What happened to Hopper? David Harbour was spotted on the ‘Stranger Things 3’ set looking a little worse for the wear and we’re dying to know what caused those bruises! See the pic here! The plot of Stranger Things 3 is still under wraps, but one thing is for certain: Chief Hopper gets into a fight! David Harbour was spotted on the set of the hit Netflix show in Atlanta, Georgia on May 11 with a huge cut over his left eyebrow, some severe neck bruises, and a split lip Whatever happens during this scene, it’s brutal. See the pic of David’s injuries (and his mom jeans) below! While the actual scene wasn’t caught on camera by paps, we have a feeling we know who he smacked down with Dacre Montgomery, who plays bad boy Billy Hargrove on the show, was sporting similar bruises on his cheek Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers), was also on set looking absolutely distraught. Something important definitely went down in this scene! Speaking of Joyce … more pics from the Stranger Things set have convinced fans that Will and Jonathan Byers’ mother could be pregnant in season 3! In the pics, Winona is wearing jeans and an oversized blue button-down over a large, white tee Could that be a baby bump? And, does that mean that Bob Newby (RIP) got her pregnant before getting shredded by the demodogs? Or — fingers crossed — maybe the baby is Hopper’s! Honestly, that would be epic Will and his savior Eleven/Jane would be step-siblings! Either way, hopefully the new Byers/Newby/Hopper baby wouldn’t have the same twisted relationship with the Upside Down as his big brother and his friends Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) was also seen on set rocking a permed bob that made her look just like Baby from Dirty Dancing We’re obsessed with her new look! We can’t wait to finally find out what’s actually happening in Stranger Things 3!

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