Today I’m going to teach you some essential
English vocabulary because we are going to look at daily routines. These are the things
that you do every day. And if you want to tell someone about your life, these are the
words you need. So without any delay, let’s get going. Welcome to Eat Sleep Dream English, if you
haven’t met me before my name is Tom and I teach fresh modern British English so that
you can take your English to the next level and achieve your life goals. Today we’re looking
at daily routines. It’s so important to learn these words because these are the words that
we use all the time to talk about lives. So there are three sections to this lesson. First
section, I’m going to show you the verbs that we do in our day to day lives and I want you
to write down on a piece of paper or on your phone or wherever. I want you to write down
what the verbs are in English, ok? Then I’m going to show you what the verbs are and we’ll
do pronunciation. And that will all be in the present tense and then we’re going to
move to the past tense and learn all these verbs in the past. Ok, so first of all I’m
going to show you my daily routine and I want you to think of what the verb phrase is. Alright,
are we ready? Are we steady? Let’s do this. Ok, how many did you get? Did you get all
of them? Alright, let’s go through them again with the pronunciation. Ok, now we’ve looked at them in the present
tense this is an opportunity for you to go down into the comments below and leave a few
sentences, example sentences using the verb phrases, ok? So you could say ‘I usually wake
up at seven o’clock’.’ ‘I always have breakfast before I have a shower.’ ‘I never leave work
before seven.’ Whatever is true for you I want you to write it in the comments below.
Use the adverbs of frequency. So always, never, sometimes and also the verb phrases as well.
Alright, cool. Now if you guys want to go further with this. I mean do you? Do you want
to go deeper with your English? Ok, we’ve looked at the present tense with all these
verb phrases, now let’s switch them into the past tense. So these action didn’t happen
today, they happened yesterday or the day before or three weeks ago. Whatever it might
be. Let’s work with the idea that it was yesterday. Ok, so let’s go through the actions again
in the past tense. What I’d like you to do is if you have got to this
part of the video, you’ve looked at the present tense, you’ve looked at the past tense. Write
a couple of sentences in the comments below telling me first of all what your daily routine
normally is but then what you did today. So for example ‘Usually I have cereal for breakfast
but today I had an egg.’ Alright, so usually I have cereal for breakfast but today I had
an egg. So you can see there for the things that I do every day, I keep it in the present
tense so I usually have cereal for breakfast. I usually have, present tense. But today it
was different and I used the past tense. Because this is complete, alright? It’s a complete
action. I’m not still having breakfast, it’s finished so I had an egg. So I want you to
do the same thing. Write what you normally do. Your daily routine but write what you
did today in the past tense. Put that in the comments below and I’m going to go down, read
them and give you the feedback that you need. Thank you so much for watching guys, I really
appreciate it. Remember I’ve got new videos every Tuesday and every Friday helping you
take your English to the next level. I’ve got Instagram, I’ve got Facebook. It’s all
there, if you want to join, if you want to stay in contact with me, ask me questions,
you will find me right there. Thank you so much as always guys, this is Tom, the Chief
Dreamer, saying goodbye.

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