[MUSIC] We’re in Friendship Park at the corner
where United States ends and Latin America begins. [MUSIC] Many families come here
every weekend to visit, families that have not seen
each other in 10 or 15 years. Mothers are able to see their
children through this border wall. [MUSIC] Before 2008, people were allowed to
share a meal through the border wall, to hug each other through the border wall. If they can only do that, it would
relieve a lot of tension from a lot of people trying to go across that border
wall to be with their family undocumented. [MUSIC] We like to come here to Friendship Park
every Sunday because we have a binational service. We have a pastor on the US side and
a pastor on the Mexican side. We do a communion service, so
it’s very enlightening to look for that strength that we get from
strengthening our faith in Christ. The third Sunday of every month we have
immigration attorneys that come out here to give free legal advice. Families are being separated,
they need help. [MUSIC] There’s really two main reasons why people
migrate into the US to seek a better life for their family. Because they’re looking for
a better job, better opportunity. Because their life is in danger
living in the country they’re in. But most of our people,
because they want a better job. They want a better future for
their family. That opportunity is given
in the United States, but it doesn’t look like it’s
gonna be given anymore. It’s being taken away. [MUSIC]

25 thoughts on “Families Reunite At U.S.-Mexico Border At Friendship Park | NBC News”

  1. More playing on the emotions of the week minded. They could go back across the border and be reunited all they want. You don't even get stopped when walking across. Adios.

  2. I'm a conservative and Republican but disgusted by some of the bigoted and hate-filled comments. So much for "making America great again".

  3. man f***k what u heard.
    wall wall wall.

  4. This is sad. Would be nice for the families to be able to hug. If people are paranoid about any illegal exchanges, then have rooms that are isolated or monitored.

  5. why all the interest in this wall now? it was built years ago, seems convenient to post a video to suit your agenda…

  6. Borders and laws don't care about your feelings…illegals are not welcomed in our country..

  7. The problem is the corrupt Mexican government and it's their responsibility to take care of their citizens not the hard working taxpayers of our country..

  8. Atleast make a part of the wall out of plexi glass with holes so they can see eachother better. This is like going to a big prison.

  9. hola como estan todos los que etran a ver este video les pido de favor si tienen pensado ir a este lugar y no tienen un permiso de trabajo no vallan es riesgoso ahi oficiales vestidos civiles pidiendote una identificacion

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