This is just a video to show you the Darling (River) we’ve traveled 600 kms up here to throw some thirsty lures, and this is a longest hole we have found, and the amount of fish that have died and we have found on the bank. We’re at a guy called Rob’s property, how you going Rob? all right, what’s the name of your station? Tolano Station, so it’s one of the oldest stations in the Western Division, dates back about 170 years, I guess what we want to say to the people, to the fishermen, you’ve got 1500 kilometres of river like this, this is the worst environmental disaster in our country’s history and it’s totally man-made, this has got nothing to do with drought, this is government policy of destroying the Menindee Lakes and in return destroying the Darling River, so for the fishermen out there you’ve got to understand this was the Menindee Lakes were effectively the last great breeding ground of the Murray Cod, now when they came out of the there over the last 30 million years they were able to come down the river and feed and survive and expand their numbers, it’s collapsing now so to the fishermen of Australia you could well lose the Golden Perch 80% came out of Menindee Lakes the whole Murray-Darling system so people have got to understand that it’s the whole ecosystem of the Murray-Darling that is collapsing, it’s not just a little part of the river, it’s your whole ecosystem and so for the fishermen please ladies and gentlemen get involved if you can get onto our Facebook page which is Tolano Station Facebook, we get about a hundred thousand Australians who are actually looking in each week to see what’s happening we try and keep people abreast of the corruption that’s killing your River, we’re not getting any help from 7 9 and 10 it’s only channel 2 who are doing everything to keep it in the public knowledge, but please ladies and gentlemen your worst environmental disasters happening as we speak, it’s up to you to stand up and start taking notice, thanks for your time… See I’m from ah Melbourne and us people there in Melbourne wouldn’t even know what’s happening up here Rob. It’s kept in the dark THE PRESS HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN TO US, I was speaking to top executives within channel 7, in Adelaide, and I said worst environmental disaster, they turn around said nothing to see there Rob, and the journalists in Australia had been silenced, if they ask questions they lose their job, it’s that simple so it’s only Channel 2 who are trying their guts out, there’s another Four Corners report coming up in a few weeks, and channel 2 is getting raided by the police…. now that just shows you HOW THE CORRUPTION IS SO BAD IN AUSTRALIA, that if you ask questions, if you tell people in Australia what’s going on, they’re getting crucified by asking questions so they’re keeping quiet so it’s only channel 2 who are there to put the voice out here on this totally MAN MADE DISASTER and yet Australians aren’t aware of it, so please ladies gentlemen it’s only through social media that we’re getting traction. I held a fish about two three months ago, ten million people on the planet saw me & a mate dick Arnold with the dead Cod, that sight resonated throughout the world but our GOVERNMENT IS SILENT in all regards and trying to hide it, the Prime Minister hasn’t been here, none of the National Party, none of the Government has been here, they’ve just let this die, and they’re hoping that YOU AUSTRALIANS DON’T SEE WHAT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING… Mm-hmm we’ve, we’ve found a fair few fish like fish of a lifetime that’ll be over a metre and what we’ve travelled 600 kms on this trip, but we spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year chasing Cod, and you can see this here this is the deepest hole that we’ve found, so we have been camping here for the last two nights, and how long do you think this will last, this water? Maybe, maybe three or four weeks, so the problem is you’ve got all the Cod who were clambering to stay alive and they’re just collapsing, and, and there’s, what’s intriguing with Cod is they’re not going to recover, the way their genetics works they really do need this country to stay alive, and so the whole Murray Darling is going to lose Golden Perch, Perch and Cod and the only thing that’s gonna be left is Carp (pest)… I mean this is, this is the WORST DISASTER IN OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY and the PRESS ARE DEADLY SILENT about it and it’s only channel 2 and see, please for the PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY it’s DYING it’s being KILLED it’s not because of drought, the government will tell you that because of the drought, this has nothing to do with drought, the Menindee Lakes FOUR TIMES BIGGER THAN SYDNEY HARBOUR they were DRAINED TWICE IN 4 YEARS, that wasn’t a mistake, THAT WAS GOVERNMENT POLICY and that’s CORRUPTION at the WORST LEVEL, and that’s why we’re forcing and we really ask you to talk to your politicians, we need a Federal Royal Commission, it’s only through a Royal Commission that we’re going to get integrity back into the river system but the National Party and the Liberal Party do not want to see a Royal Commission because there’s gonna be a number of POLITICIANS WHO WILL GO TO JAIL, it’s quite simply put, JAIL IS WHAT IS NEEDED FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DID THIS, because this is not only for our generation but it’s future generations who are going to suffer by not having a natural environment THIS IS A DISASTER, please ladies and gentlemen in our country’s history we’ve gone to fight wars against bad people theoretically on other parts of the world, and yet OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS DESTROYING OUR KIDS FUTURE yeah, this is bullshit, just because they’re GREEDY, so please ladies and gentlemen, do speak amongst each other, do look at Facebook pages do look at what’s happening, yeah we need this shared, please ladies and gentlemen share it as far and wide as you can, this is your future and it’s dying, now if we can’t feed you out of the Murray-Darling Basin system, what’s your future? your rivers are dead, your Farmers are being run off the land, suicide rates in Australian farmers have exploded in the last six months because people are giving up hope, yeah and you can see why they do give up hope because they’ve got a GOVERNMENT WORKING AGAINST THEM, they got droughts to contend with, but when you’ve got, this river system being destroyed the MURRAY-DARLING FEEDS 40 MILLION PEOPLE, now we’re not gonna be feeding anybody, so where do we get the food from? yeah, we BECOME SLAVES TO FOREIGN NATIONS and that’s what’s happening, and that is really, it APPEARS TO BE A PLAN, to DESTROY THE RIVERS AND THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, are very urbanized they don’t know what’s going on, THE PRESS IS KEEPING IT SILENT, and really ladies and gentlemen like that raid on the ABC the other week, that’s bullshit, THAT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW CORRUPT THE SYSTEM IS, that the freedom of the press, THEIR IS NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, because there is no press, except the ABC, so please support your ABC, and please GET INVOLVED, come out here the boys have come out here they’ve travelled 600 kms to see the reality of the situation. THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS, without a river fishermen won’t come, THE FISHING INDUSTRY IN AUSTRALIA IS A 3 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, now THE (Chinese) COTTON INDUSTRY RUNS A 1.5 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY, their, the COTTON INDUSTRY INCREASED 4 THOUSAND PERCENT SINCE 1975, they’ve taken the water, THEY HAVE TAKEN ALL THE WATER, and they’re SAYING WE HAVE GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT?… Well this river was 40 PERCENT OF THE WATER SUPPLY TO THE MURRAY-DARLING BASIN… IT’S DEAD, IT’S GONE. So the ramifications are, Farmers on the Murray, Murumbidgee are unable to get any water entitlements, so they can’t feed you much less themselves, and they’re all giving up, and SOME PEOPLE ARE SELLING OUT (to the Chinese), and this is a disaster we’ve got to stop it, and for the fishermen of Australia there’s NOT GOING TO BE ANY FISH LEFT there’s NOT GOING TO BE ANY FUTURE, no they haven’t even had the strength to come after the lures, you can just see them cruising around they’re not healthy-looking they’re all pale the fish, and we found so many dead fish there’s one just down there on the bank, we found a heap but you can see the ground like this, we haven’t seen any grass, how big would this property be? It’s 500,000 acres, and you wouldn’t even be able to run sheep, we haven’t seen any sheep, we have lost 25,000 acres of land along this river country, which is normally our best, no boundary no River and you have to remember this is the heartland of Australia, yes we’ve got a drought to contend with, yeah, but the river was always there and it gives life to the sheep and the wildlife and, and we could run sheep successfully believe it or not with very little here if we had a river but we have no river, haven’t even seen much bird life… Menindee Lakes, 142 species of bird come from all around the world including Siberia, that comes to Menindee Lakes to feed, now THOSE LAKES ARE EMPTY, so you’ve got some pelicans who are cleaning up yeah, probably talking the populous of Australia saw about three million fish died, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF FISH DIED, hundreds of millions of fish, what’s happened is the pelicans have cleaned up the rest or as you said they’re dead on the banks, so found 6 dead so far, your talking hundreds of millions, yeah, this is the worst probably, THE WORST ENVIROMENTAL DISASTER ON THE PLANET, we sent a letter off to the United Nations recently to say send in peacekeepers? (WRONG) because our GOVERNMENT HAS BETRAYED THE POPULATION OF AUSTRALIA, and they don’t know what’s happening and so maybe we need the UN (NO MATE) to come in bring in their army against our own because clearly this is not right this is fundamentally a disaster for generations… Barkindji nation in Wilcannia but this was the Barker until white man got here, Barkinji life expectancy in Wilcannia is 37 for Males 42 for Females, water they get their name the Barkinji from the Barker, water is everything to them, their people give Aboriginals a hard time sometimes I mean, they do this or they do that, their river is their life without a river, they do drink they do get into trouble, they do die, now this is their country, and our country, AND TOGETHER WE NEED TO FIX IT UP, and it’s ONLY THROUGH PUTTING CORRUPT POLITICIANS & CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS IN JAIL, and the only way we’ll do that is to EXPOSE IT, the only way to expose it is through a Royal Commission, the government at the moments talking about investigations, they’re looking for problems down in the southern basin, yeah. This is the problem, up there’s the problem, yeeah, there the (Chinese) COTTON INDUSTRY CONTROLS THIS COUNTRY, yeah, THEY CONTROL A LOT OF POLITICIANS and THEY HAVE GOT TO BE STOPPED, because without a river system we’ve got nothing in Australia 14% of the landmass of Australia is controlled by the Murray-Darling and it’s collapsing at a million miles an hour, and as a Melbourne boy, you wouldn’t even know that any of this is happening unless it was for Facebook. You don’t see anything on TV (idiot box) channel 9, 7 and 10 have done nothing, channel 10 did one program with the project which was good, they tried to get it out there, but just note what’s seven and nine done? nothing not a bloody thing, and this just shows you ladies and gentlemen how the PRESS IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED IN AUSTRALIA, and it really is through social media that we really do need everybody to spread their facts, unless you spread the facts through social media it’s not going to get out there, YOUR COUNTRY IS BEING MURDERED BY CORRUPTION and YOU DON’T SEE IT BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE IT, the BAD GUYS CONTROL THE PRESS, THE PRESS ARE saying “NOTHING TO SEE HERE”, and as I said I’ve spoken to executives they said “BEEN UP THE DARLING BEFORE NOTHING TO SEE THERE” the original this is a disaster THIS IS THE WORST MAN MADE DISASTER IN OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY, and it’s unfolding as we speak, and there is NO SOLUTION UNLESS AUSTRALIANS RISE UP & START TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, so we ask everybody to spread this, as I said it is that important it is your country, and it’s dying… Yeah I reckon we traveled probably 16 kms, or 20 odd kms up the upstream, or yeah sorry about that, up where the river used to be & all the other what’s left of the water it’s all green and algae ridden and just yuck there’s nothing in there and we’ve found two holes in 20 kms… Your blue-green algae there’s residues coming off crops in the northern Basin so you get blue-green algae because super phosphates etc get into the water when that blooms, it every so often and there’s a cold snap it De oxygenates the water so it kills another million fish, so this happens so the fish have got nowhere to run, now traditionally they had the Mennindee Lakes, so in a drought period like this they know times are tough, and they’re would get into Mennindee Lakes and there be seven to ten years supply of water, which would guarantee them life until the next rains come, yeah, the problem is the water’s being captured up in the NORTHERN BASIN on (Chinese) MAN MADE DAMS & THE GOVERNMENT HAS allowed it and the government’s not only ALLOWED IT, but they’re pushing forward to increase that quota by what’s called floodplain harvesting which means, destroy everything out here, lazer level it, and put a big bank up to stop the water getting into the darling River, and that’s called floodplain harvesting… That isn’t floodplain harvesting that’s raping the rivers, and if we continue to do this, we’ve got no future… Australians seriously in Melbourne you got to understand your food doesn’t come from Coles and Woolies it comes from out here and we cannot supply anything if we’re being killed off, and we are, this is, like in my worst nightmares I would have never imagined that our country would come to this point but it has, and it’s really through the cities that you’ve got to wake up even the Collingwood supporters in Melbourne you know like weekend detentions off but, I’m a Carlton supporter, ahhm, please ladies and gentlemen THIS IS A DISASTER it is happening in your backyard and you’re not seeing it because it’s not getting through to the press, these boys have come kilometres please everybody’s welcome here at Tolano, you’ve got to see it for yourself because you see, yeah one of the great rivers of the world dry, you’ve got to ask why and it’s not because the droughts, It’s very, very bad, but thank you for your time, but please ladies and gentlemen spread it, if you’re a fisherman if you want the fish into the future if you want your kids to be able to go fishing, then please fight for us FIGHT FOR THE MURRAY-DARLING BASIN, it is that serious, thanks very much Rob I appreciate your educating us boys & spending the morning with us and telling us are, some stuff um you know we can share it and explain to other people that we know, what’s going on and yeah because obviously yeah I didn’t know any of this was going on via, unless it was via Facebook, but yeah I’m gonna get the message across and hopefully a lot of people will share it. I really do appreciate your time and thank you very very much and do share please ladies and gentlemen, this has to happen please it has to get to the public and the only way is through social media, thanks for your time, thanks Rob, Thank you… [Music]

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