Day three of the World Economic Forum… trending
the most this Friday afternoon is a keynote address by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry addressed the Davos participants just
hours ago… where he took pointers on various security related issues — more specifically
the recent nuclear deal with Iran and the prevalence of terrorism around the globe.
In a firm voice, Kerry explained why and HOW the Iran nuclear agreement has been and will
remain a success. He also touted the agreement between Korea
and Japan on resolving issues from World War II… as being one of the many positive changes
that we’ve been seeing in the world. Earlier this morning, European Central Bank
President Mario Draghi took centerstage… his message sent a moderate wave of reflief
amongst the Davos crowd here as Europe is under the spotlight this year, both with its
economic stimulus AND the refugee crisis. Draghi nailed that head on — he said, spending
by governments in response to the influx of refugees to Europe could prove to be a stimulus
for the economy. The central banker added that for Europe,
the refugees are a challenge and an opportunity and that the government expenditure needs
to cope with this challenge could be a large stimulus to growth..

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