Jason Braddock here at ESPN Houston 97.5
Over the last 10 years I’ve kind of cut out my niche doing sports talk radio in
the city of Houston and really got in this industry to connect with the
community on what they’re most passionate about and that’s usually
sports whether it’s the Rockets the Astros the Texans. Over the last almost
two decades just the turn of the millennium I’ve really struggled with
sinus pain, congestion I couldn’t do the work that I’d want to because I’d just
be in so much pain what really make me struggle with my eyes I’d have a light
sensitivity I’d struggle to be on the computers with the glare guys like
myself and my co-host Patrick Crighton we go to study film and always watching
game and my eyes get drained and worn out now I can go back and I would say for
the last several years I’ve been operating at sixty seventy percent at
work I had sinus procedure ’03 I had ballon sinuplasty in 2017 and
none of these doctors whether it was sinus related medically related none of
them have really shown me the personal hands-on experience that I witnessed
with Dr. Ben Cilento and then entire staff out there at Texas Sinus & Snoring.
I came out to the facilities when I met with them I thought it would be a quick
handshake nice to meet you him with his eyes down at a clipboard going through a
checklist of questions and then shaking my hand and leaving the room because
that’s what I’m used to in every form every walk of the medical field well
with Dr. Ben Cilento is completely differently comes in starts talking with
me a little bit about you know sports you know what’s going on with me in my
life and then when he started going into my background of health issues and sinus
issues it was more of a personal and not just a checklist he didn’t have a sheet
of paper he was reading off he wasn’t staring at a laptop the entire time
after he sent me down the hall to get the sinus CT scan right there in their
office as he brought it back into me he didn’t have an assistant or anyone else
come back and explain it to me it was him himself and he puts the images from
the CT scan up on the big screen and he walks me through the the images in
layman’s terms so for the first time you know, I’ve had sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty, and I never understood 90% of anything I was doing or what was going
on Or what more importantly was wrong with
me until that time I sat down with Dr. Ben Cilento and he walked me through
everything to the point where I completely understood it didn’t leave
the room or get up until he felt like I had a complete understanding and wanted
to make sure that I knew everything pre during and post op so nothing caught me
off guard it was the best medical experience I’ve
ever had. I had the procedure there at Texas sinus and snoring and since I had
the procedure I sleep better I breathe better and all that has combined to give
me more energy my wife even talks about how she’s not hearing me snore at this
point now I’m you know I’m getting such deep sleep and without noise I’m
actually hearing her story so I might have to send her to Dr. Cilento. I’m able
to go jump on the computer get under these lights these bright lights that
shine right on our face throughout the show there is there’s the sensitivity it’s
dim down so much my high the soreness is gone because I don’t have that constant
infection and pain and inflammation but in those sinus passages and behind
my eyes that really prevent me from diving in 100 percent to my work so
not only do I have the energy I’m able to work longer more excited it just the
procedure really changes everything of day-to-day life whether you’re looking
at it and work-related when you’re outside you know playing with your kids
whether you’re at the house or whatever so it’s just really
it’s really benefited me and in all walks of life

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