100 thoughts on “Fallout Grows From Prince Andrew’s Disastrous Jeffrey Epstein Interview | TODAY”

  1. There are no words to describe the level of loathing I feel towards this man. He should have been removed Long Long ago.

  2. I bet all the Royal males were at it. Maybe that's why Philip is so exhausted. Maybe it is where Harry met future wife Meghan. She looks the type.

  3. Secret Contracts Between People of The World & Corporations, Governments, Agencies, Banks etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5K2fDHX9QQ

  4. search the waters surrounding epstein's island. see how many of epstein's and andrews victims outlived their usefulness and ended up feeding the fish in those waters

  5. You are who you hang around. People who don't use or sell drugs don't tend to hang around with drug dealer's.

  6. And Fergie taking every opportunity to wave & get some attention as she is limousined into Palace grounds. She is so inappropriate.

  7. Oh, the grand old Duke of York
    He had ten thousand men
    He also had some little girls
    But can't remember when.
    And when they were up, they were up
    And when they were down, they were down
    And when they were only half-way up
    They were neither up nor down

  8. Just to let everyone in the USA know what we think of Andrew here in the UK.
    We have NEVER liked this bloke and good riddance.
    He has been found out and his total arrogance and what will be found out to be lies are astonishing.
    Wonder how they will incorporate this fiasco in the future series of "The Crown" going to be interesting.

  9. Fergie will stand by her man she has too. Fifteen grand back hander she took from epstein, she's has bad has him. She's got no morals either.

  10. hang the treasonous paedophile! he will be hunted to the ends of planet earth.

  11. Big mistake. Talk to your mommy next time before you go public. You can’t do anything right can you. And the pride. Omg. He is smarter than any of you. Don’t you know that. What does his daddy say. Ummm

  12. What was the purpose of the interview anyway – it was attempted PR spin. There is enough evidence (that photo alone) to have an investigation where he is 'interviewed' under oath and under cross examination. Why isn't it happening?

  13. He's still living in an estate at tax payer's expense but Meghan is the only one in the Royal family who the press reports on every dollar.

  14. it will take some of those little boys that were sexually abused on Epstein's island to come forward and report before a actual investigation gets moving — all the investigators are misogynists and obviously  not interested to a females plight  or her word. Especially when the ones doing the investigation are the ones who need to be investigated

  15. If Prince Andrew does move abroad, could he take his nephew Harry with him with of course his wife. We could almost manage without them all.

  16. andrew might just distance himself from the royal house at all
    theres no way to ""surviving"" this disaster

    in ol times people made suicide for way less shame..
    andrew has no place anymore in the family

  17. Do you remember that “Arthur 2, On the Rocks” movie, with Dudley Moore and Lisa Minnelli?…. “Darling… We are poor!”…

  18. The interview was not disasterous, it was a resounding success in terms of "Outing " himself to what he was getting up to with Epstein. Andrew went downhill ever since Sarah Ferguson his wife was caught having her toes sucked by her latest lover.

  19. An ABC News anchor had a story on Epstein 3 years ago. It was quashed. Hot mic revelations here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lfwkTsJGYA&t=

  20. The mainstream media, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton are all guilty of this child pedophilia, killing and child human trafficking thing. The CEO & the Board Of Directors of these corporations should be tried at Gitmo! Those in the management of ABC, CBS & NBC support and approve of Epstein’s blackmail operations, pedophilia, child organ harvesting and child hunting, killing & sacrifice practices. To say that the Main Stream Media is untrustworthy is a vast understatement! These three corporations, including ABC’s parent Company Disney, have now shown themselves to be accessories to Epstein’s crimes! They are partially responsible for Epstein’s murders after ABC spiked the story, and legalese cannot absolve them of their role as accessories to these deaths. The FCC must pull their TV transmission
    Disney Cruises Offered Excursions to Epstein’s Little Saint James Island
    ALWAYS: Media Fails: Narrative Above Everything Else…. NBC killed story on Harvey Weinstein, saying it didn’t meet their editorial standards. ABC spiked story on Jeffrey Epstein, saying same.
    Royals Hunting Children For Sport
    Repeal the 2013 law that OBAMA signed and the dems pushed through….that the media is allowed to lie to the public.

  21. Prince Andrew was as believable as Alan Dershowitz. The fact that these guys spent so much time with underage girls seems very sketchy.

  22. Andy and Jeffery Epstein
    Charlie and Jimmie Seville
    what about Ann and Edward do have any famous connections as there brothers ???

    me think a full investigation of the Windsors is well overdue on connections
    with famous people
    it would be an interesting documentary indeed

  23. How about a swop? The Americans get Prince Andrew and we get Anne Sacoolas, what do you think? Seems fair to me. The royal family, worshipped by the socially inadequate.

  24. Sarah Ferguson is a pin head who had her last round of disastrous debts paid for her by Epstein. Why should her voice count for anything?

  25. Liz Windsor has hidden all this. She’s complicit. A sexual deviant, knowing her family are up to so many sinister things, it makes you wonder, is she actively involved? Or maybe just watching is enough to wet up the old Royal box? Prince Phillip and lord Mountbatten abused children. Prince Charles was buddies with Sir Jimmy Saville. All the bank managers at the time of the crash came to public attention, the majority Sirs. The Royal family knows how to put sweetners out to those that keep us all in line. What exactly will it take for people to say enough.

  26. He admitted he's happy to be friends with a paedo if it means he gets benefits in terms of making new contacts out of it !
    He's ruthless & morally bankrupt & too stupid to realise it would be/was a dreadful gaff to disclose his shameful attitude

  27. So should we all FORGET Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles, just because his pedophile BEST friend dies. The royals do seem to LOVE their little pedophile best friends. They should ALL be brought to justice, no matter who they are or who they surround themselves with.

  28. The "Shadow King" is himself embroiled in controversial friendships with known paedophiles. No one in the UK will take direction from theses clowns

  29. Am I the only one who finds it hypocritical of both the BBC and Prince Charles to criticise Andrew. Only a few years ago they were linked closely to that other paedophile Jimmy Savile ! The BBC had complaints about him but brushed it under the carpet and Charles had him visit the palace many times and was on friendly terms with him.People in glass houses etc etc.

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