51 thoughts on “Family of UPS driver killed in Miramar shooting, angry with police”

  1. Them police was on some sucker shhhh they act like this was a call of duty or gta5 game where's the laffing gas's or bean bag rounds for this type of situation even flash bangs or a battery ram truck it's alot of stuff they could've did spike strips block streets off surrounded them from deferent directions wtf sue the city

  2. So basically the cops are saying they had to shoot the hostage?……….. Makes total sense when your a sociopath

  3. The fault cant be on police here entirely. But when under fire you have no choice but to shoot back. Had the officers run away they would have lost the truck and the hostage and all that. They'd have gotten away. Sure everyone lives but the cops had no choice when directly under fire and with civilians under fire. theres closer footage of an officer getting people out of their cars and out of the line of fire. And it all stems from the suspect kidnapping someone after robbing a jewelry store and stealing a federal vehicle (mail truck is federal technically)

  4. Justice the news says there wasn't no more time to call in the swap team in the sniper they say that because they didn't happen to them family but the facts is the police kill innocent person I hope family get Justice for their stepson

  5. This is the kind of situation police eagerly await and prepare to react to every day of their lives for and once it happens, what do we get?… An OVER-REACTION! Who’s at fault here? {Shoulder Shrug}

  6. if ya'll think this is bad, back in LA. A guy held a woman hostage with a knife to her throat. So the cops decided to shoot her and him at the same time. You can actually see the video on youtube.

  7. So if it comes back that the two criminals are the ones that shot the victims and not the police then what? Because they were damn sure shooting at the cops and everyone else. Cops return fire and ending the threat and they are automatically to blame? Nether one of the criminals killed anyone? Wow

  8. Where is the innocent bystander shot in his car…Richard family? These two families need to come together. It's 2 innocent ppl killed in this shooting. Frank in the truck and Richard in his car nearby

  9. The criminals shot first, the police have no choice but to shoot when they are shot at. Negotiate? You cant negotiate with an active shooter

  10. Shooting the driver was bad enough.. but on the other side cops were having a shootout with suspects while hiding behind the civilian suv trying to get out of the way. Smh

  11. The cops should not have open fired with so many other people around. If they would have backed off, the suspects probably wouldn't have shot.

  12. This is a tragic story and I agree this situation was grossly mishandled. But I'm sorry I have to take the opportunity to be the first to point out that reporter is fine af.

  13. Pigs are your friends ….you can trust them…. they have your best interest in mind .. they're here to serve and protect you! ??‍♂️??????

  14. AC-ABC all cops are bad cops. They are not very smart either. Take away their gun and they are nothing but weak scary men. Something may happen because a white man was killed too. If it come out one of the brother bullet killed him. The UPS driver is a lost cause.

  15. This is what you get when you import low IQ from shothole countries.

    This will continue and get worse as the low IQ population increases.

  16. It was criminals who started the running battle. The criminals were shooting guns into traffic and the people blame the cops. You want guns to be legal you are going to have gun battles in urban areas

  17. That "step-father" deserves to be called his Father
    You can tell he loved him as if he was a biological son.

  18. Those cops should be charged with public endangerment and involuntary manslaughter. Their lack of training should not excuse them.

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