How do I judge my work? Well, if the front page doesn’t end up on Media Watch then I’m not doing my job. When someone picks up a copy of the Tele they can expect fair and balanced journalism. They’ll be disappointed, but they’re welcome to expect it. The Daily Telegraph is Sydney’s most read newspaper. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously and I think our photoshops reflect that. I’ve got some basic templates that I use. There’s: Nazi Zombie As you can see I keep those templates in the ALP folder. It may seem harsh but we’re tough on the Libs too. I once put Scott Morrison on the front page as Superman. So… balance. How long do you want the horns on Sarah Hanson-Young? Yeah, longer. And she’ll need a goatee, Darren. I always find with Photoshops that it’s important to make sure it still looks a bit shit. You don’t want people thinking Bill Shorten is an actual zombie. I mean, we are still a newspaper… sort of. My job is to write really witty and clever headlines But I just normally write puns. I remember my first front page headline like it was yesterday. “Ji-had-it” Still makes me laugh. I’ve always believed the best way to talk about terrorism… is with a play on words. What if we called him “Dill Shorten”? I dunno, it’s pretty high-brow. Can’t we just call him Bill Shorten? Caroline, I’m going to need to speak with you in my office. When I got this job at The Daily Telegraph I was kind of hoping I’d be doing more investigative work. But so far, they’ve just had me transcribing Gardening Australia for any signs of left-wing bias. Someone’s gotta do it. I think we’re just really inspired by just seeing Mark in the office. He’s been doing this for years but he’s just
still so full of ideas. I know it’s a politics story, but can you get Jen Hawkins on there? Alright, headline idea. Hear me out… “Turnbull-shit” Well you come up with something better then! C’mon, the Blues! Alright. For the front page I want Richard Di Natale in just a turtleneck, no pants. I want to see his little environmentally friendly scrote. Yeah? Alright. What am I most proud of at my time at the Daily Telegraph? I think it’s probably the stance we took against online bullying. Online bullying must end. If you want to bully someone, you should do it in a major metropolitan newspaper like everyone else.

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  1. strange in europe the civilized continent of democracy talking about human rights and egualityand you advice others people to fellow the ways of freedom and democracybut in the same time you use your pragmatic opinion with her to encourage the dectaturian regime to killing poor people in yemen by selling your weapon and to close your eyes of the crimes comited by sissi in egypt….shame on you because story must noticed this evil action of your part…time for you to telling the truth

  2. Tommy Robinson had a crackhead under instruction from an extreme left wing defunct history teacher who promotes hate and violence and an alledged Islamic sympathiser solicitor who has attachments to violent extreme left wing fascist organisations, Hope not Hate and Antifa call round and intimidate Robinsons wife and children and the British media fall in line with their establishment masters and blame Robinson. What an earth has gone wrong with the main stream media in the UK? I was never a Tommy Robinson sympathiser and like most people I'm sure lazily believed, well at least 75% of what I read in the newspapers and saw on our Tv's. That was before Brexit and the gradual realisation that something has gone terribly wrong in our country, the complete betrayal and to be honest, treason by those in government, parliament and the media. Then Robinson popped up and I'm sure like most people I thought, hang on something not right here, this guy is obviously being stitched up and so he is. I've read, watched and studied so much about this latter day Robin Hood and came to the conclusion he is in the right and is being victimised by the establishment because he is an embarrassment to them. That's bad enough but one would have thought the media who's job it is to seek out the truth would have the good sense and principles to report the facts but no, they are a disgrace and are helping to destroy our democracy, free speech and ultimately, our country.

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