-You were friends with
Donald Trump before he ran for president. And then you were one of
the people who predicted, based on knowing him and based
on knowing how he operated that he was going to
win the primary. -Key word is “was” friends. -Right, you were friends. Right, yes, I should
past-tense that. Yes. -Very, very past tense. -But when you were predicting
that he was going to do better than many were, was that
something — did he reach out? Was he happy to hear that on TV? -Yeah, right after he had won,
I think, one of the first primaries, I had been saying
I thought he was gonna win, and he calls me up. “Hey, Donny, how are you doing? Thanks for saying
I was gonna win. This is amazing. Can you believe
how incredible it is?” He goes, “It’s incredible.”
I go, “Yeah.” “They can’t find a replacement on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’
for me.” That’s what he was focused on. The fact that — not that he’d
just won a primary. “It’s amazing. They can’t find a replacement
on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.'” I’m like, “Dude, you’re running
for president. Time to move on a little bit.” -He’s not good at that. [ Laughter ] You did at one point
live in one of his buildings. So technically the person
who is currently President used to be your landlord. How was he as a landlord? -Great story. Ivanka and Jared
were in the building. And I had been in the building
for about five years, and I was moving out. And, you know, when you live in
a building, they have a security deposit. So I get a message
from one of the people that they want to keep $3,000 because there’s a crack
in the bathtub. So Donald and I get on
the phone together. I’m like, “Donald, I’ve never
taken a bath in five years. I’m a shower guy.” He goes, “I don’t care.
There’s a crack.” I’m like, “Dude, this is $3,000. You’re supposedly worth
$6 billion.” But here, this is 2010. The future President is
hondelling over 3 grand and a crack in a bathtub
that I never took a bath in. That is our president. -At the end,
who got the three grand? -I paid him. I just wasn’t —
you know, he just — -See, that’s my president.
He gets the money. [ Laughter ] We’re gonna get the wall
because he got that tub money. -You know what? I remember I
even said to him, “Why don’t I send
the $3,000 to charity?” He goes, “Nope.” -Wow, that sounds like
my president. [ Laughter ] You got to know Michael Cohen. You got to see their
relationship over the years. What was that relationship like
up close? -You know, I think one of the
reasons Trump is so panicked. I mean, he was his guy. Other than his kids,
he was front and center. Just to give you the kind of the
sensitivity of the relationship. I remember when Trump first did
his birther thing, and I, like everybody else,
was very offended by it. Start to see a guy
we didn’t know. And I remember on television,
I said, “This is racist.” And Michael
calls me up and says, “You know, Donald is very hurt. His feelings are hurt. Will you get on
the phone with him?” I go, “His feelings are hurt? He’s out calling our president,
you know, a non-U.S. citizen.” So I got on the phone.
We talked. But even then his skin was so
thin that even when he gets out and says these ridiculously
racist things, if somebody who knows who he
considers a friend challenges him,
his feelings were hurt. I’m sorry your feelings
were hurt. [ Laughter ] -There were reports this week
that Donald Trump asked Matt Whitaker to maybe put somebody else
on the Cohen investigation, someone that was more loyal
to the president. Do you think he is right to be
as worried as he seems to be about the Michael Cohen
of this all? -He should be very worried. I actually —
He should be really worried. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, unfortunately,
I think that the — the Mueller investigation is
gonna end up a little gray. Unless they have him
on the phone with Vlad. “Okay, Vlad,
I’ll take the Moscow tower, you get Ukraine and keep
the pee-pee tape to yourself.” I mean, unless there’s
literally that line, that’s gonna be great. What’s gonna take him down is — and Michael Cohen will be one of
the people very important to this, is I believe
the Southern district and they’re going to, what I
call R.I.C.O. him, which is the Racketeering Influence
Corrupt Organization Act, where if you’re at the top
of an organization that anybody in it is doing
illicit things, you go to jail. I think they will
take him apart. I think they will take
his buildings away. [ Cheers and applause ]
There will be nothing left. If you really think about it,
this guy showed up and has tried to undo what our
great-grandparents died for. You know, separation of state,
freedom of the press. And they’re going to make
an example of this guy the rest of his life,
and he should be panicked. You should be very afraid,
President Trump. -What about —
[ Applause ] Right now, versus a year ago,
two years ago, Michael Cohen, there is maybe a danger of
feeling sympathy towards him. You know, he has said —
and I believe it to be true — that the way
Donald Trump attacks him, there are threats on his family. No one wants that for anyone. Yet, at the same time, you know, Michael Cohen chose this path,
right? -Yeah. We’ve talked a lot. Michael is a friend of mine. And we’ve talked a lot
about this. And his explanation is —
look — he did wrong — he’s a good man
that did wrong things and he’s gonna go to jail
for it. And he should go to jail for it. But his explanation is
the intoxication of Trump and that you’re with him
and that he’s a celebrity and the cheering and —
almost like a cult. You get sucked into it. It’s not an excuse
by any standards. But that’s his explanation
for it. Look, his life
has been destroyed. I mean,
jail was just part of it. I mean, it’s — I’ve watched him go through this
front and center. And look, it’s hard for certain
people to have empathy, but when you know the person
and you know they have kids and you know their wife
and you know in their core they’re a decent person. So, people might disagree with
me, but that’s the way I feel. -No, and I should say, you know,
I think when you actually see the reality on the day
where you get sentenced and you do see
that a man has a family, that is very hard to see. I think that your humanity
kicks in at times like that. But I do think it’s important to
also remember that, you know, there were choices made
that lead you to that moment. -And he’s gonna answer for that. -You know, I think we all were
sort of talking about it and you’ve mentioned it,
the birtherism moment. And that was
a real moment for me and how I assessed Donald Trump. Looking at it now, though, of
course, there were other things. You know, he was — he was sued
for housing discrimination. He suggested the death penalty
for the Central Park Five. You know, he’s had a very
immoral business practice over the year. Do you think the New York
community was a little easy on Donald Trump over those days or just didn’t take him
seriously enough for a guy that was doing serious things that were having
real negative impact on people? -You know, I’m one of those
people who went through the arc. If you asked me what I thought
about him 15 years ago, would I want to be on Fox
with him, no. He was what I call
the great quantifiable liar. You’d say,
“How big is the building?” The building was 40 stories.
“74 stories.” And it’s funny when you’re
a real-estate developer. It’s not funny when you’re lying about immigration
and other things. So he was a guy —
you kind of thought he was a goofy real-estate guy,
maybe in on the joke. The birther thing showed
this ugly side, that either at worst
he’s a racist or even worse,
a transactional racist. And so to me, it was ugly,
and the reason he stuck with it, he is a transactional guy. It worked, if you think about
what he ran on. And what he ran on is — 20 —
what the wall is all about. 2045, guys with our color skin are gonna be minorities
in this country. People are terrified about that. So he ran on
“make America great again,” which is really
make America white again. He ran on, you know,
the Muslim ban. He ran on the Mexicans. And that’s why he stays with it, because with that crowd,
it works. And it’s so sad.
And it’s so tragic. That at the end of the day,
like or not like a president, he should just bring
us together. And this guy is the great
divider, so it’s sad.

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