22 thoughts on “‘Dunkirk’ Director And Actor: It’s ‘One Of The Greatest Stories In Human History’ | TODAY”

  1. They have millions invested in this one. They need a good two months to break even!

    So much cash is spent on Hollywood these days…it's nuts.

  2. didnt the brits lose the war to germany? You know germany won the war and made deal under proj paperclip?! or is this a chick flick?

  3. Its simple no Evaluation, no army to defend Britain leading to Nazi Germany invading The United Kingdom ending the war in Western Europe. Germany will probably still move on Russia possibly even win against them with the British out of the picture They can send more soldiers to Russia, North Africa would be fine no British Campaign would happen, Japan would still attack America joining the war but In my opinion America would put all there military into attacking the Japanese leading to no Americans fighting in Europe increasing their troops in Japan possibly leading to an invasion of Japan instead of using there nuclear weapons… Well its America so they'll probably end up nuclear the Japanese too. America could send troops to Russia but probably too late for that.

  4. let's hope this will show kids in the UK, the other side of what they're indoctrinated with in UK schools which are run by the anti-white, extreme left-wing extremists, that rich white people may have had it easy in history, the rest not so much.

  5. keep pumping out your allied propaganda, more and more people know the truth and aren't buying your BS anymore.

  6. Mark Rylance….don't forget numerous Tony's, Olivier award, and on and on. This actor is killer. Watch Wolf Hall.

  7. dear Dunkirk director plz stop doing films…the dumbest film I have ever watched …I'm from India…dunkirk history was great and he ruined that thing…wat the f**king film….

  8. Ego – Saying your fictional movie is about One Of The Greatest Stories In Human History. Humans have been around for 100-200k years! Think about that. Just think about that. Movie promoting has gone too far these days.

  9. 38% of those soldiers saved were French, not British. The British rescued them but the French did much of the rearguard fighting allowing the British to get away. This should be stated by the film.

  10. It should be "Dunkerque" rather than "Dunkirk". Also, I don't see how that story has been pumped up to the point of being defined "one of the greatest stories in human history". Britons run away from Germans, while French died for them. It's a story about cowardy in my opinion.

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