Should we watch a movie? What time is it? What time is it now? Why say that when you don’t
even have a watch? Lighting watch. Everyone!
Welcome to BTS theater. Shall we say to hi to all our audience? 2, 3! Bangtan! Hello, we are BTS! – It feels new.
– Right. – Today’s concept is theater.
– Right. – Cool. Let’s go around and let our actors say hi – to the audience.
– OK. Hello! – I’m RM.
– Literally turn… – Nice.
– This theater’s… how should I put it? I’m the one in the front. Nice you meet you. V! – I thought it was me.
– We go one at a time? – If the one in front does it…
– Yes, hello. I’m… V. – Very simple. – Jung Kook, do a roll.
– Cool, cool. – Jin!
– OK. I’m not done yet. Right. – OK.
– That’s right. – Jin.
– I look forward to today. – You wanted to say that? OK.
– Jin! Hello! It’s worldwide handsome Jin. – It’d be funny if no on clapped… – Clap!
– It’d be funny if no on clapped. Quick, clap.
Thanks, RM. – It felt like I had to.
– SUGA! – Do we really have to turn? – Yes.
– Turn. Hello, everybody. I’m SUGA.
Nice to see you. I’ll turn quickly. I though Jung Kook would roll forward. The space is too limited. Hello. – Look there.
– I’m Jung Kook back with blue hair. – Blue village? – I remember the blue village.
– Blue Kook. – I want to go home.- Do I turn?
– Yes. – Turn, turn. It’s really embarrassing.
Hello! It’s been such a long time, everyone.
I’m Jimin. j-hope! – j-hope!
– I’ll do a special turn. I remember the old days. Everybody, hello.
I’m your hope, j-hope. Yes! – We got together after a long time.
– Yeah. – Yes. – That’s right.
Everyone, nice to see you. – Nice to see you.
– Suddenly? – Next. Since we’re starting with our comeback
live especially in a theater today, – we want to go ahead with “Borahae”.
– What is Borahae? You’ll find out soon.
Just hold on. Everyone, what comes to mind
when you think of premiere? – Premiere.
– V for premiere, isn’t it? – V, V went to premieres the most.
– Right. – Premieres… Did anyone other than V go? – We went, didn’t we?
– Once. – Once… some animation.
– We went once. – A premiere? – Yeah. – When? – Long ago. – The “Fantastic…” something.
– “Fantastic Four”, “Fantastic Four”. – RM…
– We did. Please show a clip from then. – Yes. – And yes.
– What else, when you think of premieres? – Photo… photo zone. – You’re right.
– Photo wall. – Is it photo wall? – Um… is there… – What…
– Is there one? – It’s ready over there.
– It is? – It’s over there.
– Should I go first? – Go one person at a time and pose.
– Then I’ll go and… – Pose.
– j-hope, go first. – h-hope, let’s go!
– Been to the Grammys and Billboard. Let’s see how that person
uses the photo wall. – There’s really nothing to it.
– Coming out of his mouth… – I’m embarrassed. So this is how it feels.
– Isn’t waving it? There’s not much to do at the photo wall. The flashes should have gone off now. – Show us, j-hope! – He’s doing his own sound
effects. – You know the flash sounds, right? – (Making flash sounds) – Sounds good.
– Managers with their phones… turn on the flash… – Next person, get in line!
– It looks real. – j-hope! Cool! Nice, like a celebrity!
– Shouldn’t that term be faster? – Like flash going off super fast?
– j-hope, you look like a star. – j-hope!
– And a special pose! – Out of nowhere?
– My stomach hurts. Suddenly? – Jimin!
– Jimin! – Jimin! – We should get in line and wait.
– The next one get in line. – We don’t say… – Jimin, do it.
– Don’t say anything. The staffs are doing their best
from below… – taking photos. – Flashes are going on and off,
repeatedly. – What was that? – Right now. – What!
– What did he do? I didn’t see. Let’s go! – I didn’t see, what? – Confidence!
– He did a headstand. Nice, nice, nice. – JK.
Jung Kook, do a handstand. Same blue as his hair. How… how should I do it? – Must be embarrassing.
– Let’s give him some reaction, JK! – One last special pose! Special pose!
– JK! – Color match! JK! – Jung Kook, Jackson!
– I’ll go. – Let’s help each other.
– Yeah. – I’m nervous. – I’ll cheer a lot for you
so you do the same. – OK, OK. SUGA! – What?
– Show us, Min SUGA. – SUGA, I’ll cheer for you so you do the same.
– Hyungnim shadow! So natural! A celebrity, celebrity! Top star, top star! I want to be a top star! – Expressing a bird.
– A bird! Nice. – Good, good. – Jin! – Jin!
– Next is! – Jin, 3-time winner of worldwide handsome
award. – 3 times? – He won 3 times? – So many flashes
going off! Jin! Pose for the cameras! – Jin! – Click, click, click.
– Greeting with turns made him crazy… – Click, click… – He turned.
– Move to the center! – Where’s the center? OK. So handsome! So handsome! – Nice!
– Jin! – Done! – Who’s next? – Next.
– The most handsome guy in the world. – Premiere expert.
– V! – Bu!
– Bu! V! What! Is Conan the culprit? Hold on. – V!
– What pose is that? – My nose is running.
– I root for you! – Facing the wall and not the camera
is a first. – Right. – So chic.
– Where… is he looking? The profile and his back are the key points. – There’s nothing there.
– What is that? Get out of there! – Why are you pointing fingers?
– OK. – Come here! – The last one!
– RM, the most… – RM who show the most reaction!
– V! RM! – RM!
– Let’s go! Where do I look? – Stop, he’ll be embarrassed. Show some reaction.
– RM! – Reaction… why aren’t there any?
– You guys are mean. – RM, Jimin… – Jimin…
– Jimin said not to do any. – Jimin said not to do any. – It was Jimin.
– It was Jimin. – Jimin said not to.
– Why would I to our dear… – Jimin! – Yes? – I’m disappointed.
– Yes, thank you. – It’s over.
– Right. – Nice. – Do premieres have photo walls?
Do they do it a lot? – Some have photo walls. – Showing you
came to watch the movie. – Right. – Is that so?
– There are always articles about them. – Honestly, I don’t know. – I don’t know.
– OK. – I saw articles. “I came to see the movie.”
– Nice to meet you. – Things are special today.
– Right. – OK! – OK! – Right, so we
got together after some time… This premiere’s…
This V LIVE’s title is – quite special.
– Right. – Yes. – It is? – What’s the title, Jung Kook?
– Looked special. What was it, Jin? – You don’t know but say it’s extraordinary.
– Jin! – I know but… – Felt a special energy.
– Felt a special energy? – I know but asked you the question.
– To me? OK, I’ll answer. We wanted to share how we feel with ARMY
so “borahae” or watch. – Short for we’re doing a visible LIVE.
– Borahae, watch! – The… – Yes.
– I came up with Borahae. – Really? – Really?
– In the past, I came up with it during a LIVE. – Really?
– Yes. – Amazing! – Everyone, before
getting into Borahae, for ARMY who we missed so much, – I think it’d be good to share
how we’ve been doing. – Right. – What have you been up to?
– Really… – Let’s start with RM. – It’s been a long time
since the last comeback. – Everyone. – Go ahead.
– It’s been… a whole 10 months. Right. – We prepared for the longest time ever.
– True. We’ve prepared since long ago and… – I think we practiced the most, right?
– Right. While preparing for the comeback… doing this and that,
practicing in Korea and then practicing in the States, – Right. – then again in Korea
until recently. – Right. – True. – And now we’re here.
– That’s right. – It will be the greatest comeback yet.
– We practiced for so long this time. – Right. – We practiced so much.
– We practiced for a long time. Practiced for a long time. – To say a few words about practicing…
– Yes. – I’m not as good at learning the moves
compared to others. – No. – No. – That… – Jin, you’re good.
– How do you know? Don’t say such thing. – We know the best since we’re there.
– My abilities could be a bit less. – No, seriously! – Hey, hey…
– Don’t get mad. – You’ve always been good.
– OK, thank you. Anyhow, I…
The first day we learned, I practiced… – before the others not to fall behind.
– Right. – Advance practice! – Right. – A model student.
– A day earlier than the others. – I practiced in advanced! – Special practice!
– Leading by example. – And… I heard you practiced while showering too. Yes, in the shower.
I could have hurt my head since -it’s dangerous if you fall.
– How did you do it? – It’s kind of embarrassing to explain…
– Just a bit. Can you show us? – Show you?
– A little bit. – Like… – A peek. – A peek.
– How you practice dancing while showering. While washing, suddenly the dance… – Like this…
– What? What was that?
Is there something like that in our choreography? – He can’t show spoilers.
– I can’t reveal it. – While in the shower…
– I gave the spoiler, sorry. – I practiced when I felt the vibe.
– Cool. – Awesome. How about you, SUGA? I’ve been exercising a lot
for my health and… – Right. – We worked together for
the comeback. – Recently… – I heard SUGA lifts 450.
– These days… – 450g?
– Yes. Anyways, we worked hard for the comeback.
I think we had fun preparing. – SUGA…
– Cool. – Exercised a lot.
– Right! When we were practicing in the US – we did many American TV shows.
– Right. – The start was the Grammys.
– Right. Starting with the award ceremony,
we went on a lot of shows. I was nervous every time
we went on these shows. – Right. – True. – Right.
– The language barrier and… How are you? I’m fine. He did really well this time. You did the best this time, j-hope. – I have
– How have you been? I’ve studied really hard for ARMY. – Good.
– You’re awesome. – And we…
– It was the best yet. – We recorded all the performances.
– Right, even for the Cordon show. I want to say it’s the bet yet. – Right. – The upcoming TV shows.
– It was very fantastic. – Please watch!
– Right, and like j-hope said, we were on the Grammys. Thanks to the fans, we… I don’t know if it’s something
we could have experienced. – We experienced it.
– It was a precious experience and we learned a lot from it. – Right. – And it was an experience
that made me more ambitious. – Thank you, again.
– Yes. – We’ll continue to work harder.
– It was amazing to see Nas. – True. – Nas was unbelievable.
– Lil Nas and Big Nas. – Right. – Right.
– It was such an honor. – Lil Nas and Big Nas.
– For me, while practicing, when I went home after practicing, – I did Weverse with ARMY… – You did that a lot.
– Weverse, Weverse. I did that a lot and… I commented to ARMY that more than Mt. Everest…
If my shoulders were Mt. Everest, I’ll shoot it out to the end of the universe. Through our new album. – So… – V and…
– You can have confidence on your shoulders. Jin, I want to thank you because
we were so busy practicing and – you went into Weverse…
– Right. – to really communicate with the fans.
– The notification went off continuously. – No. – No. – I was really thankful.
– Give them a prize. – We were…
– I got one. – You did? – I didn’t get one.
– Really? – ARMY… we had a hard time while
practicing our dance. – Right. But that… by talking with ARMY and playing games the hardship… I got reenergized. – Charged! – I know what you mean.
– Work harder the next day. – How sweet. Why do you recharge the hardship? – V, V…
– You should refill good energy. – Should recharge your energy.
– V, what is that? – I saw you win with no mercy when you
played water bomb with ARMY. – What game? – He’s good at games.
– Right, we plays well. He’s good at that game. – I would have gone easy.
– The game blowing up bombs. – I don’t go easy.
– What did you do, Jung Kook? – I… What I remember is we… The first… – j-hope filmed the “Chicken Noodle Soup”
recently… – Right. It was the first time all of us went overseas
to film an overseas MV. – It was the first time.
– So… it was super fun and – Yeah.
– the atmosphere was quite different. – I think you should really look forward to it.
– A lot. – It was very…
– The schedule wasn’t tight at all so… – Right. – True. – It was less tiring.
– Work ended at 5 on the dot. – Right.
– Americans get off work at 5. – Right on the dot.
– Not a minute more. Rush hour started at 5. – Right.
– Traffic congestion started at 5. – Right. Right, so we spent our time
working hard on our come back. – Shall we get into the album talk?
– Sure. – OK. First, RM, please explain what kind of
album the 4th regular album, – “MAP OF THE SOUL 7” is. RM has to.
– Right. – He’s the expert.
– It’s already the 4th regular album. It feels so new. – Right.
– It will be released in a few hours. – Yes! – It’ll be out. I was wondering when
and it’s finally coming out. – Finally! “MAP OF THE SOUL 7”. Yes, as you all know, it’s the album
of the “MAP OF THE SOUL” series. In 7, we will face the shadow that we’ve been hiding until now
and accept it as ourselves so that’s the ego. – Yes.
– And we have 7 members. – Right. So, it represents the 7 BTS members
and the 7 years since our debut and looking back on it. – Nice.
– When I heard the album title… It’s 7, right? So, I thought it’d be songs
that have these BTS stories in them. It’s our 7 years in the album. So I thought it’d include
the feelings we shared with the fans – and thought fans would also be proud.
– Of course. Naturally. I wanted to make an album
with the significance of 7 members in it. And in a timely manner! I think it’s more meaningful
because it’s coming out on our 7th anniversary. Right, everyone. It’s our 7th anniversary so I think that’s why it feel more special. I heard ARMY loved the concept photos
released last week. So I hope it’s revealed more quickly. Right, the concept photos reminds me… Shouldn’t we talk about which concept
suited which member the best? – Doesn’t it sound good?
– Right. – Sounds fun, right?
– I don’t remember which album it was. – I think Jin should introduce…
– Jin. I have photos! Yes! – Version 1 concept is the swan concept
where we sat on a big hoe. – Swan! – Version 1.
– Show it! – OK. – Don’t worry, it’s being shown.
– OK. – I think an explanation will help.
– This is version 1. I meant a close-up would be good. – Close-up!
– ARMY already knows. – Version 2!
– Swan concept. – Version 2.
– Version 2 has black wings on our backs, the black swan concept. Black swan! – Black swan!
– Nice, good looking. Version 3 is the concept of a masterpiece
like a picture. Legend painting. I think this was a concept I thought
looked really cool personally. So good looking. And version 4 is BTS
where we were totally having fun. – A concept showing BTS.
– Enjoy! – Version 4 is unique because…
– Yes. The different… – How do you say it? The pictures…
– We drew the doodles ourselves. – We were the ones who drew, everyone.
– Right. – Everybody. – We crew ourselves. I think this will be
very fun and interesting. – Right. – Jung Kook drew something amazing.
– Yes, look forward to it. It’s really awesome, everyone. Yes, we looked at the 4 versions. – Shall we vote for the member who looked
the best in… – 1 is… – The swan concept? – version 1?
– Swan, swan. – It’s the swan concept. – I went too far. – The swan concept!
Who looked the best in this concept? I think V looked the best for this. Why? No, no. Just want to know why… – I didn’t know you’d ask. – Why indeed.
– I’m not rebelling or anything… – Yeah. – Please tell us why.
– No, I meant… – Is there a reason? – I thought it be nice if there was a reason.
– Just briefly. Why did V match the best? He told me to say it earlier. – No, wait. Everyone, let’s not do that and…
– I did? – Yes.
– Let’s point on the count of 3. – Point! – Nice!
– OK! – Version 1, who matched the best.
– Let’s not point to ourselves. – OK!
– Got it. 1, 2, 3! V, pick V. – What is pick V?
– What was that? – It doesn’t feel good even if I get the vote.
– Pick V. – Yeah. – Pick V. – Say the truth.
– V looked the best. – Right. – But…
– V. – I really like the earring.
– V wanted this one. Right. V did well here. – The earring… it’s very… – It looks good.
– The accessories and things… looks like he paid a lot of attention to them. – Right.
– V matched with it well. Do you want to say a few words
since you got picked? – Say something.
– He should, he should. The swan concept was a concept I really liked – so I’m happy I got picked for it.
– Yes. I’ll be “Taebaek” from now on. – Huh? – Huh?
– Taebaek? Swan, V’s swan. – Taebaek. – V and swan together.
– Let’s go with Taejo. – Taejo. – Taejo is Wang Geon…
– Wang Geon Taejo… – Baek…
– Taejo, suddenly? – Second. – Wang Geon, nice.
– Second concept. – First member was Wang Geon.
– Taejo Wang Geon. – Second is… – Black swan.
– Black swan concept. Who looked the best?
Shall we point? OK!
1, 2, 3! – I think Jin.
– Me too. – Me too, Jin. I think Jimin. – You have something for me? – He keeps voting
for V. – SUGA is Taejo’s fan today. Everyone, Jung Kook picked me.
Can we hear why? – Yes.
– Let’s listen. – A bit… – If it’s reasonable,
let’s go with Jung Kook. – OK. – Jimin…
– Jimin. – Jimin. First… it’s…
how should I put it? – He used to study dancing.
– Yes. A bit… graceful… huh? – Graceful? – Graceful.
– I thought he looked like a graceful black swan. – Really?
– Yes. – Anything more?
– A graceful swan. – Cool. Jimin, when he doesn’t wear makeup, – he’s a bit… – Cute.
– Looks young but with makeup… – With his hair all styled, he…
– Looked mature? Looked like a black swan. – I think a bit… sexy?
– Sexy… OK. – Such high praises.
– I think Jin looks good here. – I also picked Jin.
– Right, Jin… Jin hair is longer but… – Don’t I look like a black swan?
– A black swan’s… – Ta… where is it? – Black swan’s feather.
– Maybe because he’s the center, Jin looked good. – Right. – But…
– Right, I personally thought… – Very well-matched.
– Very… – Don’t I look good?
– much like an angel but a demon. An angel but a demon.
Great comment. – That… – No.
– That was the vibe he created. – Everyone, then… – That was the mood. – SUGA
looked the best in the black swan concept. – OK.
– Version 3. Masterpiece concept. Wait, …right. – Shall I show you? – Yes.
– FYI, let me tell you the key point here. – There’s only grass in front of me.
– You need to tilt it down a bit. – There are lobsters in front of others.
– Yes. Yeah, and avocados. – I…
– What does that mean? I’m angry there. – You can see in the pic I’m angry.
– Why can’t I have food? – Yes. – Right!
– You need protein. – Right, SUGA works out these days.
– You need to build muscles. – There should have been supplements.
– Right. – There should have been protein.
– You can lose muscle if you don’t eat it. – Shall we point? – Maybe that’s why
SUGA looks the best here. – Shall we try pointing?
– OK. – OK. 1, 2, 3! – Right! – Shouldn’t lose muscles.
– Right. SUGA!
I loved how he made his appeal. – Right.
– The 3rd member was lose-muscles. – A few words…
– Listen to him. Muscle-lose. – Geunki.
– Yes. Let’s move to the fourth. That’s all you’re saying? – Thank you for that.
– 4th. – 4th! This concept.
– Rascals. I… I went off note. – You did?
– Yes. – It was the exact note.
– I personally think RM – looked really cute.
– RM, decided! Don’t we hear from him? – Five… – Why did he do the best?
– Why does he match the best? – You don’t want to bother?
– Why did you do so well? – Did I?
– Yes. – RM, how about it? – Say something.
– He appealed his cuteness. – SUGA’s… – Thick thighs?
– His legs… His legs and crotch area is very charming. – Someone said crotch.
– Crotch was mentioned. – Looks awesome.
– RM, say something. OK, the… – Why were you cute? Why do you think
you’re cute? – I love you, ARMY. – Correct answer.
– Right. – A clear answer.
– That was a clear reply. We had such a fun discussion,
now… – Next…
– We had a discussion? – This was the discussion.
– Why argue about the discussion? – Right. – Right, then let’s move on.
– OK! – we talked about the concept photos.
– OK. – We have to talk about the most important part
of the album, the songs. – Right. – They’re the most important.
– Right. From the first one revealed,
“Interlude : Shadow”, – SUGA… why do you laugh at me?
SUGA, explain. – OK. – This is a great song.
– It’s playing. – It’s playing.
– Let’s listen! – Let’s listen! Let’s listen for 5 seconds. This song is a bit like… Like a conductor. Everyone’s excited. – Stop!
– The MV was totally cool. Yes, my solo, the first song that was
revealed, “Interlude : Shadow”. This was the intro to the album “O!RUL8,2?” “INTRO : O!RUL8,2?”… I got the instruments and… I reversed it to make this song. The lyrics is about how the responsibilities
and burden increases, how the shadow grows, the more you succeed. As you can see, it’s 4 minutes and 20 seconds. But the MV is longer.
So there’s something more. Really? – What? – The song got longer.
– Elephant. – Elephant? – The elephant got longer?
– The elephant… Anyhow, everybody,
the album will be out soon but why… the part where there’s a twist. – Why that part is there…. – Oh there’s more
to the song. – There’s more? – The song was not revealed completely.
– It wasn’t. The whole song was not revealed. So now… Yes, right.
Jimin… came to cheer me. – Really?
– To the shoot? – Jimin. I didn’t show it but… I didn’t show it. Yes, he really didn’t show it. – But I was really grateful on the inside.
It was really nice to see him. – I didn’t know. – Yes. – OK.
– And… – It was fun working on it and Jimin
coming… – Didn’t know. – Yes. It helped! That day…
How should I put it? – I was tired…
– Yeah. – Jimin being there cheered me up.
– OK. I still don’t know about that. – Don’t fight!
– OK! Let’s just say he doesn’t know. Next time, greet with a bigger smile.
Got it? I’m embarrassed in those situations. What did you say before?
You were upset for not coming… You talked about it for years. So I went, and…
“Uh, you’re here? Uh.” – “Uh, uh, uh, uh. Stay there.”
– You’re here. OK.
Next, the next song is the pre-release track. – Who will talk about “Black Swan”?
– OK! I will talk about it. – Let’s listen first!
– 5 seconds, let’s listen! This song is really good. You have be immersed in this song
when you listen. Bring it down! Let’s go! Bring it down. It’s OK to lower the volume faster. Right, the pre-release track “Black Swan” was first performed – on The James Cordon show.
– Right. – ARMY, did you see it?
– Yes! – Yes! While preparing the performance,
we were also excited to show ARMY a new performance. We were really happy
we could show it to you quickly. – Also , we took our shoes off to dance.
– Right. – Yes. How was it, V? I have flat feet so it was a bit uncomfortable. – Flat feet.
– V, how is it having flat feet? – It’s possible.
– Flat feet means… – Yes. – Yes. – Means the soles are flat.
– Right. – That’s right. – It’s OK. – But I really wanted to
show ARMY the best performance – and my head was filled with that thought.
– Filled. – Totally. – So it didn’t hurt at all! Cool. – Good job! – V really
gave his all during practice. – Right. – You were sexy. – So surprised.
– V! … Can you show the “Black Swan” dance? – “Black Swan”?
– Yes. Was this included? Why are you asking me? So, what are you doing? OK! Now!
The song released next was the song j-hope filmed
an awesome MV for. j-hope! Introduce the song. Let’s listen first. OK, everybody. It’s my solo song, “Outro : Ego”. It was already released
so I bet you heard it. It’s a reinterpretation of “2 COOL 4 SKOOL” in the
“2 COOL 4 SKOOL” album. – It’s really good.
– Is it? OK. It’s a song about the path I’ve been on
and the future conviction. – While filming my trailer, Jimin came
to cheer me up. – Really? – Jimin! I told you let’s go together! – Why go alone?
– I greeted him well. It’s because… I want to tell ARMY. – What…?
– I’m a good person. Didn’t you just have time that day? – OK, I’ll finish here.
– Still, that’s great. – Thank you. – We introduced the songs
that were released. This is a comeback LIVE
so we should reveal other songs… What? What was that? Again, what? Other what? – Other song.
– We should reveal other songs. You did it on purpose. – I just… everyone… the serious content…
– Viewers can get sleepy so. – People can get sleepy, so I included that.
– OK. Each member can introduce briefly
their favorite song… Keep it brief. Really brief. – Since the album is not out yet.
– Jung Kook, the favorite… song, what is it? It’s… the profound one. “Louder than bombs”. This song. There’s this song… It’s already been…
The list has been revealed. So many already know. – We worked with Troye Sivan.
– Sivan! – Sivan. – It’s definitely different with
our previous songs so you’ll find something new there. – Troye Sivan. – Troye Sivan.
– What time is it now? Troye Sivan! – What?
– Let’s move on to the next song. What… seriously. I can’t laugh at that for you. – j-hope…
– I do want to know what time it is. I’m really looking forward to
the song called “UGH!” It’s been long since we did this. It’s a rapper unit song by
RM, j-hope and myself. – Right. – Nice.
– This song is… will be liked by many who liked
“Cypher” especially V who really loved “Cypher”. – I think V will love it.
– V! – A funny word was mentioned during rehearsal.
– Right. V, V said… – he added “UGH!” and boo, bugh.
– Bugh. Right. I really like it and I think ARMY will really like it. – If V sings “UGH!”, does it become
“Bugh”? – Sing, sing. – Sing it. – Can I give a spoiler?
– Will you go for it, V? – Can I give a spoiler? – Go ahead.
– Do it. – The album will be out at 6. If you’re going to do it, do it well. – Cute, cute, cute.
– It’s good. – OK, OK. It’s a song that goes like that, everyone. My expectations just dropped. It’s a very good song. – OK, stop there. Wait, stop.
– You can’t reveal everything. Everyone, I’ll introduce the next one. It’s called “Zero O-Clock”
and it’s a vocal line unit song. – Hi.
– Hi. 00:00 means when everything is reset
and restarts so it’s a song about how the day will be better giving hope and consolation in your day. I think it’s a song that many can identify with. – Jin, Jin. – Yes.
– What do think will happen if everything is reset? I will be heartbroken
if everything is reset. – It can’t be reset.
– You’re 14 when you wake up in the morning. – Huh?
– You’re 14 when you wake up. 14, then I can lie a new life… I’ll go to Konkuk University
at 20 and get on the bus. – Jin can you sing a line from the song?
– Sure. Wait, wait, wait. – What song is that? No, no, no.
– You said sing. – No, no. – No.
– This song is really, really good. – I think so too. – The words are
really nice, so hope you listen to it. And I’ll introduce the next song
before more spoilers are revealed. – It’s track #15, “Friends”.
– Friend. – Friend. – This is a song V
and I got to sing together. – I really love it.
– Right. – And… – Right. – It was the first time
I participated in making the song… I’ll share more details on V LIVE or somewhere else. It was my first time
so I’m really nervous and V did such a great job singing – Thank you.
– crating an amazing song. – Please look forward to it.
– But it was Jimin who did great work
creating a great melody line making it easier to sing, – it feels satisfying to sing.
– Right. – Nice.
– I think it goes well with the word, – “friend”, I mean the melody.
– That’s right. – The song style makes you reminisce…
– Real friends. – Right. – Please tell us the behind
story of how you two worked together. We can talk about it now,
the behind story. To give a spoiler, there was – in the middle… – Mute.
– Right, where it’s muted. That part was undecided
for anything including melody. – We recorded at different hours every day.
– That’s right. – I would record messages there for him.
– I know. I would say,
“V, are you doing it properly?” – I would check the next day, every day.
– Sounds fun. – Sounds fun?
– So the final version is the track? Right. – Please look forward to that point.
– Really? – I heard it. – While recording many times…
– Oh that was that. – I heard that. – I… – Yes.
– He played it for me. – That’s right. – OK, OK. – We did it for each other.
– I sent the video. – That was so funny.
– I think fans will love that. – Please look forward to that part.
– OK. – OK, good.
– RM, say a few words. Right, I worked with SUGA. – The unit song with SUGA, “Respect”,
is what I’m excited about. – “Respect”. – Why? – It was light, fun to work. – Right. – It’s a great song.
– Right. I don’t know how many time I laugh
listening to this song. It was funnier but it was edited. – Really? – It was too comedic.
– Right, thought it was too comic. It’s actually…
Since before, SUGA and I… talked about working together
with the word, respect, and – a song that talks about it.
– Right. – We talked about it before. – Right.
– Since a few years back. We finally came out with a song
that talks about it, and it’s light and fun. That’s right. This… Our rapping style are very different so I think the listeners will have
fun listening to the that. Yes, during vacation I worked on this beat. – Right, SUGA’s beat.
– I used that – and worked with it.
– SUGA, you produced many songs this time. – He really did.
– Not many. Just enough. – Just enough. – Why? It’s a lot.
– I was busy with “Interlude : Shadow” – I didn’t get to work on many. Anyways…
– Is that so? It’ll be really fu because SUGA and RM
have never worked – by themselves before.
– We did. – For an OST.
– That’s was – including another person. – Right.
– It’s the first time the two – worked on a song for our album.
– Right. – Please look forward to it.
– The song is really fun. When I listen to the outro song, it sounds like a conversation. When I listen to this song, – I thought the two were next to me.
– FYI, FYI. – It was in one take.
– Right, it was in one take. – One take. – One take. After the recording was done…
– There was no script. They said, “Do it.”
And it worked. – But that’s so funny.
– That… – Right, it’s funny. – Anyhow.
It’ was one take. – That’s right. – How fun.
– I… – Our V. Yes, my favorite track is – “We are Bulletproof : the Eternal”.
– Eternal. When ARMY listens to this song, I think they’ll imagine that that a fabulous choreography
will come out of this song. – Right, right. – This could be the
end of the “Bulletproof” series from part 1 and 2. It’s… if part 1 and 2 were powerful, “We are Bulletproof : the Eternal” is – a bit different…
– Right. It will be a different song for the ARMY. – It’s OK to have high expectations. – Right.
The part 1 and 2 had – crazy choreography.
– Right. It really made things difficult for our lungs. Jung Kook, how was it? – I think the fans will be curious.
The dance… – This… – how is it? – It’s a different song.
– Yes. It’s really… the first… – The first.
– The first… to have no dance! – No dance!
– Oh my. – Is it minimum moves, or none at all?
– How can there be so little moves? – That’s what you’ll think.
– The first. – Right. – The first. – That’s right. Last one, j-hope.
– j-hope. – Yes. – Yes. – Oh this is that. – The 30 second one.
– Right, everyone. – I don’t think we can leave this song out.
– It’s super. I think it’s one you really look forward to. It’s the title song, “ON”. – “ON”…
– Oh my gosh! – “ON” is a song full of BTS’s powerful energy
and sincerity. – Finally. As artists who try different changes in music, it’s a song where you can witness
another growth in us. There’s the change in music as well as in performance. – You’ll see another side of us, everybody.
– That’s right. Please look forward to it.
It’s amazing. There will be another version of “ON”
with Sia revealed. – Please look forward to that as well.
– Sia! – Sia! – Hi, Sia! Right, the MV that will be revealed in a few hours. – MV, MV. There’s a spectacular
choreography on it. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Please look forward to it. – Yes! – I want to know the reaction.
– We talked about the many songs and title song of this album till now. We worked really hard
for a long time on the other songs – that weren’t introduced as well.
– Right. We are looking forward to how many will
respond when the songs are released. – Right.
– We will wrap up part 1 and… – Already? – move to part 2. – OK.
– Before that, there’s a VCR clip prepared. – Shall we watch it together?
– Yes! – It’s our first time viewing it too! – Get it!
– Let’s go! I finally noticed that
we’re already shooting the album cover. It’s a concept showing the strong energy
of an artist. Like what I saw in the Uffizi Gallery
in Florence, pretending to be a Medici. It’s a shoot to so the sexy side. I think the results look good. The concept is called the last supper. I think we covered all concepts. We are coming out with another album. There’s still lots left,
so look forward to it. Faiting! We will be trying out
many different moods. Please look forward to that and I’ll be visiting in between shoots. Is this grape real? It’s real. [Jung Kook is amazed they set up real fruit]
It’s the real thing. Can you pour me a cup? [The group shot with the last supper concept!] The first day of photo shoot ended! We will go on to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th
day of photo shoot and get it done! – Bangtan! Bangtan!
– BangBangtan! [2nd day, BTS transformed into swans] The outfits are very white,
unlike yesterday! The concept is “swan” so we are trying to express anxiety and instability
craving to be “black swans”. Too fast! Seokjin, the photo looks really good. V, you’re so handsome. How can you be so handsome? You have to be born handsome! The props and lighting are
all pastel-like and soft. I really like the photos that were shot. I like this kind of mood so much. We’ve been in the same subunit
for a long time, right? Right. So, how does it feel? Um… I want to be in a different subunit. – Huh?
– Huh? It feels comfortable. Just like my mother’s lap. I think the photos are very pretty. I’m looking forward to
tomorrow’s photoshoots as well. Let’s go for it. See you tomorrow. Let’s go! [On the 3rd day, BTS turned into black swans] We turned into Maleficents, everyone. I’ve watched the movie recently. Jung Kook, you’re really acting like
you have the wings. You’re all amateurs, and I am a pro.
So it looks like I really had the wings. It looks like we’re devils,
but we’re actually black swans. I have the strongest wings, showing that I’m the strongest of all. – Fly!
– SUGA! You need to upgrade your weapons! You need to be equipped with weapons. In many games,
wings are the most powerful items. Right. Are these the famous wings of Icarus? Today is the last day of our subunit’s photoshoot. These wings are… not very comfortable. [flap] [flap] While I was sleeping, someone took my wings. So I became a human. We’re going to do something cute tomorrow. – Together…
– We are doing something cute tomorrow? – No? – How about all three of us…
– We’re going to wear school uniforms. – Three of us what?
– Shall we do this together and say goodbye? 1, 2, 3! [The bright mood of the last day of shooting] Shall we all lie on top of each other? I think I had the longest hair for these jacket shots
compared to those for our old albums. I hope you’ll like it. The shoots had diverse themes and
we could do almost anything very freely. The mood was very comfortable too.
I think there were some good photos. [Jung Kook found V was also in the photo]
What are you doing! We worked hard for 4 days to take some good photos. We’ve worked hard for these,
so I hope ARMYs like it. I think we’ll feel content seeing our album. The black and white photos seemed nice. I hope some good photos will be selected. We’re nervous in a good way.
We’ll work hard for our comeback. Please look forward to it. I love you ARMYs. Thank you for supporting us. I think you’ll like it.
We tried wearing school uniforms, and tried some new styles like always. So I’m sure that you’ll like it. I’m looking forward to it. AH! [Jimin’s jump is so perfect] What are you doing! What is this! We’ve finished the shooting today! – Already?
– Yay! We were just hanging out and it finished. How could we finish this so soon? We’ve been shooting this for 4 days. – Yeah.
– Right. – It was… a bit hard.
– We’re making a comeback! – There were lots of…
– We had to start from early mornings too. Anyway, this video will be released – when it’s almost our comeback.
– Right. I think we’ve got some nice photos. – You can keep your expectations high.
– We’ll continue working hard. The 4 versions are all awesome. [BTS episode] That was cool. – You should have said something.
– What was that for? You should have said something to the camera. – Oh, did I have to?
– All the time you were there for… – Stand up and do it again.
– Yeah, say something. – In a close-up, it’ll look the same as the
previous one. – Yeah, right. Part 2, begins. Hello, ARMYs. Did you enjoy the part 1, in which
we were shooting for our album cover? In this part 2, we’ll be on the stage. – It’ll be more dynamic.
– Dynamic! – Yeah.
– Right. How are we going to show us being dynamic? We can perform on the stage? So we’re going to perform here? You might ask,
“Are they going to perform something?”. “Are we going to see them performing?”,
you might ask. – But we cannot do that.
– Right. – Because it hasn’t been revealed. – No, not yet.
– But we can give you – a few spoilers instead.
– Yeah, it’s time for some spoilers! – Shall we start this part 2?
– Let’s go! To begin, first, we’ll show you what we think of the title song
in various ways. There’s a lucky draw. Each member will pick one, and it will tell you
what to do to share your thoughts on the song. Then, who should go first? – RM?
– Yeah? Since you’re sitting on the very left… – How about j-hope then?
– Okay, I’ll go first. – I’ll share what I think of the title song.
– He’s the best at expressing. As you can see, I’m hold this lucky draw. – The color’s so pretty.
– Borahae! What should I pick? Let’s pick one. – What will it be?
– Let’s get it! Move!
This may be the biggest spoiler. – Right.
– Show us some moves. – It could be the biggest spoiler.
– Go, go! – It could be the biggest spoiler.
– How many times… – Why are you repeating that? – 4 times?
– He’s said it 3 times. – I can see that you have so many thoughts now.
– This could be the biggest spoiler. He’s just busy thinking what to do. I think this happened before. This could be the biggest spoiler. – He’s lost.
– What move should I show them? – Okay.
– 1, 2, 3! I know that move. – I know that. – One more time.
– 1, 2, 3! – I know that. – I think our fans won’t be able to
find this move even after our dance is unveiled. – That was so straightforward.
– Oh, should I show them some more moves? – But what moves? – Move.
– Do you have any opinions? No, we don’t. You just showed us being “Oh!”. Very well. I having nothing to suggest and
that’s why I’m saying nothing. – Okay. – Okay, j-hope.
– Let’s move on. – Next, SUGA, no, Jimin.
– Yeah, I picked one. – Okay. Mine says Picture. – Picture.
– Good. Jimin’s a good painter. – He’s good at drawing. – What should I draw?
– A lot of pressure. – Where should I draw?
– Any pens or crayons? – Is there something?
– Oh yeah, sorry. Here are some supplies. – Supplies.
– Jimin will draw on this sketchbook. – We’re tight on time, so I’ll be quick.
– Yeah, draw what you think of our title song. – I’ll be super fast.
– If you need time, we can let – other members do their missions first.
– No, I’ll be quick. It won’t be that hard. – Oh, I know what that is.
– What’s that? That’s… that. – What?
– That, you know. That’s the main… yeah. What, what is it? 1, 2, 3!
It’s like the Golden Bell Challenge! Wrong answer! I guess I got it wrong. Show it one more time to the camera.
What was it? I think that’s not a spoiler at all. – Isn’t it? – No.
– He’s saying, “Go get it!”. He seems mad. Go get it! – Tell us about your drawing.
– Go get it! – Can you explain?
– Go get it! – Okay, that was his explanation.
– He’s drawing is saying “Go get it!”. – Okay.
– I’ll pick one. – Yeah. – Pick one. – Ignored, I got it.
– Your picture was just… – You did great job not giving them any spoilers.
– Yeah, I guess so. – Okay. – Picture, again.
– What? Why are there the same mission?
Since you’ve drawn one… – No, SUGA is a good painter too.
– Pass me that. So there were two Pictures. So, what will SUGA draw? – Give us a big spoiler.
– Don’t worry. – We’ve been too protective.
– Give us a big spoiler with your picture. – Don’t worry. I’ll ignore all your lures.
– What are you drawing? – What is it?
– Oh, I know what that is. – What is it?
– What is that? – What is that… – No one is that thin, even I.
– What’s that? – Does he have one leg? – Is that… the board?
– Yeah, he’s wearing something. – Can’t we see it?
– Oh, he’s wearing something? – Yeah. – Where are his feet?
– Wait, is that… Here. His foot is up here. – Oh, that was…
– Wait, his foot is… – It went through the fist.
– I thought you had one leg. And the face looks cute. – I know which part it is.
– So do I. – Me, too.
– I have no idea. Why are you asking us that? – Bring it to me.
– Bring it to me! – Next.
– Next. I’ll pick the purple one. Maybe it’s a picture again. – Picture.
– We’re doing a good job, not releasing
any spoilers. – We have it.
– What is it?
– Now we have it. What is it? – It’s acting.
– The best actor, Jung Kook.
– We have acting now. – Jung Kook, the best actor.
– Show it to us. What should I do? – You are great at crying.
– You are such a great actor.
– Jung Kook, show us what you got. – Cry for us, please.
– Why would he cry to express “ON”? – It was sad for me.
– Ready. Wait. What should I do?
What do I do? It’s fun if you just go for it. – One, two, three.
– Show it to us! What is it? – What is it?
– I know what it is. – On my hand.
– Isn’t it DNA?
– That’s too much. – Spoiler alert! – Isn’t it DNA?
– Looking at the hand…
– No! Spoiler alert! My life line got shorter. – What are you talking about?
– It’s too…
– You should’ve said it’s gotten longer. – That’s why he’s said.
– So he’s said.
– Okay. – Do you get it, guys?
– I do. It’s time to cry. – Go ahead. I’ll be thinking of sad moments.
– Okay. – Move on.
– As long as we don’t have dance, it’s okay. I think it will be dance
based on his track record. – Because…
– What?
– What is it? – Oh my god.
– He hates it.
– It’s a hard one. – Express it in one sentence?
– It should sound great. – Jin.
– Express “ON” in a sentence…
– Write a sentence. I’m sure Jin can do it. – You have 15 seconds.
– Because…
– It shouldn’t be things like “Bring it”. No way! Except that. – It’s time to give out a spoiler.
– Now… – Think of how curious fans are right now.
– It’s time to quit to joke around. – Let’s stop joking around. We have comments.
– Right. – 2 thirds of the comments are about
showing them something.
– Give out a spoiler. They count on Jin.
Jin can do it. – We can let go of what you have done.
– But Jin should show something. – All we need a sentence.
– Will you just joke around, too? – Okay.
– Were you kidding? – Let’s go.
– Spoiler is not a joke. It’s one sentence.
Not one word. – “Ma”?
– No way. Seriously? – Seriously?
– That’s too much.
– That’s a real spoiler. – Can I show this
– Isn’t it too…
– Is it okay? – Should I do it over?
– Show it to us.
– Should I do it over? – That’s too much.
– Wait. Get it confirmed with us. – That’s too much.
– No? Do it over? – That’s too much.
– Do it over?
– We can’t show that. – Okay.
– That’s seriously no.
– Seriously. – Hey.
– We asked you to give out a spoiler… Okay.
Let me turn the page. – You don’t know what a spoiler means?
– You turn the page, it’ll be shown. – Like this.
– That’s too…
– How can you… It’ll be out in 6 hours.
How can I give out a good spoiler? – What should I write?
– But, that’s too much. – That’s too much.
– We can’t show that. – That was too much.
– Other than that, it’s “bring it”. – It shows them all.
– That’s not a spoiler. That’s a release. Then fast forward 6 hours.
That’s what it was about. – It was a time machine.
– I’m not Benjamin. Wait. They can see this. – It’s shown.
– Let me tear it off. – Wow.
– How could you think of showing that?
– Are you Terminator? – You asked me something strong.
– But… – Strong…
– Next.
– That shows the ending. – Okay.
– There’s a good one. – Okay.
– There’s a good one.
– Got it. There’s a good one? – Oh my god.
– What is it this time? – Can I do this?
– Not this, either? – I think that’s fine.
– That’s okay. – Just said that.
– It’s – what we always do!
– I just said that. Well, express this – in what?
– in one sentence! To express this in one sentence, – it’s a large scale performance.
– Put it up. It’s a cute penmanship. – Like my face?
– How large the scale it will be? I believe we have around 250 people. – Is that enough?
– Around 500? – That’s…
– Maybe 970 people? – Around 1020.
– Check it out in 6 hours. – Okay.
– Maybe it’s just 15 people.
– Or it’s just us. Right. – It’s still a large scale.
– That’s right. – Now…
– Pick one of these.
– Next. You asked for a song one. Next. – It was very good, though.
– What is it? V, what is it? – It looks like a picture.
– It’s dance. – Dance.
– Dance. – It shouldn’t be our choreography.
– Not the dance. Dance what’s not in our choreography. – Dance but no choreography?
– That’s… – Right.
– That’s modern dance. – V is very…
– That sounds very difficult. Depending on how he expresses it, – it may be very interesting.
– V has experience in acting.
– Right. – He may approach it very differently.
– He’s the only actor in BTS. – Right.
– Let’s go. One, two, three.
– How great it will be! You are not getting up? – His eyes…
– I think he’s already started it. – He’s started it.
– It’s the type of a performance. – It’s already…
– His walking is part of dance.
– Right. – It was part of the dance.
– What would he do? He turned. And what? Flip the hand. Take it easy. – I got goose bumps.
– Easy.
– What was that? What was that? I have no idea. – Can we eat without a spoon?
– Honestly.
– Turns out we can. – That’s what you drew.
– That’s was the strongest one. – It was no joke.
– That was… – really unexpected.
– You broke out of the box. – He ate with chopstick.
– That was the strongest spoiler for our song. That’s right. What’s going on? – Last up is RM.
– It’s a facial expression. It’s the last one, so… – We’ve had good spoilers.
– No. Since it’s the last turn, – it should be good.
– It should be – the best one.
– RM. – People tend to watch the last one the most.
– Facial expression… – RM, I taught you the facial expression before.
– I can’t take if off my head. One, two, three! – Got it?
– Cute. – Everyone…
– It was embarrassing.
– You know what it was. – It was embarrassing.
– Cute.
– We’ve tried to express the song in a diverse way. Difficult. – I believe you have enough information by now.
– Cute. – Don’t you agree?
– Combination of all these, – we have the whole song.
– And we’ve worked very hard on it. – They get it.
– I think it would be great we talk about the goals and thoughts
we have for this album. – That’s what the next segment is about.
– What is it? – What is it?
– That’s right, everyone. It’s coming out. Pretty. – Right. It’s the seven capsules.
– Seven capsules. We’ll be writing a goal in this. – Okay.
– It should be kept for yourself. – Really?
– You are not allowed to talk about it. – Okay!
– When are we sharing these? – When would that be?
– I think you’ve guessed it based on
the title of the comeback V LIVE. It’ll be released in – “I PURPLE U” in Seoul.
– Okay. Take one, and pass it around. – Your personal goal or resolution.
– Thank you. – It looks cute.
– Everyone got one? – Okay.
– Here you go.
– Jimin needs one. – Where do we write?
– How do we take it off?
– What do we do with this? What is this? – Do we have to take something out?
– Take something out? – Take something out?
– Here’s something you can use decorate it.
– Write it here. – Use these.
– We don’t have to take it out? – You don’t have to.
– Don’t take it out. RM, that’s not how you do it. – Just decorate the outside?
– Yes. And here are what you can use. – I thought we write something and put it in.
– Oh my god. I’m stuck. – Write it on the outside.
– Wait. V is stuck. – What?
– V’s finger’s stuck. – Really?
– Finger fits there?
– V. – Put oil on it.
– Okay.
– I’m out. It was dangerous. Be careful. What do we do with this?
I don’t get it. We have this. Take one of these. – Write it and put it in.
– Yes.
– That’s right. We’re not writing it on the ball. – Write your goal here.
– Take this. Did you get that? – RM has it. So, just write it here?
– Actually – at this point, when I’m asked about my goal,
– Gold? – Goal.
– Yes. I’m not sure what to write. So, I routinely say – Let’s not write be healthy.
– Be happy. – That’s the most important.
– Right. – That’s the most important thing.
– Routine is important. – Without routine, we can’t make music.
– It’s most important to be happy to make music. – Right.
– Goal. Too cool for school? – Are we writing down the goal?
– What should I write? – Should I write a goal?
– Yes. Your goal or resolution. – It’s a goal for this album?
– I think so. Our goal we can achieve during this promotion. – Then…
– Don’t look at mine. What’s good for looking at mine? Goal to achieve during this promotion? What do I write? – My goal.
– Okay. I have a goal now. My goal. I’ll sleep for 2 hours a day. Don’t look at mine, Junk Kook. – I was just looking.
– I haven’t started to write. Say something while you write. Okay. – On my back?
– It’s the music and sound that never stop? I’m promoting the song now. – So, what do I do with this?
– Fold it.
– And put it in. Right? – I don’t know.
– That’s right.
– What do I do? Great. I had to keep it from Jung Kook. So are we checking these out later? – I think so.
– A nice goal. I hope this comes true, please. When you say goal, is it for this year? This year? Isn’t it for this promotion? – Well, any goal.
– Your personal goal, basically. I’m in trouble. Promotion everyone, not for this whole year. – For this promotion.
– My goal is perfect. – For this promotion?
– Yes, for this promotion. – Not this year as a whole, think carefully.
– Right, right. – This..
– But our promotion continues all year long. – We are…
– That’s true but. – We’ve written it, don’t argue.
– So, – you just put this in here?
– Yes. He made it really general I guess. Like, let’s be healthy this year? This doesn’t fit. We have to fold this four times. It doesn’t fit in here. – How are we supposed to take it out?
– Done. – Jimin. – Yes?
– Like this. – I’ve signed a signature.
– Aren’t I a genius? You were a genie. – My autograph like this.
– I’m your Genie. – This is… – People would be surprised
to see my goal. – Let me see. What if no one is surprised? – Do we decorate the outside?
– Yes. Make it pretty. – This is how you achieve a goal.
– I should do it too. – What? – It’s very important. You have to film every day. – What did you write?
– Would that be possible? – That’s what I’m saying. – What did he write?
– Once you say those words. – Right, I should do it. – Yes, you should.
– Yes. – We must. – Show me.
– What did you write? – It’s the best goal.
– We shouldn’t know each other’s. – I want to see. – Once you say it, you can’t take it back.
– Why, let me see. Why did you write that without discussion? – I’ll be doing it alone.
– Alone? – Yes. – Really? – How do you fold this?
– You must do it! – You can’t take it back. – You must do it.
– You can’t cancel. I don’t understand. – How many times do I fold this?
– Like this. – I did it well, right?
– This pen is interesting. And you have to do it every day. Every day? – Of course.
– Every day? – Seriously?
– I have a detailed plan. Then… Okay. – How do you take this out?
– Let’s say no more, it might be a spoiler. – So…
– Shove it in. Are you decorating? – It’s difficult to take it out. – So when you open
this, this will come out. – Are you decorating? You have to decorate it, we don’t have much time. It’s… How do you say it? It’s soft. – Like this.
– Did you write it? Me? – I…
– Did you write it? – No?
– Just half. – It’s time to decorate?
– Yes, – we have only 1 minute left. – What?
– Hurry up. Our staff over there says we have only
1 minute left. We got a complaint. – I messed up.
– Don’t lie. When I draw… I’m done decorating. This is really cute. It’s just impressive. But it’s not visible. Some people use up a lot of time on
things like this. – Yeah?
– People like Jung Kook and Jimin. – I was the first one to finish. – Really?
– I was the first. – Are you done? – I finished it 10 minutes ago. – What?
– You decorated it? – Yes. – Good job. Show us what you drew… SUGA. You did well, simple and pretty. – Right?
– Jimin, yours please. And on the back too. – I can’t see it because of the light.
– What is it? – Magic capsule. – Yes.
– We Purple You magic capsule. Check out mine. Take turns and show your decoration. – Look at mine. – One by one.
– Zoom in please. It’s not visible at all. Jin, why did you decorate it that way? Black… What was it? Black Swan. I’m really handsome in there,
so this is black swan Jin. – Can you see this?
– Let me see. – Black Jin. Cute, right? – Really cute.
– Cute, cute. – Yes. – Cute, cute.
– Not really. – Cute, cute. – Yes.
– Why is the swan blue? – I know. – Somebody took the black pen.
– That’s me. – Here you go. – That’s purple. – I’m sorry, it’s purple.
– Purple you. – Too thick. – This is black. – Everyone. – Too late.
– 20 seconds left. – I’m done. – 19.
– Put this in. – Okay. – 17, 16.
– Look how neat and pretty it is. – That heart looks good.
– Pretty. – Great. – You did well.
– Can you see it? – j-hope. – A heart and a message below, “Achieve it”.
– Do you see this? – Do you see the face? – Cute.
– 9. – 8. – Do you see it?
– 7, 6. – 5. – We are done? – I’m done. – 4, 3. – We can’t see anything. – 2, 1.
– Well done everyone. Next segment. Right, it’s a shame to finish like this. – Oh, this was the last segment.
– Yes. – Really?
– Why don’t we give out one more spoiler? What kind? The most important thing. – What’s the most important?
– Let’s op. The fans must be wondering about the choreo. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to say something
on the dance? – Are you confident? – Yes.
– Which part? It says over there.
“Smoothly mention the pre-discussed part”. – We were trying to sound smooth.
– Let’s not break the rule. – Okay. – We are…
– Cue one more time! – We’ve been preparing for ARMY.
– This is a live show. You’ve messed up… – j-hope. – Everything we’ve prepared!
– j-hope, continue with the script. – Why is he doing that?
– Which part, Jimin? I think.. – That part?
– That part? – You know, that part.
– This part. – Can we show that part?
– You know. – Oh that part! – Jin, you know right?
– I do. I do. – Let’s do it together.
– I don’t like him today. – Why? – Let’s do it.
– I don’t like him. – Why, why? – Let’s go.
– I’m hot. – I’m mad. – This could be a huge spoiler.
– When do we stop the dance? Finish that section? – Just…
– No, no. – Well. – Just. – Oh, we changed it. – We changed it to this.
– To this. – Which part? – Right. – We’ve changed it. Everyone, if you keep saying that, – it’s like there is a script, but we were
communicating with our eyes, right? – Right! – That? – That. – That. – That. – I don’t know but… – It hurts. – Stand in one line. – Yes. – Stand in one line. – Get in a row. Let’s start. – 5, 6, 7, 8.
– 5, 6, 7, 8. – Okay! Stop.
– Wait, that didn’t sync. – Just now…
– Weren’t we on the same page? – No. – We said that part.
– The telepathy didn’t work? – What happened to our 7 years?
– V, look. One more time. – One more time. – Again. – Again.
– “MAP OF THE SOUL 7”. – 5, 6. 7, 8. Okay, stop! That was cool.
No hitting, no fighting. – That was huge.
– That was everything. – Everything.
– What was that? What was this? I thought it was… there was no choreo… – V, what were you trying to do?
– Huh? – What was it? – Do it. – I mean. – Did you do something weird?
– 1, 2, 3. – It’s not part of our choreo.
– 5, 6, 7, 8. – What’s that?
– It’s not part of our choreo. – What is that?
– Okay, they will believe you. – Okay. – Cool. – Cool. – Look at that. – Wow. – That’s how you try to stick out? – We know you. – Sticking out like that? – Yeah?
– I did stick out. – I made it yesterday.
– Yes. That was cool, everyone. Did you notice that our outfits are purple? – I knew. – I knew. – Purple. – We all have different focuses.
– It’s… – As you see, mine is the tie.
– Purple gown. – Tie. – Tie. – Scarf and… – Right. RM has a purple necklace. – His hair is purple too.
– Oh right! – You didn’t know? – We did.
– Aren’t your socks purple? – No way. – No. – Wow. – No. – Black. Cool. – Cool. – Maybe someone’s underwear… – Be quiet! – Purple underwear, I give my respect. – I wanted to say it but I can’t.
– Don’t! We don’t want to know! – Don’t! – You are making me imagine.
– Don’t. – Okay, I won’t. – Why are you…
– Let’s move on to the next part of the script. Cool, cool. – It’s you who need to move on. – Don’t do it!
– Why? Okay, okay. Sadly, – it’s time to finish.
– Because… This is because, – it’s out soon.
– After four hours. – Already?
– Yes, four hours. It’s really soon. – Right. – Whenever a new album is released,
you get excited, right? – Yes. – Right? – Yes. – Right. – Me, too. – Why don’t we each, describe that excitement
with 7 (Korean) syllables? Seven syllables? – Seven syllables.
– Let’s start from SUGA. – Like during the rehearsal, I have no idea.
– Okay, okay. – Why do you keep saying that?
– I mean. – I wanted to look real.
– I’ll start. – We have to improvise now. Let me think.
– 7 syllables. Heartbeat, heartbeat. – I knew it.
– What was that? – I knew it… this is…roommate…
– What’s that? – Yes. – Your avatar? – Telepathy? – Avatar? He got it correct. – Next, V.
– I’ll go to the end of the line. – V! – Let’s go! – Oh. – Sa. – Sa. – My mind is blank.
– Rang. – Rang. – Eu. – Eu. – Ro. – Ro.
(With love) – Gam. – Gam. – Ssa. – Ssa. – Jwo. – Jwo.
(embrace) – Embrace with love.
– Embrace with love. I hope ARMY embraces the new album with love. They are busy thinking… – They can’t respond right away.
– I was thinking. We were all thinking hard except for SUGA. – I was thinking. – Wait. – I’m sorry. Jimin! – I can’t do this.
– This is too hard. One. – 1, 2…
– Worry. – Worry. The best! One worry… – What does that mean? – I thought you’d say
“don’t worry”. – Was that even Korean? – What? – What did that mean?
– He said one and worry. – What did you say?
– And “the best”. – So. – We made you worry one by one?
He said it’s the best. – No we… It’s this.
Don’t worry one bit, it’s the best. – That’s the answer.
– That’s why they are friends. – Of course we are friends.
– Right. Don’t worry at all. It’s the best. Okay! Next! – Me? – Yes. – What should I say? Did you do it?
– Don’t just think! – Are you trying to run away and think?
– Trying to come up with a quote. – No, no. – Just. – Ready, go!
– I’ll be simple. – Mwo. – Mwo.
– Ga. – Ga. – Doet. – Doet.
– Deun. – Deun. – Ga. – Ga. – Jyeo. – Jyeo.
– Wa. – Wa. – Bring it, whatever it is.
– Bring it. – Bring what? – I don’t know,.
– Jin. – Just bring it.
– Jin never disappoints us. – Jin! – Jin! O – Neo. – Neo. – Neun. – Neun.
– Na. – Na. – Ui. – Ui. – A. – Am. – Mi. – Mi. – E! What? “You are my ARMY”. Sorry, I was trying to fill up the silence. – I had to say something. – You know what I mean.
– “You are my” was good. – You knew. – j-hope, who’s been preparing
for a long time. – Let’s go! – Finally! The last! The seventh!
– No, no. – Jung Kook left. – Jung Kook, okay.
– Jung Kook hasn’t done it yet. – Okay. – Pressure…
– Jung Kook, you finish this up. – No,no. I want to go first.
– I’ll go simple. – Okay. – Simple. – Simple. – j-hope! Let’s go! – Wu. – Wu. – Ri. – Ri. – Ui. – Ui. – Chil. – Chil. – Nyeon. – Nyeon. – 7 years? – Eun. – You. You are our seven years. That “wow” didn’t have any energy. – Let’s go! – Jung Kook right away.
– I’m happy I’m not the last one. At last! 7 years since the debut. – 7 members!
– They were busy thinking while saying “wow”. – In fact. – Album 7.
– Just forget everything we said until now. – The last, seventh! – This is the highlight
we’ve been waiting for. – Of course. The last, seventh comment. – What Jung Kook says…
– We’ve released the album for this moment. Is the same as what we say as a group. – Right?
– Do you know what’s uncanny? He’s the seventh oldest member. – He’ll show what he got.
– Together. – And. – Why don’t we do this in one take?
– Let’s listen carefully. – Jung Kook’s face!
– Here it goes. Let’s go! – Han.
– Han. – Beon. – Beon. – Man. – Man. – An.
– An. Ah, Bo. – Bo. – Ja. Let me give you a hug. – Let me give you a hug.
– Let me give you a hug. Let me give you a hug. – Yes.
– Hugging is important. Let’s hug. – Good job for the past seven years.
– You can hug seven times. – Let me hug you.
– It sounds like we’ve come to an end. – Really. – For seven years.
– It’s like we are finishing up. – This is… – Let’s do more.
– There were some embarrassing moments. – Please understand, we are still jet-lagging.
– Let me give you a hug. Thank you so much, ARMY,
for being with us. – We arrived today in NY time.
– Right, we didn’t get any sleep. – And we are doing this, so…
– What’s time is it in Korea? – It’s 2 pm soon. – 14-hour difference. – 2 pm. – 2pm? – Soon… – 1pm.
– Yes, between 1 and 2. “MAP OF THE SOUL 7” will be released soon.
Hope you love it. We have less than five hours left. – I’m so nervous.
– Are you ready? – Ready?
– I’m really nervous. Okay! With one heart, – for one last time…
– How do we say goodbye? Anything in mind? – I don’t know.
– Any ideas? – I have one!
– Basics matter the most. – Basics. – Right. – What about bangtan, bangtan
bangbangtan? – Sounds good. – Okay. – Good. – Candidate 2.
– We have only five hours. – Candidate…
– Why didn’t anybody think of this? Bangtan bangtan bangbangtan. – Good!
– Why didn’t anybody say this earlier? – I know. – That’s “seven” syllables.
– Let’s edit and have the last person do this. – This is a live show, you can’t edit. – Okay sorry.
– Let’s do it, put your hands. Come here. – Lastly, with seven syllables!
– Seven! – Okay!
– You are standing… – That’s so wrong. – Let’s…
– Don’t act like a rookie. – I did that with a fresh mind like a rookie.
– Okay. – Okay. – One syllable each. – Stress. – From SUGA. Let’s go – Go!
– Bang. – Tan. – Bang. – Tan.
– Bang. – Bang. – Tan. – That was not good.
– Why don’t we discuss the timing first? – Okay, okay.
– Good. – Bang, bang. – Put it down at “tan”.
– Bangtan. – Tan, like this. – Okay, let’s go fast.
– Okay. – Please edit the first version.
– Tan! Like this. You didn’t like it when I asked for editing. – Bang. – Tan. – Bang. – Tan. – That was too fast! – You’re trying to be funny.
– Too fast! – Don’t spit at the face.
– That was a bit fake. – Yes. – One more time.
– Wait, quickly. – Okay. – Quickly.
– Bang, tan, bang, tan, bang, okay. Focus, we’re not joking. – Bang. – Tan. – Bang. – Tan.
– Bang. – Bang. – Tan. – Bye! – I was at the very bottom and I just hit it.
– Why didn’t you do it? – I hit myself.
– Thank you. Bye everyone! Thank you. – Something’s not right. – Thank you.
– It will come out soon. – Thank you very much! – Bye!
– It will be great. – Thank you. – Hope you like it.
– It’s shutting! – Bye!
– Is it shut?

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