(engine revving) – It’s late at night on the drag strip as you creep to the starting line a hulking beast of muscle pulls
up in the lane next to you You glance over All that you can see
are two glowing red eyes floating in the darkness The lights go down the Christmas tree Green light With a bellowing howl of the engine and a searing banshee cry the Challenger lifts its
front wheels off the pavement It’s doing a friggin wheelie You try in awe and envious
terror as the crimson Dodge disappears into the night it was built with quarter
mile domination in mind and given a name from the
depths of darkness itself This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on
the Dodge (bleep) Demon Dodge Demon (electronic music) Drag racing It’s the purest form
of motorsport there is two cards race from one end
of the quarter to the other and the first one there wins it’s simple and that’s
where the beauty lies you get one shot ♪ One shot ♪ To prove yourself and your car there are no do overs But for as long as drag
racing has been around as big as the community is no one’s ever made a purpose built street legal production drag car that is until SRT gave us the Demon Dodge Demon Dodge’s Street and Racing
Technology division has been responsible for
some of the craziest cars on the road for over 15 years I mean they made the Neon cool they gave the Challenger
700 and seven horsepower and called it the Hellcat it had words my aunt won’t
say aloud in its name I don’t know James I see your videos you’re drivin’ around in that
h e double hockeysticks cat It’s call a Hellcat aunt Oh my Lord please don’t use
that language in front of me But SRT isn’t the first group at Dodge to be obsessed with speed in fact they are direct
descendants in a long line of horsepower hungry engineers and racers within Chrysler’s walls if you worked for Dodge back in 1959 you would’ve noticed some students at Chrysler’s Engineering Institute sitting together for lunch every day and just chatting away about cars these guys were smart and they liked goin’ fast most of the guys were
modifying their daily drivers and racing them on weekends So they each threw in about 20 bucks bought a 1949 Plymouth coupe and called themselves the Ramchargers Ramchargers Soon the work they did at the track made it into Chrysler’s lineup For example the Four 20 six hemi It’s one of the most
legendary engines ever and it was perfected at the
track by the Ramchargers Ramchargers Since 2002 the SRT team has carried the because we can spirit of Dodge performance that the Ramchargers
inspired 40 years prior so why build a Demon? SRT already built the
worlds quickest track car that took global records The Viper ACR SRT refocused that energy on building the ultimate
street legal drag car and would use all of
their engineering mastery in the process they needed a new no
compromise spirit animal a halo car that would
cause every single person on Earth to say What they made that? Just like the Ramchargers
the people at SRT are racers They know what they
need to build the worlds first production drag car First you need the power second it needs to be light third it needs to breathe a ton of air fourth it’s gotta have grip
because power is no good if it doesn’t make it to the ground fifth its gotta cool itself off like a Viking jumping into a calm spring SRT had their checklist and got to work on the most over the top muscle car ever devised First up was the engine the Demon’s engine is very similar to the Hellcat’s in that
it’s a supercharged Hemi V8 But aside from the
block the two motors are extremely different the Demon has a bigger
blower making more boost stronger pistons rods valvetrain and a new fuel injection system featuring two fuel pumps
instead of just one on the Hellcat The result is 800 The result is 800 eight The results is 800 and 40 horsepower From a car that you can
buy from one of the guys you know the three guys Him him and Chrysler One of ’em Why What the (bleep) is going on 800 and 40 horsepower You shittin’ me? Imagine riding 800 and 40 horses I’ve ridden an elephant a lot of times Don’t ask and that thing’s probably five horses tops Six Demons could’ve crumbled
the entire Roman empire Tell you what history
books’ll look a lot different There wouldn’t be a Napoleon in there Genghis who? Alexander the what? History would be ruled by James the guy in those things we’ve never seen that go super fast and scream like I was gonna say fire engines that But I realized they’ve
never heard of fire engines Add the fire engines (screaming) And 700 and 70 pounds of torque It’s the most powerful V8
ever put in a production car I didn’t say one of I didn’t say Dodge’s most powerful V8 I said the most powerful
V8 ever in a production car Next they had to modify the body You see these scoops everywhere? They’re not just for show bub Lotta cars gotta em and
most of them are fake Not on the Demon it is the largest functional hood scoop of any production car I’m starting to see a theme It is the blankest blank
of any production car ever SRT even took out one of the headlights to make it an intake That’s an old school trick To me that feels like something that the Ramchargers would’ve done Ramchargers That’s not a headlight That’s a frickin’ intage Like an MMA fighter cutting
weight before a fight SRT put the Demon on a
serious diet to drop some L Bs They took out all of the speakers except for the ones in the doors The sway bars are hollow
and smaller in diameter they stripped out the noise
and vibration deadeners The wheels are lighter and the steering column
has manual adjusters instead of power the Demon is so focused
on weight saving that SRT installed smaller
brakes to save 16 pounds and it doesn’t stop there no pun intended The passenger and rear seat are optional The passenger seat is optional Huh yeah What? Pretty crazy right Very They’re a one dollar option As a result the Demon
is 200 pounds lighter than its Hellcat brother Just like I’m bout 400 pounds lighter than my Hellcat brother Lars hit me up it’s been a while We’re both mad at ’em dude I don’t think we’re mad at each other Let’s fight it out have a soak and be brothers again Since this thing is a real drag car SRT gave it features necessary
for a day at the strip the Demon has a built in line lock system that lets you do massive burnouts by locking up the front wheels once you’re staged the
Demon also has a transbrake Which engages first and
second gear simultaneously You don’t have to hold the brake because the transmission is locked up all you gotta do is use the throttle to keep your revs in the correct range this is the first time a transbrake has ever been put on a production car When you put the Demon in drag mode the engine engages torque reserve which controls the ignition timing and supercharger airflow to produce massive amounts of torque
for the perfect launch The front suspension softens and the rear suspension
stiffens up electronically so when you hit the gas the
Demon’s weight transfers from the rear tires giving you more grip that’s cursive But James you say I heard the Demon has AC if it’s such a true drag
car what’s it doing with AC It’s not for you dummy It’s for the air induction and for the coolant of the engine SRT calls it the power chiller which you know coincidentally is what they called me in high school The Demon uses the AC refrigerant to cool down the supercharger the power chiller reduces
air intake temperatures by 45 degrees cooler air means denser air in the blower and that means more air in the cylinders and that my friends that means more power This again has never been done before and now all this powers
gotta go to the ground and street tires just won’t cut it This car comes with
proprietary drag radials from the factory they’re basically slicks
that are barely street legal To keep the tires from
sticking out of the fenders SRT has put huge fender
flares on the Demon and now this guy’s three
inches wider than the Hellcat but to unlock it’s full potential you gotta open the Demon crate It is a pandora’s box of
drag strip accessories that elevate the Demon to a full fledged drag dominating monster Dodge can’t put skinny
front tires on for you What Dodge can do is sell you the wheels A jack to lift your car an impact wrench to take the wheels off and a torque wrench to put them back on But James you ask what’s a
drag racing dream package like this gonna cost me? A dollar that’s how much SRT wants
you to track the Demon They’ll give you
everything you need to race for the same price as an Arizona Ice Tea Like the Viper before it the Demon is now Dodge’s halo car The very best example of what’s possible when engineers are
encouraged to push the limits of technology united by a singular vision the Demon’s not just fast It’s a truly impressive
piece of engineering So where does Dodge go from here? They wouldn’t tell us But based on the energy in the room they already have plans
for something insane I didn’t think the
Hellcat would be outdone But here we are 800 and 40 horsepower
later with air conditioning and comfy seats Well one comfy seat maybe the next one will be jet powered maybe a new nuclear reactor or maybe the power of love whatever it is I’m sure
when we first hear about it we’re all gonna say What they made that? I can’t (bleeping) wait This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Dodge Demon Dodge Demon I actually got to drive
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I will pick one of you at random and send you something weird It will probably be perishable and it won’t have
anything to do with Donut I love you (engine revving)

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  1. The most bullshit thing is this car costs 2.5x the price in my country. Fucking emissions restrictions. I won't ever see Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, this, or the Hennessey Exorcist in person 🙁

  2. You didn't cover the demon packages from the 70s tho. The Demon name actually started almost 50…. (Holy shit, almost 50?!) years? 😬🙁) ago!

  3. How well does it handle? Has 305s front and rear tires. Id imagine with some suspension tweaks it would handle well as well?

  4. I'd hate to rain on your parade, but technically the Demon doesn't have the most powerful V8 ever in a production car. Every version of the Koenigsegg Agera has a much more powerful twin-turbo V8 producing anywhere from 947-1341 HRSPRS.

    Not to mention that the upcoming Jesko will have its own twin-turbo V8 with 1281 HP on regular gas or 1603 HP on E85.

  5. The guys at SRT are on crack I swear. After the Demon, they come out with a fucking V8 with 1000 hrspr and name it the Hellephant?? Are you kidding me? Who are these guys? The HELLEPHANT?? Meanwhile their competition are coming out with 40mpg hybrids. Mopar… Never change. Go bankrupt before you make an electric challenger

  6. I thought I had"hell"cat. Hellcat in it's name because a model is the Dodge hellcat set demon. But it's the hellcat engine

  7. Fun Fact: SRT made sure the Dodge Demon would not flub any launches, so they made it run 5000 launches on the drag strip without any errors.

  8. The Dodge Demon is Hell on earth but the Dodge Angel will save all humanity from it and restore order with 1000HP #2021

  9. I love my 2016 Hellcat, I cant imagine driving a Demon that is race ready. I have been thinking of trading for a 2020 Hellcat Redeye.

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