote the wrong way , need to out law the vote then . ok got it

  25. So Pressley is a great example of one whose life has been spent sucking off the American taxpayer. Public housing. Yep. Probably no father in the house either.

  26. You hypocrites… You have some ladies who call the president a motherf__pher….They have hatred in their hearts for the Jewish people and they say that America is kissing up to Israel….. these four ladies has been in the news since they got to Washington DC . They're always promoting their Muslim propaganda… And then social media say that the president is racist. You hypocrites!! ! The news media is racist and they are trying to promote racial wars between blacks …whites Jewish people…Spanish people… in this country… it is social media… The people who deliver the news everyday is trying to promote racial wars in this country…in the United States of America… it is the media who is sparring racism on… But they won't talk about the racist comments these four ladies have said since they have come to Washington DC… You hypocrites! The citizens of the United States need to open their eyes and see who is the true enemy… It's the media… Fake news like the president has been saying all the long. Open your eyes people. They couldn't get the president with the Mueller Report… So now they're saying he's racist and that he wants all these ladies to go back to where they came from… these four ladies sound racist to me. And the media is trying to promote racial Wars in this country.

  27. What the president said is disgusting by asking four citizens to go back to the countries where their parents or themselves come from . He is dividing the country . We are a country of immigration including Trump himself, his wife their children and parents, should we say Trump should go back where his parents come from ? I do not think so, but why the president said that , the top leader of the country ? This make me feel disgusting about this presidency and he should never be elected again, and should back off from the election by himself

  28. No matter what color he fears strong women he doesn't know how deal with a woman who has an opinion or isn't bought by money and how can the women at his meetings say they stand for womens rights and listen to him put other women down what does that say about them.

  29. What this man is saying is a lie and the truth nowhere to be found. The hate is in the left. The President is not a disgrace but you are.

  30. The only reason Democrats complain about Putin is that their side invested 50+ years in his ideology and he turned on them when they thought it really counted!!!!!!! Welcome to reality……..

  31. New saying!Dump Trump !And then l'll rise! He's looking pretty old lately!God wins in the end!Not thieves!You can dress in the finest threads of gold and you still have to pay the piper!

  32. I laugh at these journalists about defending Omar . Because they don’t like Trump , they are trying so hard to sympathize to black people or that lady (Omar) but deep down inside their mind they know that they’re as racist as Trump .

  33. He's the only president with "balls" that you the media can't dictate on him (when n where to jump)wow he's got you all mad

  34. He won the election in 2016, and u sorryass hateful liberals just cant let it go. Well heres a heads-up sorryass hateful liberals, he will be REELECTED SO THAT MEANS 5 MORE YRS FOR OUR GREAT PRESIDENT DT.

  35. President Donald j Trump is the best president of all times.. We dont believe the fake nrws anymore.
    USA Dont need terrorist i n cngress
    We support president Donaldj Trump
    Viva trump el mejor presidente.!!!

  36. Trump should read carefully the late Republican U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith's Declaration of Conscience (1950). She gave that speech during the early months of McCarthyism, which unfortunately has found one of its 21st-century equivalents in Trumpism (especially in hard-core Trumpism).

  37. Lawrence you couldn't handle an hour of the President's day. I can't wait to watch you on election night 2020…you will be crying like a baby

  38. Dems are so STUPID !!! To believe anything this Piece Of Garbage Vomits from his Cockhole mouth !!!!!!!!!

  39. In the Holy Qur'an chapter49 verse13:GOD is talking to all mankind:[O YOU MANKIND!I ALLAH CREATED YOU ALL FROM A MALE AND A FEMALE (Adam & Eve), AND MAKE YOU INTO DIFFERENT NATIONS,COLORS AND TRIBES,SIMPLY TO KNOW EACH OTHER. BUT THE MOST NOBLE AMONG YOU ALL IS THE MOST PIOUS.ALLAH IS THE MOST WISE KNOWS ALL].So now with this statement from your LORD,who is who? No racism,No white supremacy,No Black,No Brown,No White,No Nothing men!

  40. MSNBC and CNN needs to stop their rhetoric! Everyone says the president needs to do that but what a about MSNBC and CNN? Stop the rhetoric and the lies and bashing the president and his family! You tell lies constantly. Those 4 woman should be called out for their lies and corrupt policies. Can't criticize a person if they are brown or black? The more you bash him and his supporters the more we support him. Americans are tired of playing the race card! All because you lost and a Republican won the presidency Democrats have gone crazy!! Omar came here as an illegal we gave her welfare free college and she has the nerve to put down America? Did you see the video of talib at a trump rally protesting? What did you think of her character?

  41. O'Donnell is FULL of Lies. Pressley Patriotiic? She couldn't get a REAL Job if her life depended on it…. she grew up on the Gov't $$$, and doesn't know ANYTHING else…

  42. I AM A WHITE AMERICAN AND LEFT AMERICAN TO GERMANY BECAUSE I was abused off for 40 years from People like Mr. TUMP in Military traning as aimigrent from germany, abuse in Highschool I obeided by theConstition all my life, I am know 75 years old, and donot know how I my defend American herein in germany. I Respekt color, and creed

  43. l love Trump .
    The jews has been the Backbone of America..
    Jews relevant.
    Omar speaking against Israel, What has Somalis contributed to USA.
    Omar is Liability to USA..

    God Bless Donald Trump !!!

  44. Send Melania and her parents and anchor kid back. While your at it send the 1st Russian Trump wife back too. All of his 1/2 Russian kids would be a major plus!

  45. Welcome to the world of white Conservative politics worldwide. The same racism, xenophobia, fascism has infected Conservatives in Canada, UK, Australia, Germany. They're no better than the fascisms and bigots in Eastern Europe. Why not send them back to those shitholes???

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